Old, Fat and Stupid: Dems Attack Clint Eastwood and Christie

Abby Halage at The Daily Beast has a look at how it became acceptable within the media to taunt New Jersey Governor Christie as a fatso.

The trend pioneered by MSNBC talking heads went mainstream as the Los Angeles Times ran an article with the title, “Chris Christie, the Republican Heavyweight, is Really Heavy.”

The New York Times republished a gallery of tweets mocking Christie’s weight. The New York Post used “Fat Chance” as its front page piece on Christie, which just goes to show you that there is no longer any difference in standards between the New York Times and the New York Post.

“If that’s what people are fascinated with, that’s fine. I’m overweight,” Christie responded. But it’s not the weight that fascinates the media, it’s the growing pettiness of a press corp looking for an angle of attack in their game of character assassination.

Anyone on the opposite side can expect the same treatment in the same petty form. It was just as inevitable that MSNBC talking heads would mock Clint Eastwood as senile, even before he spoke, as that they would mock Christie for being overweight. It would not have mattered what Clint Eastwood would have said or done, the joke would have been the same.

Epithets like “doddering”, “stogy” and “senile” are tools for dismissing Clint Eastwood, without addressing what he had to say. The purpose of character assassination is to keep people from dealing with ideas by destroying the speaker. Al Gore’s Current TV took the attacks to a new low, calling Eastwood a “senile bigot”

Clint Eastwood had spent enough time in Hollywood to know that this would be coming his way. It was likely he had avoided political participation before. But in his eighties with a successful career at his back and a critical election on the horizon, he did the patriotic thing by coming forward and speaking out.

These types of character assassinations have characterized the progressive response to the Republican National Convention. Whether it was Gawker running a photoshopped picture of Condoleezza Rice with lipstick on her teeth, Juan Williams sneering at Ann Romney as a corporate wife, the LA Times mocking Christie’s weight or Rachel Maddow ridiculing Clint Eastwood as senile… the left wanted to do everything but have a debate about ideas. And so they traded character for character assassination.

  • Ann

    unlike the really cool people in the Democrat party —hum, there is Biden, Piglosi,Frank ,Dodd,the now gone Ted kennedy who murdered Mary Jo,Weiner who showed himself,Clinton the adulterer who was accused of rape while he was president,hillary who is doing the dike thing,wasaman who is stubbing for the lets kill our babies vote,flock who want everyone to pay for her to have sex and killing her baby,that madcow who just spews crap from ear to ear, that mayer guy who paid a million so obama would stroke him, and who can forget carter and that really fat guy moore who are both dumb as rocks, what about gore who wants people to pay for exhaling carbon from breathing…soros who would sell out every Jew for money, who is as old as dirt and guess what you can't take it with you ,but wait he's going to hell ,forgot maybe they have money in hell—wow there is just no end to the morons on the left…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      All the cool people are Democrats… like Al Gore.

      • rebeccajean

        And all the intelligent ones are Republicans like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Mia Love, Scott Walker etc etc etc. But yea, you do have Al Gore. You can keep him.

        • rebeccajean

          I replied to the post before I realized who had posted it and that it was sarcasm. I should of known. Who could possibly think Al Gore cool. Liberal or conservative.

        • Dajake

          Artur Davis too.

  • jehman

    The reason there is so much "character assassination" coming after the RNC is that there is nothing else to make fun of. They didn't offer anything other than 'Current admin bad, we better, go Amerika' so there isn't much to make fun of there, other than the stupid way they delivered a mundane and non-specific message.

    I'm sure the DNC will be much of the same, and the righty's will do the same assassinations and call it cool and once again nothing will get done.

    If you want to support America, write in your own name for every office, every position, and "NO" for every new proposition and law. When all the people trying to buy your vote get no votes at all you can show them the system is broken. Otherwise you are just another cog.

  • sdsali

    Actually, Eastwood's presentation was anything but senile and rambling. He was playing a character. I figured that out within the first 30 seconds. Remember this is an extraordinarily talented man with a whole bunch of hairdressers etc at his right hand. So why would he appear on stage in an ill fitting suit (it was too big for him in various places) and rumpled hair. He was playing a character. If you had seen Gran Torino, you might recognize some of that guy in the character Eastwood chose to play. So the rambling and stumbling were intentional because that's how that guy talks. The audience he was playing to, I suspect, was senior citizens and people past 40 who may have been life long Democrats who are unhappy about where the country is headed. And he did it very well. "Don't tell me to shut up. It's my turn." There are millions of Clint Eastwood fans out there and I would not count myself as one of the diehards like they are. But he spoke to them. And he spoke to them using the idiom he knows best, the actor's idiom. I think it was a great performance.

  • El Duchy

    So Carter is young and Michael Moore is skinny?

  • http://www.facebook.com/JohnnoGaGa Johnno Handforth

    Mate… Clint Eastwood didn't NEED any media bigwigs or talking heads to "assassinate his character".


    In less than ten minutes he managed to epitomise beautifully the entire Republican party: A confused white male, aged well past his prime, railing against imaginary enemies.


      A confused white male, aged well past his prime, railing against imaginary enemies.

      Joe Biden of course.

      I can't wait to see Biden debate Ryan.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Rage! Rage against the dying of the night, you minions of the left! Scuttle back to your dark recesses! The dawn is coming!

  • MsMalcontent7110

    Gotta Love the Performance art! Go Clint! It amazes me how the Liberals/Democrats would dare to show their hand like this. To ridicule an icon like Clint Eastwood is showing their desperation to attack in any manner anything Republican and conservative – but even worse – ridiculing him b/c he is OLD and has some “senior” traits. How can an 82 yr old NOT have some indicators of their age in their speech patterns? But F.Y.I – if anyone needs a refresher course – Clint Eastwood ALWAYS had a rather halting, deliberate manner of speaking even in his young years. So – is it safe to assume that (based upon the SUPPOSED reasons he is getting so much ridicule from the media and the left) that Democrats HATE and disrespect seniors? That due to his age he is no longer considered relevant and has even more shamefully become an open source of ridicule and amusement to these so-called “progressives”? Shame shame SHAME on you ANd who CARES if Chris Christie is over-weight?? What difference does that make at ALL? Look at Obama – he is thin, fit, and is well put together – but he is worthless as a leader. The appearance of the man does not MAKE the man – and/or the leader in this case.
    Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2012/09/two-cheers