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Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Foreign Policy

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 21, 2012 @ 12:06 pm In The Point | 1 Comment


Observers of the Roosevelt Administration often wondered why a team that saw the threat of Nazism so early and quickly and began taking decisive steps for dealing with it, was so completely inept when it came to dealing with the Soviet Union. The answer, as we know, lay in part with ideological sympathies, but it also lay with the extensive treasonous Communist network within America’s diplomatic and political infrastructure.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the modern Communist apparatus, a sophisticated network of infiltrators  that exists abroad to subvert the decision making processes of non-Muslim countries to help the Brotherhood achieve its goal of seizing power in Muslim countries and eventually non-Muslim ones as well.

The Roosevelt Administration’s mistakes allowed the Bolsheviks to hang on to power and to gobble up Eastern Europe. Obama’s Arab Spring has begun to look a lot like the betrayal of Eastern Europe with Egypt as the new Poland. And if there is an uprising against the Brotherhood, the likelihood is that we will stand by just as we did in Hungary.

Frank Gaffney’s invaluable pamphlet, The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration [2] is an important tool for understanding the degree of the Brotherhood’s infiltration of the Obama Administration and the degree of its influence on the national foreign policy that has aided Islamists in their goal of building a new Caliphate.

For example take Rashad Hussain

In January 2009, Hussain was named Deputy Associate White House Counsel.  Among his government responsibilities in that capacity were national security and new media issues.  More specifically he has been charged with “helping inform the administration’s Muslim outreach efforts,” and consulting on the drafting of President Obama’s first address to the “Muslim World” delivered in June 2009 at Cairo University in Egypt.

On February 20, 2010, the President announced that Hussain would serve as his “special envoy” to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Even more than his White House post, this job with the OIC has given Hussain a platform for facilitating official outreach to Islamists, as opposed to Islamic moderates. It has enabled him to reinterpret their intentions to American policy makers and to promote their agendas under the guise of “repairing relations with the Muslim world.”

The same kind of infiltration that allowed the Soviet Union to set American foreign policy is being used by the Islammunists to set our foreign policy. Their inside track gives them a leg up on knowing what we are thinking and how to control our decision makers by controlling the message.

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration [2]helps explain the scope of the treason and its devastating impact on our ability to maintain our national security interests and goals. It is the beginning of the dialogue that we need to have about the foreign agents who have made our government into their own.

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