Obama Wins the “Kill the Jews” Vote

To be fair this could easily fit into the next J Street conference or Sarah Silverman comedy routine.

  • Clare

    Associations really matter.

  • http://oldschooltwentysix.blogspot.com/ oldschooltwentysix

    Somber to think what the demographic shift means for the country, particularly due to the lack of knowledge shown by this uniformed electorate, raised in a social network world that sucks away knowledge and polarized to believe any slant put forth by their leaders, the media and the educational system.

  • Pip Power

    The CFR control's the World Chess-board.

    They make the moves in the North, South, East & West.

    Stop fooling ourselves! The NWO is on track.

    Why isn't the CFR in the History Books?

    Hardly one person in 1000 ever heard of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

    The Council on Foreign Relations was formally established in Paris in 1919 along with its British Counterpart the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs can trace their roots back to a secret organization founded and funded by Cecil Rhodes, who became fabulously wealthy by exploiting the people of South Africa. Rhodes is the father of Apartheid.

    The CFR has only 3000 members yet they control over three-quarters of the nations wealth. The CFR runs the State Department and the CIA. The CFR has placed 100 CFR members in every Presidential Administration since Woodrow Wilson. They work together to misinform and disinform the President to act in the best interest of the CFR not the best interest of the American People. At least five Presidents (Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Bush, and Clinton) have been members of the CFR. The CFR has packed every Supreme Court with CFR insiders. Three CFR members (Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Sandra Day O'Connor) sit on the Supreme Court. The CFR's British Counterpart is the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The members of these groups profit by creating tension and hate. Their targets include British and American citizens.

    The 100 CFR members that surround the president are the "Secret Team." The "Secret Team" help carry out psycho-political operations scripted by CFR members in the state department and the Intelligence Organizations. The psycho-political operations are coordinated by a group of Council on Foreign Relations members called the Special Group.

    The Special Group evolved from the Psychological Strategy Board.

  • Reese

    So sad …the brainwashing we've allowed the liberal Democrat "progressive" Communists to wage on us and our children. All based on lies.

    The Big Lie: The Muslims, Jerusalem and Archaeology, Part 1: The Arab onslaught to erase the Jewish people's historical connection with the Temple Mount. http://www.aish.com/jw/me/68495827.html

    The Big Lie: The Muslims, Jerusalem and Archaeology, Part 2: Millennia of artifacts with Hebrew inscriptions prove the Jewish presence. http://www.aish.com/jw/me/69739402.html

  • Aligarr

    Kill the Jws vote ? When can we expect this killing to take place ? That's odd , many Jews voted or Obama , does that mean they voted to kill themselves ? A little bit OT dont you think ?

    • Mary Sue

      did you not watch the Video? Where the guy said he was celebrating the end of Israel? Do you not realize that anti-semitism has been simmering and festering in the "persons of colour™" community for some time now?

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    The individual in the video can barely speak the English language although his ancestors have been here for centuries. Who would hire him and for what? What does he contribute to the society? The leftists who manage Obama and his campaign and the Islamists and Wahabis see him and his friends and relatives as garbage. Check out Valerie Jarrett's association with Tony Rezko's company and Rezko's "low income housing" for poor blacks in Chicago scandal for more clarity. Michelle Obama sat on the Board of U of Chicago Hospital which charged poor blacks 3x what they charged insured whites for services. The Left despises these people and when the environmentalists and eugenicists get their way completely, this dufus will be toothless dust. That which he wishes for Israel will be done to him.

    • Mary Sue

      What does he contribute to society?

      Terrible rap music? Crack?

      What they call "Ebonics" is the deterioration of language to the point where an entire "dialect" made of slang has been created.

  • Free

    TO Mary Sue
    You don't say ! Quite a generalization , quite a conclusion ….how many of these "persons of colour " would you say are in the state of " simmering and festering [communities]anti-semitism "? Based on this video that was bottom dredged from the cesspool of the internet somewhere , what would be your educated estimate ?
    Ad speaking of such things , what about Ron Paul , who has many supporters of persons of non clour who support his position on Israel -which is to cut off all aid to Israel -which would TRULY be tantamount to " A Vote To Kill The Jews " ? What do figure that estimated nuimber would be ?
    And lets not forget the Neo Nazi groups in the US , and the Arians , White Supremacists , Sovereign Citizens – How Many there? And by all means let's not forget average garden variety of tyhose Democrats and Republicans who are closet anti-semites ?
    No reasonable person could possibly come to such a conclusion as " vote for Obama is a vote to kill the Jews" . Infact a vote for either candidate could not possibly considered that .

  • Ar'nun

    As infuriating as the first looser in the video is the second two (The fat black kid and the skinny ignorant white kid) disturbed me more. The ignorance of some people is the real problem.Jewshave always been there, and we aren't going any where either. And Palestine isn't a nation nor has it ever been.

  • EmbarrassedRepub

    You should be ashamed of yourself for even allowing an article like this – let alone such a biased & hate-filled title – to even appear on your site. It's despicable, deplorable, and completely degrading to you and your mission. After the historic travesty of the Hitler regime and the horrors which ensued as the result of it, to think that you would even begin to consider making light of something like this is beyond comprehension! I can only hope the shame you should feel over even allowing this will sink in deeply enough to cause you to remove it. It's disgusting and so are you if you allow it to remain. It is hate-filled tirades such as this which are making me ashamed to admit that I am a Republican. This kind of hatred is not what our party should be about. If you do not remove it, you are no better than any skinhead walking the streets encouraging and promoting their hate-filled ideology. , you make me ashamed. SHAME ON YOU!