One Graph That Shows Which Party Really Looks Like America

“Why is the Republican Party so white?” is the great whine issuing forth from the fat mouths of a thousand media outlets.

The Republican Party needs to be a party that “looks more like America” is the big lie of the left. So let’s take a look at the racial composition of Americans and the percent of the racial vote that Democrats and Republicans received to see which party really looks more like America.

There’s America in gray. And the Republican Party in red right next to it. And there’s the Democratic Party off to the side looking nothing like America.

In all cases, the Republican vote is closer to the demographics of America than the Democratic vote.

The racial composition of America is 63 percent white. Romney received 59 percent of the white vote with 39 percent left over for Obama.

While the 223.6 million white Americans, who look like America and whom America looks like, were not fully represented by either party; they were most represented by the Republican Party. The Democratic Party really needs to work on its share of the white vote because the Democratic Party no longer looks like America.

White Americans are the majority in 49 of the 50 state and also continue to act as a swing vote, determining presidential elections by shifting one way or another, in contrast to other some racial groups who narrow-mindedly vote as a bloc.

The Republican share of the vote shows inclusiveness picking up the votes of two out of three minority groups at a greater percentage than their representation in the population.

The racial composition of America is 16 percent Hispanic. The Republican Party exceeded the Hispanic share of the population in its representation by picking up 27 percent of the Hispanic vote. The Democrats got 71 percent of their vote, which is impressive, but another reminder that the Democratic Party does not look like America.

Asians make up 5 percent of America. Republicans picked up 26 percent of their vote. Democrats picked up 73 percent of the Asian vote. Again the Republicans picked up a larger share of the Asian vote than the representation of Asians in the population.

Blacks make up 13 percent of the population. Republicans picked up 6 percent of the Black vote. Only among Blacks did Romney pick up a lower share of the vote than their proportion in the American population. And if Romney had not been running against a black candidate, he would have probably matched Bush’s 11 percent of the black vote, which is fairly comparable to the black racial demographics of America.

The Republican share of the vote from 2012 is closest to the demographic picture of America. Two out of three minority groups are overrepresented. And only black people are underrepresented for reasons that have to do with racial pride, not a lack of Republican inclusiveness.

The Republican Party looks like America. The Democratic Party does not. And it is the Democratic Party that needs to work harder to be more representative of America.

  • Mary Sue

    What I don't get is why so many Asians are in the tank for Obama.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Community organizing 101

      • Mary Sue

        that's the part I don't get. Asians don't generally "ghettoize", nor are they generally disaffectedly in poverty, are they?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Yes they do and they get benefits through community groups.

          • Mary Sue

            ahhhh. Guess that's the ones that came in from socialist rather than communist countries.

    • eddie henley

      mainly because blacks have conditioned and preached white hate to every minority group and made them feel if they dont back blacks and their way of thinking they are also racist
      it all goes back to the blacks conditioning every one to hate whites as much as they do

    • PDK

      All Orientals are Asian, but not all Asians are Oriental. Afganstan Muslins and Indian Hindus are also Asian. Thank you.

    • LMBass

      Because they don't want any trouble from the black community.

  • Alexander Gladstone

    BTW if the stats on the first graph are correct, than all races make up 105% of the american public.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Thanks fixed

    • 77patriot

      Perhaps there is an overlap of people who identify with both groups (white and hispanic or black and hispanic). That would mean all of this labelling is self-identified.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        That falls under multiracial which is an essay of its own.

  • cynthiacurran

    Some asian groups are anti-war more. Anyway, there are exceptions I believe obama barely won the asian vote in Orange county since he lost he lost the Vietnanise there largest asian group but foreign buyers from China have moved in. Hispanics voted 70 percent for obama in orange county and whites probably nly 40 percent since his total there was 44 to 53 for Romney.

    • windows 8

      it is odd that asians would vote for a black muslim, blacks tend to hate asians as well, and blacis are not very well liked in countries such as japan and the philippines

  • David Howard

    Lots of Asians are envious of whites. Always have been. They want to bring "whitey" down. Republicans are more white than Dems, who are the party of envy. Elementary, my dear. Envy explains much of politics.

