Obama’s 1 Billion Dollar Bailout to Save the Muslim Brotherhood

What’s another billion or so between friends? Sure the Muslim Brotherhood is cracking down on the opposition, sending tanks into the Sinai in violation of the Camp David Accords and Coptic Christians are fleeing the country, but that doesn’t mean that Obama can’t help the brothers out with another billion dollar debt cut.

Nearly 16 months after first pledging to help Egypt’s failing economy, the Obama administration is nearing an agreement with the country’s new government to relieve $1 billion of its debt as part of an American and international assistance package intended to bolster its transition to democracy, administration officials said.

The “transition” has already been made. An election was held. The Brotherhood won.

Talk of “bolstering the transition to democracy” are weasel words, because what is really meant here is helping the Brotherhood, the beneficiaries of democracy, stay in power.

Obama joins Qatar, the other major backer of the Arab Spring, in a Muslim Brotherhood bailout. The reason for that is that Egypt is on the edge of fuel and food shortages that may bring down the country and the Muslim Brotherhood with it.

When the Soviet Bolsheviks faced famine, the United States took the lead in sending them food aid. That kept the Bolsheviks in power and led to a nuclear standoff decades later. Bailing out the Muslim Brotherhood so that they can stay in power in Egypt might have consequences that are just as devastating.

And the Obama Administration is now busy leading American companies to Egypt to do business with the Brotherhood.

Hoping to capitalize on what they see as a ripening investment climate, the State Department and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will take executives from nearly 50 American companies, like Caterpillar and Xerox, to Cairo beginning Saturday as part of one of the largest trade delegations ever. The officials and executives will urge the government to make changes in taxation, bankruptcy and labor laws to improve the investment climate.

Are any of these companies, being led like lambs to the slaughter, being told that under Islamic law, their rights will be significantly inferior to those of Muslims?

Just like the USSR, the Brotherhood expects the West to bail out its regime and stabilize it, while promising stability and a friendly environment. And then the hammer comes down. History is repeating itself once again.

  • rrr

    Not surprised at all now at 16 T in debt i think when we hit 20 this
    country is @#cked and Odickma has us right where he wants us.

  • Bianca

    This is treason plain and simple.
    Rather than reducing their debt we should be asking them how many refugees they intend to accept from their neighbours.
    The west is being over run by economic middle eastern immigrants passing themselves off as refugees.
    I believe they would be better placed in communities with similar if not the same relgious beliefs and yet they are being funded in their quests to re-settle by the muslin brotherhood.
    I am not the only one finding this disturbing and highly dangerous so the last thing we need is our governments assisting them in this process.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adyrainbow Adrian Rainbow

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are you doing Obama?

  • Heather G

    of course its easy to point the finger directly at Obama alone. I'm sure the Congress, and the republican right had NOTHING to do with this! Its sad that so many place blame on Obama when the majority or bills, moves, policies require Congress to approve which by the way has a republican majority.

    • Rita

      Obama has been sidestepping Congress for the past 3 years. He has not let the legislative branch get in his way; he just signs executive orders and resolutions that, theoretically, are not binding on the country, but are treated as if they are by the administration. His extra-judicial and -legislative actions have put him very close to being a dictator. He doesn’t let anyone get in his way.

    • j white

      he went AROUND Congress to give them $1.5 BILLION in March!!!! They're his 'brothers!!' It's OBVIOUS! He bends over BACKWARDS for them, America is getting overrun w/ Muslims from the Mid-East, sub African Somalian Muslims and MUSLIMS IN GOVERNMENT / CZAR POSITIONS! They do NOT assimilate in to Western culture, they make US bend to THEM & they do NOT believe in OUR government–they practice a difference law entirely, Shariah–there is NO place in our Gov't for country for them. This IS Treason & it MUST STOP!

  • fed up

    He has rammed through whatever he really wanted to with or without majority vote, so yeah He gets the blame, oh and Reed and Polosi too.

  • http://www.beatthenifty.com NSE

    So the Dollar must also be made to appear to be volatile as well, to continue a charade of strength that over

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    He has rammed through whatever he really wanted to with or without majority vote, so yeah He gets the blame, oh and Reed and Polosi too.

  • http://murraylachlan.wordpress.com/ Kenneth Janes

    of course its simple to factor the handy straight at Obama alone. I'm sure the The legislature, and the republican right had NOTHING to do with this! Its sad that so many position fault on Obama when most or expenses, goes, guidelines need The legislature to accept which by the way has a republican greater part.
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