Occupy Hipsters Try to Recruit Black People in Charlotte, Fail Miserably

What does it take for the media to get around to making fun of the Occupiers? They have to try occupying Obama’s DNCpalooza. Then the media suddenly starts treating Occupy Charlotte like it’s the Tea Party.

Walking up to an African-American woman outside of one townhouse, a white protester called out, “Hey, sister.”

“Sister?” she asked. “It’s ma’am to you.”

The protester apologized, and invited her to Sunday’s March on Wall Street South. When she said she couldn’t walk or stand for long, he invited her to a rally before the march.

Looks like someone’s hood pass just got revoked. It’s almost like Southern African Americans don’t have much in common with Marxist Trustafarians, but then again they never really did.

DNC protest organizers want local residents to march in contingents that would include the unemployed, victims of foreclosures and workers trying to unionize. The local residents would march alongside college students and demonstrators from around the country, many of whom are taking buses to Charlotte for the convention.

“We’ve been canvassing through many neighborhoods, mostly working class neighborhoods, where people who are struggling through the effects of the economic downturn live,” said Dante Strobino, a field organizer who’s helping with the March on Wall Street South.

And who better to relate to the working class than a guy named Dante. Dante by the way is a member of FIST, which is short for Fight Imperialism Stand Together.
Fight Imperialism–Stand Together (FIST) is a national group of young activists committed to fighting racism, sexism, oppression of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, and exploitation of the working class, all of which result from imperialism and capitalism. We believe that the only way to achieve true liberation for all peoples throughout the world is through socialism.

And he isn’t having much luck getting the World Revolution started in Charlotte.

The evening had a few awkward moments. At the sight of approaching organizers and media members, some young people sitting and standing outside one house walked inside. “We want to bring our voices and make sure our voices are heard,” Richard Kossally told those who remained.

Richard Kossally is a current/former organizer for the Workers World Party, which is a Trotskist splinter group that turned Maoist and is one of the Communist groups behind a lot of the anti-war protests.
But times are tough all over in Charlotte.

One man said he was upset that President Barack Obama may stay in suburban Ballantyne when he visits Charlotte.

“The way the world is now, ain’t nobody helping us,” said Tommy Thomas, 19, a senior at West Mecklenburg High School. “No matter how many people vote, money conquers all. It’s a brainwash to the people, thinking their votes count.”

So much for the Revolution.

  • Omar

    Actually, the Workers World Party is a Stalinist/Maoist organization which hates the United States so much that the party will side with anyone-and I mean-anyone who opposes the U.S., both throughout history and today. The WWP also hates democratic countries and countries allied with America, like Britain, Israel, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Canada, and other U.S. allies. Meanwhile, the WWP supports U.S. foes like the former Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Belarus, Sudan, the former Soviet satellite states in Eastern Europe and other despotic regimes and enemies of democracy. In addition, the WWP also supported many terrorist and/or hate organizations in the United States and around the world, including the Weather Underground, The Black Panthers (both original and new), The Black Liberation Army, the FALN, Los Macheteros, May 19th, the FARC, the ELN, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Zapatistas, the PLO, Islamic Jihad and other far-left and Islamist organizations. During the so-called "Arab Spring", the WWP supported the revolts that toppled Mubarak in Egypt and the previous government in Tunisia, yet the WWP supported the Gadhafi regime in Libya and the Assad regime in Syria, saying that Israel and the West was behind the latter revolt (Syria). In addition, the WWP believes that in the United States, only white people can be racist and that "Islamophobia" is widespread. The Workers World Party has a huge double standard on practically every issue in the world. As for the FIST organization, they are affiliated with the WWP and the International Action Center, all of which share the same extremist politics.

    • Rothschild

      Thank you very much… around a few month ago; the Occupy Wall Street movement demonstrators were literally running down the street, in New York with Arab flags, most were Arab Muslims and Mexicans; they came back for a second round to my door…with someone that looked perhaps like he was a general, during the time of the movie, Raid on Entebbe…..and attempted to force there way into my apartment…would Idi Amin Dada, and Ugandans be supportive of the WWP; and modern day American hipsters in general?

