Obama’s FEMA Centers Close “Due to Snow”

Apparently Obama’s completely failed response to Hurricane Sandy, accompanied sweaty hugs from Bruce Springsteen’s biggest Republican fanboy, in more ways than one, won over some voters. Which just goes to show you the impact of media coverage.

The media painted Hurricane Katrina as a disaster by making up horror stories, while minimizing the damage of Hurricane Sandy by refusing to report what was going on, especially the utterly botched response by Bloomberg and Obama.

So here’s Item 401 in “Obama Don’t Care About White People: FEMA Edition.”

They fly into disaster areas, but flee from raindrops.

FEMA disaster recovery centers in Hurricane Sandy-ravaged sections of the city that were supposed to provide shelter, food and assistance to hurricane victims went MIA Wednesday morning, posting signs saying that they were closed due to the approaching Nor’easter.

The shuttering of the assistance centers, as well as city food distribution centers come even as many of those still reeling from the monster storm were not told that they had to leave the battered areas.

In Staten Island, a printed paper sign taped to the front door of on the center at 6581 Hylan Blvd. at 10:30 a.m. read “FEMA Center Closed Due to Weather.”

The demographics of Staten Island trends white, especially in coastal areas, so I’m guessing the people there don’t “Look like America” enough to get assistance. Especially since McCain won Staten Island.

  • RevolveNews

    Isn't it something how socialists always make these huge images of their tyrannical leaders? Let me assure you; the Big Guy in the sky is not happy with that tendency. Nor is He happy about the direction the electorate has chosen for our nation. I'm so sad for America and Staten Island. Perhaps our fearless leaders are encouraged by the election results, and have begun their unspoken policy of thinning out the population; letting nature take its course. You know, they think global warming is our fault, so don't we deserve this kind of treatment? This corrupt leadership is also emboldened to continue torturing and killing babies born alive during botched abortions, along with multitudes of partial birth abortions. That way they can use their body parts for science. Not for the sake of older folks, though. (Reference writings by Zeke Emanuel.) They may force Christian doctors and nurses to do these horrific procedures, with the threat of losing their jobs.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com adinakutnicki

    First of all, whenever big gov't gets involved, surely an unworkable bureaucratic disaster follows. In other words, the Feds-of which FEMA is a part-is part of the problem, not the solution. This is obvious, despite the blackout from the media.
    It is akin to hospitals telling patients, the address they came to is not for the injured/sick! Imagine that. Now, when full throttle revolutionaries hold the reigns of power, everything which is broken becomes hyper visible. Regardless, the leftist media is blind as a bat – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/01/what-happens-
    Thus, a media which covers up Islamic inspired terror, for political purposes, is certainly capable of pretending that the Pyromaniac-in-Chief has been executing his due diligence, via the useless behemoth called FEMA!
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel -www.adinakutnicki.com

  • Ar'nun

    Why are people waiting for the Government to assist them? To many people today have lost vital skills and instinct that every animal has. Survival. Light a fire, leave an area if no food is available. It really is that friggin simple. America has gone soft.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Some people can do that. Some can't.

      I see no point in attacking people because they don't live up to the standards of your survivalism. And pointing out that Obama ran for office on their backs and abandoned them remains important.

      • riverboatbill

        Live free,or die hard.

      • Mary Sue

        Yeah, particularly the elderly or the disabled. People do need to step in to help them, but a lot of times people don't even know their own neighbors. And even then they are still going to need FEMA help, particularly if their own families can't reach them because they are far away for some reason.

    • Mary Sue

      kinda hard to light a fire if you're in an apartment building with no fireplace.

  • riverboatbill

    Well now, you can't expect the pampered FEMA cubicle-rats to actually go outside in the cold and snow ,can you?

  • JCS

    Mainstream media: "Don't worry, be happy". All the wonderful things O didn't do in term 1 will all get done in a second term. If everyone would quit work and stop looking for work we would reduce unemployment to zero and solve all problems. Of course you can run trillion dollar deficits into eternity and never have any consequences. Just blame George W. forever.
    As for you poor smucks on Staten Island, Long Island and NJ, isn't having O as prez enough for you. You can wait for relief, and wait and wait. Then buy a NY Times and read about how great the recovery is going.