ObamaCare’s Affirmative Action Attack on Medicine

The goal of a good medical school should be to

A. Produce good doctors regardless of race

B. Grant special preferences to doctors from minority groups

Affirmative action is bad enough because it means adopting a racist system, but racial preferences promote incompetence because you once begin selecting people based on skin color, qualifications fall out of the picture. And that’s bad news in many fields, but it’s lethal in medicine where the difference between a competent doctor and a doctor who got in because he fit a quota is a live or dead patient.

Under ObamaCare, if a medical or dental school wants to increase its chances of receiving many different kinds of grants and contracts from the federal government, it should “have a record of training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups” or “from underrepresented minorities.” This is because ObamaCare requires the secretary of health and human services to give priority to the entities that have demonstrated such a record in the awarding of these grants and contracts to medical and dental schools and other entities.

With the student loan debacle making some government takeover virtually certain of Obama gets a second term, educational institutions are going to have a laser focus on those grants and contracts, even more so than before. And American medicine will go down the toilet. All the way down.

And no your teeth aren’t safe either.

ObamaCare’s race-based “priorities” extend to dental education as well. Section 5303 of ObamaCare states that the “[s]ecretary may make grants to, or enter into contracts with, a school of dentistry, public or nonprofit private hospital, or a public or private nonprofit entity” for the following purposes:

If Obama gets in again, ten years from now to find a good dentist, you’ll need to take a plane trip.

  • Andrew Whitehead

    Would an affirmative-action doctor be any different that an affirmative-action president? We know Obama was elected primarily based on playing the race card.

    I can see the recruiting bus now; trolling through Oakland, Chicago, and wherever else failed students congregate, being encouraged to become what they cannot spell.

    I'm looking forward to surgery from a "doctor" who's claim to fame is he/she graduated from a "gov'ment skool".

  • Bay0Wulf

    Here's a real life situation …

    My brother went to med school and through loans and scrounging and scraping and working odd jobs he managed to get through … Summa Cum Laude … he is a practicing physician and it took almost 27 years to pay off his loans (and interest).

    When he went to med school there were a few Hispanics, a few Blacks from African Nations and several US Blacks. The US Blacks and Hispanics were given a one year jump start (pre-schooling), they were allowed to fail and go back and re-do up to 2 years without prejudice to their record, they were given special schooling during the breaks, they were graded on a "curve", their education was completely paid for, school, room, board and expenses. Whether they needed it or not (regardless of their ability to pay)

    Result; Not ONE US Black made it to graduation. NOT … ONE!!! About 20% of the Hispanics made it. About 80% of the US Whites made it. ALL of the "Other National" Blacks Graduated.

    YUP! We NEED Affirmative Action in Medicine & Med Schools as much as we need the rest of the CRAP O Bummer & the Liberal/Left has shoved down our throats.

    • Questions

      Either we abolish affirmative action in this country or the country goes down.

      It's as bad in academia as in health care. As part of our job evaluation, each professor in our department, including myself, had to make an effort to attract black students. Basically, I winged it, asking certain whites I knew if they knew any blacks and if they would ask them to apply. It was all b.s. The university (Virginia Tech) was scared of federal civil rights bureaucrats.

  • Big D

    In fact, this policy will oppress african americans, because with Obamacare the medical professions are under govt control…behaviors and compensation. Many doctors are leaving medicine rather than be subjugated.

    This is typical of democrats "helping" minorities.

  • Mike Mcg

    Send the quota doctors back to dare I say it "practice" medicine in the same quota communities from where they came. When innocent lives in unusually high numbers are lost in ER's due to incompetence explaining to their loved ones why they, for instance, died from a minor car accident is very simple:

    Sorry about your loss but you can still sleep easily tonight. You see, your son died because it was more important to lower the standards to get a doctor who had skin color like your son. It's all part of Obamacare that you wanted. Within the thousands of pages that no one read medical schools has to lower standards to get more black doctors or lose federal funding. Most of those doctors wind up working inner city government owned hospitals because no one else will hire them.
    Thanks for doing your part in promoting Obamacare. The president would be pleased that you sacrificed a son for his experiment. Btw, do you have any more kids at home because we sure appreciate your business.

  • ReggieGreene

    There are many complexities associated with affirmative action programs and policies. However, one issue which we continually ignore, as is the case with most government related programs and initiatives, is whether it is effective in addressing past wrongs. Think about this: How many beneficiaries of affirmative action programs have actually shared their good fortune with other members of their particular ethnic group, as opposed to using their increased opportunities and wealth to distance themselves from the masses of minority citizens? http://tinyurl.com/3gw6lkp

  • Greg

    What is most interesting about every post here is that is attempts to relate Affirmative action to Obamacare ( in some unique way). The governments actions in recruiting minority scientist and doctors is not a new one, nor supplying grants to programs related to the medical field. For over two decades now NIH has sourced diversity- based grants to all US universities in order to help support Ph.D. candidates. In fact, this funding is exactly identical to what now US medical schools will receive starting next year. So tell me, how is it that no one ( including all posters here) has complained about the government's so-called "Affirmative Action Plan" against the nations most prestigious biomedical research programs for 20 years, yet all are now complaining that medical schools who will receive the same type of funding? This is the direct result of ignorance rather than logic or reason.
    Race-Based Affirmative Action has serious flaws, but what you all have failed to realize is that there is a rate limiting step that ALL STUDENTS must take in order to become licensed physicians…ITS CALLED THE USMLE. This is a nationally given test which presents zero bias towards race, religion, sex, or gender. All who pass HAVE SOUND KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES WHICH WILL MAKE THEM EXCELLENT DOCTORS. Furthermore, residency programs admissions are weighted HEAVILY on these scores, so just because an individual is so called " admitted because they are black, and "graduate because they are black" it doesn't even mean they will practice in a specific specialty of their choice. In other words, which ever specialist you see practicing has earned their position by proving so through unbiased means way beyond general medical school admissions. Overall comments like above are a clear indicator that neither the author or the posters have a clue of what becoming a doctor is all about.

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    I can see the hiring bus now; trolling through Concord, Chi town, and wherever else unsuccessful learners assemble, being motivated to become what they cannot magic.

    I'm awaiting surgery treatment from a "doctor" who's declare to popularity is he/she finished from a "gov'ment skool".

  • #1 Tastee Corner

    Under ObamaCare, if a medical or dental school wants to increase its chances of receiving many different kinds of grants and contracts from the federal government, it should “have a record of training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups” or “from underrepresented minorities.”#1 Tastee Corner