      • Omar

        Well, Idi Amin supported the UN's awful resolution in 1975 that declared that Zionism is "Racism". That resolution was introduced and supported by the Soviet Union, Cuba, the Eastern Europe satellite states, many countries in the Middle East and their allies in an attempt to demonize and discredit the democratic state of Israel. As a result of that Resolution (and how many countries started distancing themselves from Israel diplomatically), Israel was forced to turn to South Africa for business, even as the Israeli government and population were denouncing human rights violations committed by the apartheid government in South Africa. It was an unfortunate decision Israel had to make, since the USSR and its allies have succeeded in isolating the Jewish state from many countries in the world by using a completely false "analogy" as a resolution in the UN. It took 16 years-until 1991- for the "Zionism is Racism" Resolution to be repealed at the UN. The United States, the West and their allies introduced the repealing Resolution, it passed in the UN General Assembly, the 1975 hate resolution was repealed, and many countries did business with Israel again. The Workers World Party supported the 1975 resolution, but opposed the 1991 resolution because, as we all know, the WWP despises Israel and supports Israel's enemies like Hamas and the regime in Iran. As for Idi Amin, in 2009, while Hugo Chavez was trying to get the infamous Marxist/Islamist terrorist, Carlos the Jackal, released from of prison, the Venezuelan autocrat said that Idi Amin might have "been a great leader". As for the" hipsters", those people are being indoctrinated by university radicals to hate capitalism and our democratic system. In fact, the far-left groups have a lot of power in academia. The left introduced identity classes into the universities and identity politics into society. Identity politics have cause division among Americans for many years.

        • Rothschild

          Thank you; this is very helpful to me in understanding, what is going on, the forces at play in my immediate neighborhood…. perhaps if Idi Amin, and the anti-Zionism resolution was defeated, it still was popular, it would not surprise me that most in the ghetto areas, never knew it was defeated, or are simply lied to, so when they see me as a Jew, they assume, I'm a racist, now I see, the sub-conscious rage, of the black (probably a rich elite Ugandan immigrant) that tried to force himself into my apartment, just recently…some of the blacks could not even speak a word of English, they were associated with.

          Calling one a racist, either sub-consciously, or consciously is like shouting fire in a crowded theater in New York City

          And, a lot of politicians, especially with Obama as president are going to use this as a political football (the race card) against the Jews, Israelis, and the Zionists, either sub-consciously, or consciously.

          With New York City being a immigrant refuge, most of the immigrants….even the worst of the worst… do not even have to adapt to democracy, other then in word only, to get their green card, or citizenship; they can, and do still act sub- consciously the way they do in Latin America, Russia, or the Middle East…for example, the Occupy Wall Street contingent with Arab Muslims and illegal Chavez Mexican immigrants, getting a rush of adrenalin high, marching by my Jewish home, as if they were in Mexico, or the West Bank.I honestly thought I was in the West Bank, when I walked outside my door, to get a cup of coffee, and never expected to see that.

          Was Adi Amin considered part of the elite; did he drink alcohol?..did he have any involvement with the Mexican elite, and politicians, or drug lords that were the part of elite?

    • Rothschild

      I personally think, the money from the Middle East is buying up more then people here on Frontpage, or the right can imagine; and is infinitely more organized….the person that offered me the bribe to spy; did not even talk to me for five minutes, he did not even care about whom he wanted me to spy upon..he would pay anyone, work with anyone, just like the writer says, they do in the WWP… he claimed to me, most of the people he bribes, are from the poor, like in this article, but it (the conspiracy) no doubt is more involved, they no doubt bribe hipsters, and the poor.

  • MtnDragon13

    Whene a free people come face to face with communism, they will always choose freedom and liberty. Poor delusiond souls fighting for an ideal that we ourselves are god. They expelled God from there lives. And fill it with empty darkness. They forsake liberty, to shackle themselves to slavery.

  • http://rau.3littlefoxes.com Lfox328

    Boy, the Leftists haven't changed in years!

