One Woman, Two Votes, Proves Voter ID is Unnecessary (VIDEO)

The old Tammany machine pols used to tell their constituents/dependents, “Vote Early, Vote Often”. The new Tammany machine shows you how to actually do it. And it’s no wonder that the party of Voter Fraud has reduced its campaign to fighting Voter ID and saving Big Bird.

This is one video, but the events it shows are commonplace. The Democrats rely on voter fraud to make up for their shortfall in popular support. And in battleground states, voter fraud can be effective, flying under the radar where polls can never pick up on it until Election Day.

It’s not enough to fight to win the vote, any effort at winning elections also has to concentrate on fighting Democratic voter fraud that undermines democracy.

  • Cuthbert

    There's enough in this light-hearted little exchange for an arrest and conviction for at least two felonious party functionaries.

  • needaname

    Dems are such losers. The same attitudes – all over the country. Amazing.