Obama Wimps Out, Marines Sidelined Again in Libya

Forget all those warships and soldiers you’re seeing on the news. They’re an empty show being put on by Obama to avoid looking weak in front of the American people. Despite all the tough talk on the front covers of every newspaper, it’s still absolutely business as usual and instead of the US military taking action in Libya, the investigation will be headed up by Attorney General Eric Holder and the FBI.

Marines are on the ground in Tripoli. Two Navy ships are speeding toward Libyan waters. And neither they, nor the rest of the U.S. military, are involved in fulfilling President Obama’s pledge to bring the perpetrators of Tuesday’s lethal assault on a U.S. consulate to justice.

The military is staying out of the hunt, at least for now. Although it initially appeared Wednesday that Gen. Carter Ham, the commander of U.S. forces in Africa, would play a leading role in commanding a force for those responsible for killing four U.S. diplomats in Libya, the Defense Department is limiting its role in Libya to securing the embassy and protecting remaining U.S. nationals in country.

The search will be spearheaded by the FBI, as is the case with many investigations overseas involving harm done to U.S. nationals, such as the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia.

The problem with this reasoning is that the Benghazi attacks were carried out by an existing militia and involved as many as 400 attackers. And Libya is not a functioning country with a functioning law enforcement apparatus.

Libyan authorities have repeatedly stated that they are unable to confront and defeat the Jihadist militias.

After Obama’s Libyan War, the new Libyan government has made it clear that it will not stop Islamists from carrying out domestic purges.

He defended the security forces decision not to confront the attackers and suggested the heavily-armed groups might out-gun government forces.

“If we deal with this using security we will be forced to use weapons, and these groups have huge amounts of weapons. We can’t be blind to this. These groups are large in power and number in Libya. I can’t enter a losing battle (with them), to kill people over a grave,” he told reporters.

The Libyans expect us to do something. Obama expects the Libyans to do something.

“They have to show a fist of steel,” said Mohammed el-Kish, a former press officer with the National Transitional Council which handed over power last month to Libya’s newly elected congress. “They have got to rid us of these people.”

Instead Obama is sending the FBI to liaise with the same rotten Libyan security forces who tipped off the Jihadist militias as to the location of the safe house.

Meanwhile the State Department is showing a continuing pattern of trying to break its ties with the military by spending 1 billion dollars on a drone fleet. The request is insane and senseless, but they’ll probably get it, even as the military budget is being drastically cut.

The State Department did not have Marine guards to avoid offending Muslim locals. A drone fleet is not going to protect them against another attack nor will an FBI investigation in coordination with the Libyan authorities do much of anything about the sizable numbers of Islamist fighters in the country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anne.lieberman.50 Anne Lieberman

    The DoJ has already leaked the name, age and location of the Coptic Christian filmmaker. http://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/09/13/us-iden

    • https://www.facebook.com/otakuraf Rafael Torres

      This is not good. The Islamists will probably declare a fatwha against him and call for a hunt against him.

    • MotherGoose

      I wish the lame stream media would do their job instead of shifting the blame to our first amendment right ! I've been sending this to all of them (abc, nbc, cbs, msnbc, cnn, npr)

      FOCUS lame stream media – try to keep up.

      How about that Huma connection now?

      How about those missed intelligence briefings?

      How about all the campaigning while our ambassador is killed and the middle east burns?

      How about standing up for free speech? Remember, the 1st Amendment is the FIRST Amendment and it protests UNPOPULAR speech (since popular speech has no need of protection)

      How about condemning Romney for his APPROPRIATE remarks, before the terrorists are condemned?

      How about arming our Marines?

      How about exposing incompetence of Obama and Hillary?

      How about treating this national security disaster as you would if a Republican was president?

      Lame stream media = mouthpiece of the Obama administration.

  • Richard

    There was a satrical article I once read called “The Chads Fall Off In Florida” by David Frum in which he imagines an alternate universe in which President Al Gore must confront an attack of Islamic hijackers on September 11, 2001. The President and his advisors decide to use diplomacy and send FBI investigators to Afghanistan.

    Unfortunately a similarly ludicrous situation is developing. Obama is acting like this is a law enforcement problem when what happened is an act of war was committed against the U.S. Force must be used to assist the Libyan government and crush the Islamists before the Libyan security forces can do the job themselves.

    Another Iraq and Afghanistan! I know…

  • http://www.facebook.com/aresponse2 Ron Burres

    The administration’s policies of appeasement neglect utilization of information gathering capabilities and all resources available to keep our nation and our citizens free of attack. The dream of “hope”, that all would be “lion lying with the lamb”, has proven to be a nightmare. The numerous times this administration has thrown our country to the wolves in favor of a one world order, will be shown in history to be a massive trigger toward “Armageddon”. Those who are ashamed of the United States position, as a powerful sheriff, need to put fact in front of fantasy. It has been through the actions of the United States that there is a “Free World”. Abdication of that responsibility, through weakening of our military, will lead to worldwide anarchy. The riots in Libya and Egypt, along with the ongoing farce of talks with Iran, translate in the Middle East as American weakness.

  • jemaasjr

    We are the ones who installed the gov in Libya. So now what do we do, attack the gov we installed? Well maybe, but give it time. Some times you just have to keep your sense of humor.

    • MotherGoose

      about the humor part, easier said than done. :(

  • oldtimer

    To the shores of Tripoli….Semper Fi..