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Obama Training Syrian Rebels to Secure Syrian WMDs

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 8, 2012 @ 8:04 pm In The Point | 9 Comments


Hey, you know what would be a great idea. Do you know that stack of dynamite that’s just lying out back? Why don’t we go shoot off some fireworks next to it. And then invite that drunk guy to shoot them off with us. And then we can fill up fire extinguishers with gasoline, spray them all over the place, and ask the Syrian rebels to come over and join the party.

In completely unrelated news, Obama’s bright idea is to secure Syria’s WMDs using the Syrian rebels [2], around 10 percent of whom he already classified as Al Qaeda [3], to secure Syria’s WMDs. Since the other 90 percent consists of also Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood militias, not to mention assorted thugs and loose cannons, this is probably the best plan since that fireworks dynamite gasoline party I mentioned before.

The US and its allies have hired contractors to train some Syrian rebel brigades in chemical weapons security,

The diplomatic sources say defense contractors hired by the US and its European allies have recently conducted training exercises with Syrian rebel forces in Turkey and Jordan. The programs were intended to prepare brigades to handle chemical weapons sites and materials they might encounter, as Assad troops lose control of over parts of the country. US contractors have also been on the ground in Syria to monitor the status of regime stockpiles, said an employee with a major US defense consultancy that has been engaged in that work.

If this is true, then we

A. Have boots on the ground in Syria already

B. Instead of using special forces to secure the WMDs, are going to be using rebel/terrorists, even the best of whom are closely intertwined with terrorists, to secure weapons that can kill thousands to millions of Americans.

C. Are about to make Benghazi look like a walk in the park

“They’re probably trying to provide near real-time surveillance at all these sites. There’s no point in limiting yourself,” said Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He emphasized that any training of rebel fighters would represent just one element of contingency planning underway and said it would be incorrect to assume that training rebels is “the only hope”.

The hope at this point is that Assad has either taken control of the worst of his weapons or shipped them to Iran, Saddam style. And it’s pretty sad when US policy is so awful that hoping that Iran gets its hands on Syrian WMDs before Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood do is considered hopeful.

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