    I remember when I attended a community college in Cleveland, during the 1970s and 1980s, we used to pass by the Socialists and Communists trying to recruit members from the students. One day, I finally took pity on them and explained, "You won't find any recruits here – these are the ambitious ones, that want to get out of the class they're in".

    They never learn.

    • Omar

      The far-left hasn't changed one bit since the '60s. In fact, the left has gotten worse. The far-left has an alliance with radical Islamists.

  • Joe Ordinary

    The only Imperialism we have to worry about is Muslim Imperialism.

    • Omar

      Don't forget Communist imperialism. Even though the Soviet Union ceased to exist 20 years ago, There are still radical communists who want to revive the USSR and form other communist countries in other parts of the world. Some of the communist organizations we have to watch for is ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas) which was founded and controlled by Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers, and is currently allied with the mullahs in Tehran. In addition to its anti-capitalist propaganda and its aggressive campaign against the free-market democracies in Latin America, ALBA has tried to force the island of Puerto Rico to secede from the United States (during the Cold War, the Castro regime in Cuba was funding the FALN, Los Macheteros and other Marxist terrorist groups in Puerto Rico), despite the fact that the majority of Puerto Ricans living in the island favor either statehood (which is the preferred political future of the government of Governor Luis Fortuno and about half of the island's population), or remaining a territory (Commonwealth). Then of course, we have the Occupy Wall Street movement, which caused chaos in many places in the United States (and also in some places outside the U.S., like Glasgow in the United Kingdom) last year and continuing into this year. In addition, the colleges and universities in the U.S. and the West have been controlled by so-called "academics" who are really Marxist radicals who are allied with the radical Islamist extremists who are trying to destroy the U.S., the West, Israel, countries allied with the West and our democratic system. Indeed, the new Communist-Radical Islamist alliance is the new imperialism, and the democratic governments like the U.S., UK, Israel and our democratic allies have to defeat the unholy imperial alliance of communists and Islamists.

      • Rothschild

        What do they do for entertainment?….and what forms of entertainment?…I know in the 60s and 70s, the political power types would organize in bars, because, it was illegal to take bribes in a government office etc.,…. is that the same with these Marxist groups?

        • Omar

          The far-left has some Hollywood people in its ranks, like Sean Penn and Roseanne Barr. In addition, the far-left in Latin America has some entertainers too, like the awful musical group, Calle 13 (13th Street), which supports despotic regimes like Castro's Cuba, while denouncing democratic governments, like Colombia. In 2009, the government of Puerto Rico cancelled a concert which Calle 13 was supposed to perform after one of the group's members insulted Governor Luis Fortuno and other leaders. Today, the popular culture is the battleground for politics. That was how the David Horowitz Freedom Center was founded. It was originally called the Center for the Study Culture when it was founded in 1988. The Center was renamed the David Horowitz Freedom Center in 2006 to honor David Horowitz as well as to campaign for freedom in the world.

          • Rothschild

            Hollywood types had hung out in bars around me to do drugs; I don't consider, most of Hollywood actors to be be actual actors; they are probably nothing more then junkies.

            Does south London, or bars in India…or entertainment types….have any involvement, in politics and hipsters?

          • Rothschild

            From my research it seems as if; the ones that tried to force their way into my apartment, are great fans of Callie 13…and will likely be hiring Callie 13…their style, of the attempted forced entry, was dance like; I can't thank you enough, for your responses to my questions….there was a second, attempt to gain entry, by pounding on my door, so hard, as if wanting to break it down, recently, too.

  • Rothschild

    Is ALBA in New York City? I was confronted by a group, that would wear red Chavez shirts?…they attempted to brainwash me into actions; when I refused they got furious…then attempted to bribe me with money, which I refused… the pattern here anyway seems to be that they imagine, anyone could be brainwashed into joining them. They must be getting a boatload of cash from the Middle East is my guess.

    • Omar

      No. ALBA is an anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-democracy bloc founded by the Castro regime in Cuba and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. The bloc tries to undermine free trade, democracy and stability in the Western Hemisphere. Of course, the far-left supports ALBA, just like it supports any radical leftist and/or Islamist organization and agenda.