  • Herbert Huff

    You graph is comparing apples and oranges. If any party truly reflected the demographics of America, it would be getting 50% of the vote for that demographic. Your gray line representing the % of each demographic as part of the overall population should not be compared with the % of each demographic that voted for each party. That just doesn't make mathematical sense.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It makes representational sense. The Republican Party draws proportions of support from each group equivalent to that group's proportion within America.

      • Anon

        No, Herbert is right. For a party to "look like America" it would have the same percentage of every demographic. If it had 45% of one demographic, it would have somewhere around 45% of all demographics.

        Just picture a room full of people. For this room full of people to "look like America" it would have the same proportions of the demographic groups that America has.

        So, if America has 13% blacks and 5% Asians, the room full of people would have 13% blacks and 5% Asians. If this "room full of people" were Republican voters, 13% of Republican voters would be black and 5% of Republican voters would be Asian. However, according to the numbers in your graph, this is very, very far from the case.

        Democratic voters as a group do not exactly look like America either; however, they are closer than Republican voters as a group.

        This does not mean that the Republicans' message is better or worse than the Democrats'; it only means the Republican message appeals to demographic groups in a very lopsided way.

        • morty62

          If you had two rooms with 100 people neither party would look much like America. Yes, the GOP room would look mostly white, but that's because America IS mostly white. The Democrat party's room would be far more minority dominant than the GOP room. If someone crunched the numbers it would be interesting to see.

      • morty62

        They don't get what you're saying.The Democrat party is much less representative of the electorate than is the GOP because it has a hugely disproportionate percentage of minorites. Of course both parties are still majority white, numerically, because whites make up the largest slice of the pie. Based on their numbers in the population, black and Hispanic issues should bot exert a strong influence on either party. But the Democrats have inflated the influence of minority voters by pandering to them in the form of relaxed immigration enfocement and entitlements.

    • Louis Emery

      I saw the mistake of the graph immediately as well.
      Ratio of a ratio is not the same as a ratio!

    • morty62

      You're off base here. I agree with you that for either party to genuinely represent the U.S. electorate it would garner half the vote for each group. What he's saying is that the Democrats are way overrepresented by minorities.While it's true that the GOP is mostly white, so is the country. The white vote came closest to representing the actual makeup of the electorate at 39% for Obama and 59% for Romney, a twenty point spread. But when you look at Hispanic voter the trends skew badly with 71% going for Obama and just 27% for Romney, a 44 point difference. With blacks it's really out of joint. Ninety-three percent of blacks went for Obama while only 6% voted ror Romney, an 87 point difference. With Asians its the same, 73% went for Obama and 26% for Romney, a 47-point difference. So the point taken is correct. The GOP is closer to resembling the actual racial makeup of the U.S. than is the Democratic Party, which is far more black, Hispanice, and Asian than the rest of the country.

      • Anon


        No, even though both parties are off, the Republicans are off by more. If we take the ratios given and make a room full of 1000 people for each group, here's how it would look (Note that I had to adjust the "America" numbers a little since the percentages given only add up to 97%. I used the same ratios to make it add up to 100%.)

        White 649
        Hispanic 165
        Asian 52
        Black 134

        Republican Voters
        White 855
        Hispanic 98
        Asian 29
        Black 18

        Democrat Voters
        White 482
        Hispanic 217
        Asian 70
        Black 231

        So both Republican and Democrats are off on whites by a similar amount; Republicans have more, Democrats have fewer.

        However, when you get to the minorities, the Democrats are off by a factor of less than 2 for any given minority group. The Republicans, on the other hand, are off in the other direction by a factor of 7.4 in the case of blacks. So this makes the Republicans more different from America than Democrats.

        Again, however, this is not a criticism of Republicans' message. It is only an attempt to create an accurate picture given the claim of this article.

  • Swami

    Herbert is right. The comparison makes no sense. Taken to it's extreme, it means that since native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders are 0.2% of the United States, the GOP should be thrilled to bits if a whopping 1% of them voted for Republicans.

    The math here is 180 degrees off. if a group represents X % of the population, you want at least X% of your TOTAL vote to come from that population, not X% of THAT GROUP's vote.

