Obama’s Muslim Apology Tour Heads to Pakistan

The aim of the campaign is to convince the Muslim world that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hate the Innocence of Muslims film as much as Muslims do. But good luck selling that one until Obama poses with a burning American flag and Hillary Clinton climbs over an embassy wall with a dagger between her teeth.

Obama’s only real diplomacy mode is to apologize on behalf of America and mirror the responses of his Muslim audience. That’s an annoying tactic when it’s practiced by customer service representatives, but it’s positively degrading for the leader of a great power to act like the customer service rep for AT&T. “Yes, I understand that you’re upset by the Innocence of Muslims. Let me say that we are equally upset by this movie and we apologize for your poor experience trying to murder our people in Yemen and Tunisia.”

The American Embassy in Islamabad, in a bid to tamp down public rage over the anti-Islam film produced in the U.S., is spending $70,000 to air an ad on Pakistani television that features President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton denouncing the video.

The State Department said Thursday the embassy had compiled brief clips of Obama and Clinton rejecting the contents of the movie and extolling American tolerance for all religions into a 30-second public service announcement that is running on seven Pakistani networks. Obama and Clinton’s comments, which are from previous public events in Washington, are in English but subtitled in Urdu, the main Pakistani language.

Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the aim was to get the messages to the widest possible audience in Pakistan, where tens of thousands of protestors angry about the film tried to reach the U.S. embassy before being turned back by Pakistani police. She said embassy staffers had decided the ads were the best way to spread the word. The seven networks have a potential audience of 90 million people, she added.

The video is once again another demonstration of how American liberals just do not understand the Muslim world.

1. From the American diplomatic perspective the video explains everything. From the Muslim perspective, it fails to explain why the filmmaker isn’t in jail and facing blasphemy charges. The ad fails because it also fails to explain free speech to Muslims. Instead of explaining American values, it apologizes for them and fails at that too.

2. Airing a loud denial of involvement with manufacturing the video looks like a cover-up to Muslims. Dedicating the bulk of the video to such a denial looks like an admission of guilt.

3. The video makes it look like Obama and Clinton are broadcasting an apology to Pakistan. Such a show of weakness will only lead to more terrorist attacks as the protesters, rather than being pacified, will go on demanding the death penalty for everyone involved with, “The Innocence of Muslims.”

  • AngryBruin

    H Clinton says the United States has a history of religious tolerance…except if you're anything but a Muslim. The leftists are tolerant as long as it fits their narrative. Explain the Broadway play "The Book of Mormon"? Explain the "mainstream media" constant bashing of Christians? What a bunch of crap.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rmelissa.masoom R Melissa Masoom

    I have been searching and searching and cannot seem to find an actual statement from Obama apologizing. Someone help me out? I did however find this: http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500257_162-4110368.ht

    Why was it okay for Bush to apologize then?

    • Mike in NYC

      The explanation in the video that has Obama and H. Clinton denouncing the Youtube video (which almost none of the "protesters" have ever seen!) comes across tonally as apologizing for the First Amendmnt (which is clearly intent) – that is completely different than Bush apologizing to one of our "allies" after our military used Qurans for target practice. If you don't see the difference … then you've drank far too much of the kool-aid!

      • Alan

        Do you believe that desecrating a Quran is a freedom of speech? I think the President can denounce hateful acts without apologizing for freedom of speech. This is exactly what both Bush and Obama have done.

    • Eddie Webber

      Melissa, no need to keep looking because none exist. That's all in their heads. The adminstration is trying to tamper down unrest with the Muslims. So we can get a handle on the situation. It's called leadership and deplomacy. Remember that first knee jerk reaction from Mitt Romney with this emergency. I don't want that nervous man leading this country in a crises.

  • Peach

    I don't see an apology here. Saying this was an apology is just political spin. What would have been a more appropriate course of action?

    • demetriustinov

      I don't know, but wasting $70,000 of taxpayers' money grovelling for our dear Muslim friends to please stop killing us isn't they way to go.