Obama Waives Child Soldiers Law for Muslim Brotherhood’s Libyan Forces

Obama said, “When a little boy is kidnapped, turned into a child soldier, forced to kill or be killed — that’s slavery. It is barbaric, and it is evil, and it has no place in a civilized world.” And then Obama went ahead for the third time and waived the Child Soldiers Prevention Act signed into law by President Bush and co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of senators, including Obama and Biden.

Obama not only waived a law he had co-sponsored, claiming that it was in the national interest, he did it after denouncing the very activity that he waived.

The waiving of the Child Soldiers Prevention Act means US aid and weapons can continue going to the specified countries that use child soldiers. But there is one new country on the list. Libya.

During the Libyan Civil War both sides used child soldiers, but the rebels were particularly notorious for the use of child soldiers. Particularly the Muslim Brotherhood’s Feb 17 Brigades.

Here is one of the snapshots of how the Libyan rebellion really was won, with Islamist instructors from the Qatari tyrants and child soldiers.

Ahmed Abdelrahmin is 15, but he is small for his age and his voice hasn’t changed. On Sunday, he sat patiently in the yard of a former high school in the east Libyan city of Tobruk as a Qatari instructor showed how to dismantle and clean a 50 mm anti-aircraft gun.

The officers who run the training – a mix of soldiers donated by Qatar’s army and retired officers from Col. Gadhafi’s army who’ve joined the rebels – say they have compressed what is normally at least three months of basic training into 30 days.

Yet this was graduation week. Equipped with pickup-truck rocket launchers jerry-built from Soviet aircraft parts and carrying battered AK-47 assault rifles, these young men, some barely able to tie their boots properly, will be sent to the front lines in Misrata and the hills of western Libya within 48 hours, where they will join the Tobruk branch of the Martyrs of the February 17 Revolution Brigade in its faltering push toward Tripoli.

The Qataris have been pivotal players in the Muslim Brotherhood’s Arab Spring takeovers, through their pet Al Jazeera news network, through their Washington lobbyists and through their covert weapons and training programs.

The Feb 17 Brigade is headed up by the Muslim Brotherhood, and it was assigned to “protect” the Benghazi consulate. Despite what happened to Ambassador Stevens, Obama has nevertheless gone out of the way to include Libya in the waiver and cover the child soldiers of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    Dictators ignore the law.

    We have a very petulant dictator of muslim heritage, something the checks and balances should have protected against. Too bad the house has Boehner a man who should resign in disgrace. Too bad the courts are led by Roberts, a traitor.

    We need to clean house, and this election ins a good place to start!

    • John Silverman

      You are an incredulous moron. Roberts, a traitor? All because of his decision on Obamacare? He pointed out what it was, a tax. Entirely Constitutional, he did his job. It's the Obama supporters who should be upset, that it was able to be passed as a tax after he promised he wouldn't raise taxes. A traitor? No. But yes, it can be said that you are a moron, indeed.

  • Tanner

    I wonder if the Invisible Children Inc will pay any attention to what Obama has done. If they found out about this, I'm sure their confidence would go down. They relied on him a year or 2 years ago when Obama signed a paper saying that the LRA needs to be stopped. He sent 100 U.S. soldiers in Uganda to help with the situation. Now our president is saying that it's okay for child soldiers in Islamic countries to be active. Once again, our president makes another contradiction and double-standard.

  • Barbara

    I didn’t realize that a president could “waive” a law passed by congress. Do you mean that he refused to sign it into law and the congress could not or did not pass it with a super majority? What does it mean to “waive” a law? Is this legal?

    • lynn

      Obama ingores the law, just like the immigration law(illegals to be deported home – no one should gain from an illegal act, illegal entry into this country. If my father robbed a band of $200,000.00 dollars when I was ten and he was caught with the money when I'm age 18 – do I get to keep the money? Hell no! It was an illegal act that got the money and it's an illegal act which got children into the US. Know tis is calos and cold but the LAW is the LAW and they could have applied to enter legally but chose not to. Just like Obama telling large comanies to ingore the law requiring them to sent out notices of potential layoffs and that US tax payers will pay any potential lawsuits from them ingoring the law. Obama can do what ever we let him get by with!

  • queasy

    muslims have always used boys/slave soldiers. Do the pervs still keep boy harums ?
    It seems Obama approves of the practice also.

    In the devsirme (Turkish for 'gathering'), young Christian boys from the Balkans were taken from their homes and families, converted to Islam and enlisted into special soldier classes of the Ottoman army.The devsirme raids occurred every 5 years for over 200 years.
    These soldier were named Janissaries, the most famous branch of the Kapikulu.The Janissaries became a decisive factor in the Ottoman invasions of Europe.They eventually gained power and threatened to overthrow the Sultan unless they received pay.The sultan had 135,000 of them beheaded and burned to death.

    The Mamluks were slave soldiers forced to convert to Islam and served the Muslim caliphs and the Ayyubid sultans.The first mamluks served the Abbasid caliphs in 9th century .
    Mamluks were mainly responsible for the expulsion of the Crusaders from Palestine and preventing the Mongol Ilkhanate of Persia and Iraq from entering Egypt.

    The most famous boy soldier – political prisoner was a young prince who gained his freedom and turned on the muslims with his home army and took back his kingdom. His name was Vlad Dracul Teppes III aka Dracula.

  • piperlord

    This is why we have to judge one by what one does and not what they say.

    And secondly, little barry has never been the one calling the shots, ever. This is 'their' nature – deceive, deceive, and deceive again – it is the only way they can 'win' over the ostriches.

    Thank you, Mr. Greenfield. Great column as usual…

  • https://www.facebook.com/richard.zuendt Richard Zuendt

    Love to see if Romney will use to hammer Obama some more.

  • looneytoonsindville

    SHAME! Obama shames us all. I echo the words of Obama's minister with an appropriate revision – No, no, no. Not “God Bless Obama”; God Damn Obama!

  • d l m

    for a leader in supporting of the killing of the innocent this should not be a surprise