Obama to Cut 131 Million Dollars from Embassy Security

You have to give Obama credit, this is a man who knows how to deal with a crisis. Some nut like Mitt Romney would run around shooting Muslims from the hip, but Obama meets with his advisers and dutifully studies ways to make each and every crisis that much worse. Because that’s what good government is.

Obama’s Sequestration Plan Would Cut $1.084 Billion From The State Department’s Diplomatic And Consular Program, Including $2 Million For The Protection Of Foreign Missions And Officials, And $129 Million For Embassy Security, Construction, And Maintenance.  (“OMB Report Pursuant To The Sequestration Transparency Act Of 2012,” Office Of Management And Budget, pp. 135-136, 9/14/12)

Err what do embassies need security for anyway? What are the real odds of a bunch of Muslim Jihadists deciding to carry out a series of embassy attacks timed with September 11? Also who needs 20,000 Marines, let’s cut that money and put it into Solyandra and free condoms for Catholic schools.

But that’s okay. Stop looking at the negative and focus on the positive.

I know the images on our televisions are disturbing. But let us never forget that for every angry mob, there are millions who yearn for the freedom, and dignity, and hope that our flag represents. That is the cause of America – the ideals that took root in our founding; the opportunity that drew so many to our shores; and the awesome progress that we have promoted all across the globe.

There’s a silver lining for every cloud. For every Muslim who is burning an American embassy, there’s a Muslim yearning to move to America and bomb our bars, planes and Christmas tree lighting events.

Who needs security anyway?

  • http://rau.3littlefoxes.com Lfox328

    I vote for outsourcing the security to Russia – they don't take $hit from anyone. And, if Hillary told them to take the bullets ouf of their guns, would die laughing – before they slapped her upside the face.

    • Rifleman

      Their response to hezzbolla kidnapping three of their people in Lebanon got one of them killed, the other two released, and their people were left alone after that.

      They found out who had their people and kidnapped several of the kidnappers' family members. They started sending minor body parts to the kidnappers with a note that when they ran out of non-essential body parts they would get more of the kidnaqppers' family members.

  • James

    how about cutting funding to programs that spy on american citizens and put it back into securing our diplomats.

  • Rifleman

    The administration believes their own nonsense, and think that if we disarm and project weakness people will love us, instead of taking the opportunity to kill us.

  • GardenWildRose

    People wake up Obama's changes are hurting everyone! My son has Spinal Bifid; Seizures, Bi-Polar, not bladder, or bowel control due to the Spinal Bifid. He has feet problems and no longer can see the specialist treating the open wound that won't heal. He now pays double for doctor calls, and the medications he needs daily. My son lives in housing, and will never be able to afford a car of his own. No one will hire him with so many medical needs, or problems. If he lived with me his social security check would be cut in half due to not paying utilities. People on Social Security are suffering now under Obama! My Mom is scared she will be forced soon to give up her home not being able to afford the house taxes, she is cutting into her food to pay monthly bills. The insurance has skyrocketed to subsidize medicare. Obama's reply to what will people do if Social Security were cut or end….. They will live with it! Another thing when does a President get a personal Icon? He isn't a King, he is an employee of the United States!

  • Buckwheat

    how about cutting foreign to placed like Israhell? 50 Billion in taxpayer $$$ every year. Pays for their health care vacations just to name a few.

  • Guest

    SO whatkind of message is Obama sending The Violent Anti America Muslims in the Far East, Come in destroy our Embassy, murder our ambassador,we have no security. Obama will even apologiz, he will even let you fly your flag over multiple US embassies and DO NOTHING. He is to worried about kissing everyones backside,giving away OUR hard earned money, his election,and being a Celebrity on TV, he thinks. He is a Fool
    ,if he is elected again we are even bigger fools. This weakness INVITES the MUSLIMS to do the same on.U.S soil.
    Do you recall people jumping from burning buildings,and Muslimes oerseas cheeing??