Obama Still Trying to Appease North Korea

When a nuclear bomb goes off in an American city twenty years from now, the blame will belong to the Clinton Administration whose staffers are deeply embedded in the Obama Administration and pursuing its old policies.

Without North Korea there would be no Islamic nuclear bomb. Clinton’s failure on North Korea and on Pakistan has made the murder of millions of Americans nearly inevitable. And all this time later, we’re still appeasing North Korea. To no avail.

Two North Korean government officials told a top U.S. official dealing with North Korea that the hermitic Stalinist state would not continue on its path to denuclearization, as promised in 2005, until the United States ends what it sees as America’s hostile policy to the DPRK.

Clifford Hart, the Obama administration’s special envoy to the now-defunct Six Party Talks, met with Han Song-ryol, North Korea’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, and Choe Son Hui, the deputy director-general of the North American affairs bureau in the DPRK foreign ministry, late last month in China

No progress was made on toward resuming negotiations over North Korea’s nuclear program, both officials said.

Obama’s appeasement of Iran gets top billing in national security dialogue. His appeasement of the Muslim world in general is often talked about. But Obama doesn’t limit himself there. He’s a man who will go anywhere and bow to anyone… or send off his subordinates to do it for him.

The moment that Lil Kim crooks a finger and offers to possibly one day allow inspections of North Korea’s nuclear program, Obama will rush to shower him with everything he could ask for. Because the Democrats just don’t change.