Only Critical Race Theory Can Defeat China

During his Democratic National Convention speech, Obama boasted that “Together we can out-educate and out-compete any nation on Earth.”

But what kind of education exactly is going to make American students competitive globally? Even though Obama claimed that the gateway to opportunity for him had been education, he probably did not mean that like him, American students will learn to compete with China when they’ve been programmed with enough critical race theory and can accuse everyone they meet of being guilty of white privilege.

A typical example of the breed is David J Leonard, an Associate Prof in Washington State University’s Department of Critical Culture, Gender, & Race Studies. At the Huffington Post, where bottom feeders come to look for newer depths, Leonard has been posting his bizarre screeds filled with hatred for white people, despite being of the ivory persuasion himself.

His obsession with the evils of white people and their incredible powers of privilege have a lot to do with figuring out how to stay employed as an Associate Professor of the White Men are Evil Department at Washington State.

One of the common responses to discussions about racism and other forms of injustice is the demand for solutions. The commonplace entry into public and private discussions about racism, the efforts to take over comment sections, to silence those who work to highlight inequality with responses like “what’s the solution” does not engender solutions but rather works to derail the conversation… In my many years of teaching and writing, the majority of those who felt entitled to have answers NOW and remedies yesterday were white men. The “shut up… stop complaining…give me solutions” reframe is the embodiment of privilege.

You see, don’t you, that calling for solutions to problems just proves what a white racist you are. If you were really concerned with solving racism, you would abandon trying to solve it and get a job teaching Critical Race Theory so that our children will be able to out-compete China in the field of crying privilege while the Chinese laugh their asses off at us.

Still, David J Leonard, of the White Men Against White Men Society, does have some modest solutions. Like Universal Health Care to end our “Jim Crow Health Care” and Reparations. And of course the abolition of prisons.

Sure abolishing prisons and not fighting crime in the black community will completely destroy most black neighborhoods, but that’s just the rational response of white privilege here. To truly be on an elevated level above white privilege and on the stepladder of academic critical race theory privilege is to understand that white people should have no say in whether black communities will be run by criminals and drug dealers. Neither should black people. That privilege belongs to David J Leonard and the Critical Race Theorist Professionals.

But perhaps instead of abolishing prisons, we might want to consider abolishing critical race theorists and the other parasitic beta males who spend all day squealing about privilege on the taxpayer’s dime.

  • Rifleman

    The subhead to this article on the FPM main page might be the best I've ever seen, lol. David leonard looks like a stereotypical bolshi, down to the hat.

  • Glennd1

    What's even worse is that when idiots like this "professor" get in power, their ideas are useless. In many ways, that's what's happening to us now. Obama is trying to use these ideas to govern but none of them work. But lack of success doesn't slow them down at all…

  • @Thabo99

    White Privilege in South Africa -some tweets