Obama Still Has No Clue How the World Works

“The message we have to send to the Muslim world is we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe,” Obama said during a taped interview with CBS’s David Letterman in New York. “We expect their full cooperation because that’s the only way the world works.”

All this does is remind the Muslim world that Obama has no clue how their world, or any world, works.

Nothing works because Obama says it does. Countries do things because those things are in their interest, except in the case of his stewardship of America where they do things because it is against their interest.

The world doesn’t work by keeping Americans safe. The only reason that places which hate America or fear Islamist mobs have for keeping Americans safe is fear of America. That is how the world works.

Obama announcing, “We expect their full cooperation” on a talk show, as if he were a driver making an announcement to the train in the usual, “We thank you for your cooperation” style, is completely meaningless. It’s how the incompetent address their captive audiences, thanking them for what they have no choice but to do. And it has no meaning outside of that power relationship. It has no meaning without leverage. After alienating American allies and rewarding America’s enemies, there is no leverage left.

Libya was fought in the most gutless way possible. Why would the Benghazi Islamists have reason to fear America? Even now Obama is not targeting the attackers, he expects the Libyans to do it for him. And if they don’t, then what, “We expect your full cooperation because that is the only way the world works.”

Here is the only way the world actually works. There are civilized countries and savage countries. In a civilized country, the government and people may not like you, they may cheat you and take advantage of you in all sorts of ways, but they will not drag your corpse into the street for their amusement. In savage countries they will do that unless they have good reason to fear the consequences.

The Libyan government that Obama is putting his faith in has no ability to keep Libyans safe. It certainly has no ability to keep Americans safe.

Keeping Americans safe was Obama’s job and he blew it badly. Now he has to take responsibility for that. Because that is the only way the world works. The alternative is the Post-American world that Christopher Stevens encountered on the way to work.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    Obama doesn't care how the world works.
    He only cares about how to bring about a collapse.

    Until we understand obama's goal we'll never appreciate his tactics.

    If only marxists could skip that collapse part and go right to the utopia part, they might be more successful.

    • Brian Donegal

      Obama IS expecting a collapse. That's why he is insistent on keeping the indefinite detention provision in the NDAA. He expects social unrest in the near future for what he and the democrats are engineering.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Obama doesn't have a clue; and there's zero chance that he'll suddenly learn. When Bill O'Reilly interviewed him a couple of years ago; O'Reilly said "There's a pattern of behavior here…and that pattern is that you're comfortable with left-leaning politicians and very uncomfortable with politicians on the right." Obama responded by trying to tell O'Reilly that he has friends in the right. O'Reilly asked, "Who? Give me a name." Obama's eyes betrayed his irritation at the question, but he couldn't answer.

  • jemaasjr

    As a social construct, we do not have spoiled children any more. Which is a shame because that is what a lot of the left is. A child is commonly spoiled by being raised in privilege, and becomes by common experience someone who expects to have privilege coming, which is to say preference. That is what Obama is. He was actually raised in an element of privilege. He has never been poor and he has always been indulged. When he got into the affirmative action racket, it was just another element of the privilege that he thought he had coming. In this case he needed a little intellectual slight of hand in the form of deserving privilege because of discrimination, but the human mind is flexible when it comes to self promotion. Obama is smart all right, but he is not thoughtful, he does not ponder things. As a result he lacks intellectual depth even though he has knowledge.

    To paraphrase, "How sharper than a serpent's tooth is the ungrateful child." If you want to be treated like a peasant, raise your kid to be a king. That is what we have with Obama. He is too much better than the rest of us to have a mutual empathy. His presumption plays out as betrayal and so is betrayal.

  • FPF

    Of course he doesn't. He still believes he is the greatest community organizer.

  • W.Watchman(Europe)

    Obama lost his credibility in Europe among the centre and right wing voters.Only the socialist voters see him as a kind of leader although the from nature don't like Americans.
    Sorry to say this.
    We are informed here in Europe about this ,and we laughed about mr.Obama's expectations.