    The fact that only 27% of Latinos vote GOP is a bad thing, not a good thing. You want more than 50%.

  • Jody

    You need to regraph your data not by race, but by worker vs taker and see how that plots out.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I'd like to see that in the exit polls.

  • amused

    C'mon now daniel , dont youtrhink your article's just a bit self-serving ? I'd rather go be REALITY , whichwas THE POPULAR VOTE ,and I'll give you slack there , even though Obama captured 3 million more popular votes than Romney , which for all practical purposes represents the divide , just call it even . Because that's really what it is , and there really is no justification for you concluding that Republicans present a picture of Ameria . You can juggle the figures of the black and hispanic vote all you want , the best you can claim is that of just HALF the country .And if you don't think just as many Whites voted for the white candidate because of colo, as Blacks for the black candidate , then you're deluding yourself and you are in denial .The election results howrever gave Obama the electoral and popular vote , which means majority wins . THAT is America . Just like you wringing your hands for 4 more years is America also. It has long been said Americans go to the polls to vote someone out of office , well they didn't vote Obama out .

    • Daniel Greenfield

      "And if you don't think just as many Whites voted for the white candidate because of colo, as Blacks for the black candidate , then you're deluding yourself and you are in denial "

      93 percent of blacks voted for Obama. When was the last time there was an identical white bloc vote for a presidential candidate?

    • Mary Sue

      really, amused? So you're saying that if Biden was up against a Herman Cain or an Allen West, the white supremacists would all vote for Biden?

    • Doc

      Get your head out of your '4th point of contact',( airborne training terminology),
      For you civilians and illegals, that is interpreted, 'yur azz'!!
      As for your assinine conclusion that 'America' elected obama ,
      Who by no means, is a 'patriotic American', everything this fraud
      has done corrolates directly to the destruction of this once
      great republic. The majority of those that voted for him
      did so, in colusion with him to destroy this country. The facts
      are there; the demoncratic platform says it all!! And yes, there
      was massive voter fraud, it will be proven, whether.there are any
      Patriotic republicans in the right placeto do something about it
      remains to be seen. Chew on this one; every state which has
      voter i.d.laws, ROMNEY WON!Hummmm. This country was
      founded on Judeo/Christian laws and biblical morality I would
      say that its in the history books in public scrools, but its not!
      Another devious anti-American attack to not teach our
      children the true history of our founding. Theres just so much
      more to this devious America-hating cabal. obama said out
      of his own mouth, 5 days before his majesty's inauguration
      that we were 5 days from 'Fundamentally changing America'??
      You can't do that, and America still be the America she was founded
      to be !! His queen, out of her mouth,.said; 'we need to Change
      the History' of this country" Thats impossible, you can't change our history !!
      God burned sodom and gomorrah and the cities by them
      to the ground with fire from heaven, HISTORICALLY Proven Fact!
      And the demoncrats EMBRACE SODOMY IN THIER PLATFORM!!
      Do you yet? Ican say more, but not now.

  • Cornell78

    I'm an engineer, and your "analysis" is a freakin' riot.

    Please stick to churning out the right-wing propaganda and leave the statistics and data charts to those who know WTF they're talking about.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Did you by any chance go to Cornell?

  • Henry Gomez

    As much as I’d like it to be true, the construction of this chart is faulty. The gray line measures something different than the red and blue lines. The gray line for America shows the percentage of America that belongs to the 3 different race/ethnic groups. The other two lines measure something very different which is how members of those three ethnic groups voted. In other words, the Democratic party is not 93% black. You’ll note that the values plotted on the gray line add up to roughly 100 (can’t exceed 100) but the values for the blue line easily exceed 100.

  • Henry Gomez

    There's a huge difference between 93% of blacks voting Democrat and the Democrat party being 93% black as the chart suggests when it's contrasted to the gray line.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The chart doesn't suggest that 93 percent of the Democratic Party is black. It suggests that this is the degree of representation, not composition.

  • Henry Gomez

    The real question is: Of all the Republicans that exist what percentage are white, Hispanic, black and Asian? That's a different question than what percentage of whites, Hispanics, blacks and Asians voted Republican. The latter is what your chart shows, the former is what you think your chart shows. It's the difference between a vertical percent and a horizontal percent in a cross tabulation.

