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    NASA Rover Finds Mars' Soil Similar to Hawaii's

    has anyone heard about this, it was a headline on newsmax.com. i am rushing this letter out, i demand that an investigation be held AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. the white house-negro is not trying to cover-up his kenyan birth by claiming that he was born in hawaii, he is trying to hide the fact that he is a space-alien. regarding obama's grandmother who has stated that obama was born in kenya, regarding the literary agency "acton & dystel" which produced the booklet written in 1992 where OBAMA HIMSELF claims to have been born in kenya, i believe these are ploys to hide that fact that obama is from mars.

    a spaceman is not allowed to be the president of the united states. i had looked the other way regarding obama's foreign birthplace when i thought that he was just another monkey from africa, but i cannot be remiss about this. this is serious and needs to be investigated.

    the placation known as "a woman can do anything a man can do" is one thing, i can't see how anyone could take it seriously when gender-based college sports teams and gender-based military requirements are no secret to anyone, but we've gone too far if we're going to placate an alien to let him think he can do anything an earthling can do.

    regarding placation, let me continue. a gay guy yelling at a straight man and spewing the words, "i'm more man than you'll ever be," well that is as ridiculous as the "a woman can do anything a man can do" line – simply because neither a woman nor a gay guy is a man. women spurt blood and lay eggs, women spout milk, women were designed for motherhood – female olympians do not compete with men because they don't stand a chance. they are the lesser and they cannot do "anything a man can do". gay guys marvel at masculinity like they're a bunch of gender-deficient masculivoids, they have no esteem or love for themselves as a legitimate member of their own gender – they are the lesser and that's why they search for the man of their dreams in somebody ELSE. gay guys have no right to say "i'm more man than you'll ever be" to a man who is all the man he needs, just as an alien has no right to try to justify being "more earthling than he'll ever be," whether the "he" is mitt romney or any legitimate earthling. BARACK OBAMA IS NOT AN EARTHLING. barack obama is a LIAR and he's proven that.

    i DEMAND that an investigation commence regarding obama's true planet of birth. i DEMAND that both his grandmother and his literary agency "acton & dystel" be investigated for claiming that obama was born in kenya, because that is obviously a ruse to shield people from the truth that THERE IS AN ALIEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

    dylan terreri, i http://www.thewhitehousenegro.com
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