Obama’s People Walk Out on Netanyahu, Stay for Ahmadinejad (VIDEO)

Susan Rice, Obama’s UN Ambassador, skipped out on Netanyahu’s speech due to that whole awkward, “Iran Nukes” thing, which her boss doesn’t care to hear about either, but the UN delegation earlier had stayed for Ahmadinejad’s rantings.

In keeping with Obama’s tradition of alienating allies and appeasing enemies…

The AP is reporting that the U.S. delegation stayed seated while Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad waxed philosophical about the historical accuracy of the Holocaust and the illegitimacy of the “Zionist regime” yesterday, even as Israel’s ambassador to the UN walked out in protest. I don’t see Susan Rice on the Fox News video, but at least three U.S. officials remained in their chairs (one of whom seemed to be diligently taking notes).

What were Obama’s people so excited about? Good stuff like this.

Ahmadinejad stated that despite all efforts to achieve happiness – capitalism and consumerism by the US, the UK, France, Germany and Japan was responsible for both droughts and floods. He stated that the present global, democratic leadership represented an oppressive international world order, words that Hitler once used. That this “wrong management of the world was working for the devil” – colonialism founded on materialism and capitalism.

Obama’s people probably just thought they were listening to Jeremiah Wright or Louis Farrakhan. If only Mahmoud had shouted, “Allah Damn America”, it would have been a real flashback.

  • chowching259

    Ask any youngster and they will say that they would rather have Obama and Michelle at their party than Romney and Ann. Fun lovers would stay home rather than dance and drink with a boring business couple. But If Big O and glamorous Michelle were there, the place would be hip hopping to Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The music would be so loud that the neighbors would have to call the cops.

    • shankypanks

      Maybe you could arrange such a party before the election and a invite all the MSM?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Obama’s people probably just thought they were listening to Jeremiah Wright or Louis Farrakhan. If only Mahmoud had shouted, “Allah Damn America”, it would have been a real flashback."

    The lack of moral outrage being conveyed by anyone presented by the media has led to an even more compliant, unconcerned population. We're used to this BS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ralph.benn.1 Ralph Benn

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    I did a wild thing today; I bought a NY Times… for the photo of Bibi Netanyahu on the front page, drawing a
    'Red Line Stoppage' of Iran's nuclear enrichment program. I would imagine that Valerie Jarrett will be a bit
    unhappy when she finds it. – reb at — > http://www.lazyonebenn.blogspot.com
    ___ ___

  • Gary Sevakis

    You say the US delegation was there-By DANA HUGHES (@dana_hughes) and AMY BINGHAM (@Amy_Bingham)
    Sept. 26, 2012
    In a fiery speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad railed today against the United States and European Union, whom he said have "have entrusted themselves to the devil."

    The assembly hall was not full when Ahmadinejad spoke. The United States delegation to the United Nations, along with Israel's delegation, boycotted Ahmadinejad's speech to protest the anti-Israel views Ahmadinejad has perpetuated this week during in a spurt of media interviews.

    Which one is true? Just the mam, just the facts.

  • http://twitter.com/ygalg @ygalg

    Obama strategy, Israel isolated, Iran the new ally.

  • Salemgrad

    There were two separate "diatribes" by the Iranian idiot…the US delegation stayed for the first one and walked out of the second one. Still, the fact that these Nobama whackadoodles stayed for even one of these idiotic speeches is a mystery known only to the nut job in the WH.