Pakistan Forms Task Force to “Block Anti-Islam Content Around the Clock”

A quarter of Pakistanis live below the poverty line, less than half its women know how to read and write and 95 percent of its citizens have been polled as fearing a complete breakdown of their economy.

But the Pakistani government is doing something about that. They have formed a bold plan to appoint a task force to block Anti-Islamic content around the clock. Sure you might think that you can get your picture of Mohammed eating a cheeseburger in a gay bar on Ramadan past the brave Pakistani censors, but forget about it. They have loaded up on coffee and are constantly on the lookout for anything that offends Muslims in any way, which at latest count includes 99.44 percent of the internet.

As protests were held in many parts of Pakistan on Friday against an anti-Islam film, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that a task force has been constituted for round the clock supervision of monitoring and blocking of anti-Islamic material on websites.

Providing details of the new steps, Malik said that the team would be headed by Member (legal) in Ministry of Information Technology while Member (technical), Director General, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Director, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) would be its members. The Committee will meet every week which will be duly monitored by a team of two Federal Secretaries and Chairman PTA who will keep advising the concerned authorities to enhance the monitoring system for zero tolerance on the issue.

Moreover, it was further decided that a control room under the supervision of a Director PTA would come into force with immediate effect to have 24 hours monitoring. It will not only monitor but also block such material instantly.

The bad news is that Pakistan’s economy is in chaos but the good news is that until the power shuts off, there will be a team of top telecommunications experts blocking Mohammed cheeseburger pictures in Pakistan.

  • Xanatos321

    Why dont they start Islamnet? Oh wait … they cant … not enough competent muslims, they need infidels to do high tech work.