  • Henry Gomez

    To put a finer point on it let's pretend the electorate precisely mirrored the population in terms of race/ethnicity (we know that's not the case but this is just an exercise). 16% of the population is hispanic and 27% of them voted for the GOP candidate. So 27% of 16 is 4.32%. The red line should be plotted to 4.32% on the hispanic column not 27% because 4.32% is percentage of GOP voters that was Hispanic.

    Likewise the blue line for African Americans should be plotted at 12.09% (not 93%) because 93% of 16% of the population is 12.09%.

    • Anon

      You have nailed it.

  • Henry Gomez

    You simply can't plot the red and blue line on the same chart as the gray because they measure two completely different things no matter how you try to spin it. If the Republican party reflected America then 16% of Romney's total vote would have come from Hispanics. But he only got 27% of the Hispanic vote. Hispanics only made up 4.32% of his vote total. This is really bad news for the Republicans. 3/4 of Hispanics voted against our candidate and they make up 1/6 of the population.

  • Louis Emery

    This graph didn't work. You won't get a scientist or statistician to agree with that one.
    There's other graphs the author could display, such as, voters above 30 (i.e. those who
    have some life experience reaching goals and paying taxes).
    Breakdown of votes of those 47% or 53% or whatever part is relevant.
    Self-employed versus other employed. etc
    Thinking versus non-thinking.
    However I don't think this data is available.

    Still, Obama won by 50% + epsilon.

  • mmichlin66

    Herbert is absolutely correct and it is great to see many people catching the error in the graph. Daniel, I think you should admit that the argument is faulty – it's OK, numbers might be confusing. It's always better to admit a mistake than insist on the argument that has been proven false. After all, you have always been trying to stick to the truth.

  • cynthiacurran

    Why do we need hispanicas as mention above Orange County has more hispanics than the us average around 34 percent and many are not citizens an maybe 17 percent of the voter total. Orange is above also the national average in Asians around 18 percent but only 10 or 12. In Oc its the white vote that elected Romney since until 2025 hispanics stll are behind whites in the county voting. California usually does demoractic because the vote for dems or barely vote for Republicians on the wthite side and with a weak white vote minorities will brin it inoto the dem column.

  • @crazycatkid

    Statistician here: Bar chart works if it is labeled accurately. Graphic representations can always distort. Readers are expected to interpret graphical representation s accordingly.

  • honestargument

    This arguement is intellectually dishonest. If Asian only represet 5% of the population and republicans only garner 26% of the vote, but democrats get 73% of that vote, then it is the democrats that are closer to the whole 5%. The closer you get to 100% of that demographic the closer you are to the representation within the population.

    And I'm a republican, but we shouldn't be deceived by such misleading stats. The article should be pulled it really is that bad. The graphs actually show the exact opposite of the arguement put forth.


  • Danny

    Daniel, can we now add math and logic to the growing list of your illiteracies?
    Thank goodness for sites like FPM, huh? Without them, you'd be out there with your squeegee and a bucket of dirty water.

  • Michael Davison

    Echoing the criticism made by Henry Gomez, let me also provide a means by which the data provided can be used to arrive at a relevant comparison:

    For example, 63 out of 100 of Americans are white, 59% of them voted Republican, so we have 37.17 whites voting Repulican. Following this pattern, we get the racial breakdown of the Republican vote:

    37.17 – White – 85.84%
    4.05 – Hispa – 9.35%
    1.30 – Asian – 3.00%
    0.78 – Black – 1.80%
    ——-. ——-
    43.30 – Total -100.00% (rounding difference)

    So that is the reality, and the truth is, we Republicans have some work to do.

