Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Will Increase Spending by %55

Good news everybody. We’ve been running a trillion dollar deficit every year that Obama Inc. has been running the country into the ground. And those deficits are about to get even bigger.

Back under George W. Bush we had a mere 239 billion dollar deficit. These days a 239 billion dollar deficit is as fanciful as a trip to the moon. By 2016, the last year of Obama, unless he decides to go full FDR and go for a third term, we’ll be spending over 4 trillion a year. And we’ll be making up that money by printing it and borrowing it from countries whose economies are even more disastrous than ours are. Can you say global depression?

Spending will increase 55 percent over the next decade, if President Barack Obama’s budget plan goes into effect. The finding comes from the Republican-side of the Senate Budget Committee, which notes that Obama’s “Proposal Would Spend $880 Billion Over Already Projected Increases.”

After subtracting the president’s savings from his spending increases, over the next 10 years the President’s proposal actually spends $880 billion more – $44.368 trillion versus $43.488 trillion – than currently projected spending levels.  In the next two years alone, the President’s plan would spend $255 billion over current projected spending levels ($156 billion higher in FY13 and $99 billion higher in FY14). Overall, spending would increase 55% under the President’s plan, from $3.6 trillion in FY13 to $ 5.6 trillion in FY22.”

But we can afford it because money is magic. If you really want it, it will just appear out of thin air. Money is this mysterious thing. There isn’t enough of it to provide armed guards in schools, but there is enough of it to make sure every teacher has a masters’ degree because you can’t teach second graders to count without a masters in education. We don’t have enough money for embassy security, but we do have enough money for embassy art. We can’t afford to employ marines or cover military health care, but we can pay for all the LGBT and Green energy measures that the Pentagon has now been told are more important than winning wars.

Money is magic. Like Obama.

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    In 0bamastan, do you think you will be allowed to keep your 401k? IRA?

    The government already has a chain around your neck for 5 months out of the year, and now you will be paid with money that will be dramatically worth less, until it is worthless. By comparison, swiping your retirement savings is small potatoes.

    Happy New Year.

  • JacksonPearson

    I think I'd rename the "Fiscal Cliff" to the "Keynesian Cliffs" (plural). Why?…Because socialist economics by Maynard Keynes miserably failed for Franklin Roosevelt in the 30s, and is doing likewise for trillion-dollar-black-hole-spender Barack Hussein Obama now.