Obama Wins the Muslim Vote 67 to 7

In other breaking news, water is reportedly wet and bears have not been known to use public toilets in Yellowstone National Park.

CAIR is pushing this poll as part of its Muslim Voter Power campaign. It claims that the poll was conducted by an independent outlet, but does not name it, and the results are a little too close to CAIR’s ideal results to raise questions about the poll’s integrity.

That said the overall voting numbers are probably right, or close enough to right, but it seems like that the poll is not so much representative of Muslims in America, as of CAIR affiliated Muslims.

CAIR’s Muslims want the US to intervene on behalf of the Sunni Islamists in the Syrian Civil War by a margin of 68 percent. That’s not implausible, considering that Shiites supposedly only make up about 16 percent of American Muslims. Most of the Muslims polled love CAIR which suggests a certain amount of staging.

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    Lets hope President Romney ejects these CAIR terrorists back to the desert where they belong

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    This just in: Grover Norquist declares that the only way Romney can win the election is by reaching out to the Islamic vote.

  • riverboatbill

    Did they count Obama's vote for himself?