    On a related note, following the pattern from post # 19, the Democrat percentages work out this way:

    24.57 – White – 48.21%
    10.65 – Hispa – 20.90%
    3.65 – Asian – 7.16%
    12.09 – Black – 23.72%
    ——- ——-
    43.30 – Total -100.00% (rounding difference)

  • Judy Hobrecht

    Comparing registered voters and votes cast as compared to population, is going to get you whaaat? Total votes cast were 116 million. Owebama won with 3 million, or 1% of the population. That was nowhere near a grand slam nor a mandate for anything, and a majority of nothing because the registered voters do not reflect the population, and it's not even representative in the votes because even the registered voters didn't all vote. The fact is that 1% more of Americans cast the stupid vote and put an islamofascist commie back in our White House for the second term. And the stupid, apparently, haven't woken up from the nightmare of smarmy promises and lies from a communist promising a utopia that has never existed on the planet.

  • SGT Copley

    I'm sorry, but this graph means absolutely nothing like what they are trying to make it say. Comparing the percentage of a demographic's vote and the percentage of a demographic's portion of american population produces quite literally a false statement. What WOULD mean something in comparison to the domographics of the nation would be a comparing it to the demographics of the democratic and republican partys. This would have the ability to show that (for instance) that if 63% of the nation is white, approximately 60% of the republican party was white, and so on. Comparing demographic to vote percentage just shows the relative voting "strength" or influence that each party derives out of those same demographics. I.E. If 13% of the nation is black, and 93% of blacks voted for Obama, then mathematicly ( 0.13 x .93 ) Obama got 12% of the nation's vote just from that demographic.

  • Watermelonbeast

    I think what these graphs are really trying to say is each of the minorities political views are quite divergent from the nation as a whole. The republicans have "tried" to appeal to the nation as a whole but the democrats have built their ranks by appealing to subgroups. Both parties should be focused on the future America as a whole irrespective of group and identity labels.

  • watermelonbeast

    Perhaps we could end much of this identity and group focused politics if we passed a law or a constitutional amendment forbidding the government from collecting any data and creating any statistics by race, ethnicity, creed or national origin other than national origin of those wishing to immigrate. However, data could still be collected based on geographic definitions. As anyone knows who has worked in a large organization, statistics can take on a life of their own.

    If we want to be a colorblind society the way that MLK envisioned it, the government's "trackers and trenders" should be colorblind. Just think about how much we could downsize government! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of federal government jobs dedicated to this activity. If a political party or private organization wants to try and collect this information, so be it. But having the government collect it and publish it only perpetuates many of our problems.

  • Anon

    I made a reply that is somewhat buried, so I am copying it here.

    If we take the ratios given and make a room full of 1000 people for each group, here's how it would look (Note that I had to adjust the "America" numbers a little since the percentages given only add up to 97%. I used the same ratios to make it add up to 100%.)

    White 649
    Hispanic 165
    Asian 52
    Black 134

    Republican Voters:
    White 855
    Hispanic 98
    Asian 29
    Black 18

    Democrat Voters:
    White 482
    Hispanic 217
    Asian 70
    Black 231

    Hope this helps!

  • Judahlevi

    When America grows up, we will see each voter as an individual, not by skin color or ethnicity. Identity politics is the Democratic party's game, it should not be the Republicans.

    We need a national discussion about the divisive and harmful effects of identifying each other by our skin colors or genders. Grouping people is a collectivist trait, not an individualist trait. Identity politics is harmful for the Republic, not helpful.

    We need to get beyond it. It doesn't matter what the chart says. It is irrelevant.

  • Johnyradio

    Hi, what is “percent of the racial vote”? What does that graph mean? -Thx

  • RamonMendozaGA

    This article is statistical nonsense.

    The issue isn’t that Republicans captured 27% of the Hispanic vote. The issue is that only 6% of declared Republicans are Hispanic. By that measure, Republicans are falling short on the outreach to Latinos.

    Blacks are 13% of the general population, but only 2% of the Republican Party.

    Asians: 5% of the general population, only 1% of the Republican Party.

    As it turns out, Hispanics and Asians declare themselves independents at a higher rate than whites, so they are the true “swing voters.” And lately, they’ve been avoiding the Republican Party like the plague.

    There are only two major political parties in America, so if you’re not near the 50% level with any particular demographic group, then you’re not competing among that group. That’s the correct comparison, and by that analysis, the GOP is only becoming older, whiter, and more masculine.

  • M R

    Stick a fork in the Grand old party.