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Obama’s Vote Cost Taxpayers $716,000

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 26, 2012 @ 4:54 pm In The Point | 8 Comments


It’s actually a lot more than that, counting all the arrangements on the ground for a single photo op, but just totaling the Air Force One travel costs of $179,750 per hour of flight time, it’s $716,000.

That’s a really expensive vote, but every vote for Obama can be viewed as on the expensive side. Obama has added 5 trillion dollars to the national debt after winning 69,456,897 votes. Divide 5 trillion by 69,456,897 and we learn that each of those irresponsible votes cost the country $71,987.

Obama’s expensive vote in 2012 cost the country only ten more times than the average Obama voter cost the country in 2008.

If Obama wins this election, what will every vote for him cost this time? With the election currently close and leaning Romney, an Obama win would have to be very close. The projected national debt for 2016 is 23 trillion dollars. A 7 trillion increase that will mean that Obama will have added 12 trillion dollars to the national debt.

Assuming a very close election where Obama wins 50 million votes, each of those votes will cost the country 140,000 dollars. Or nearly one hour of flight time for a vote photo op on Air Force One.

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