Palestinian Blogger Agrees with Romney, says Palestinian State is Unworkable

which really is the point. Very few of the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank think that the current process works or expect it to work. The only people truly invested in a Palestinian Muslim state are international diplomatic elites and a layer of anti-Israel yuppies and terrorist leaders in Gaza and the West Bank.

But this is another face of the One State Solution, just not the kind that most expect to see, complete with calls for the annexation of the territories. That’s a position that Israel has avoided taking due to pressure from the international community and due to plain demographics.

The official international solution has been to take the most violent terrorist groups, treat them as a government and throw billions of dollars at them. Surprisingly this has not worked out well.

Mudar Zahran represents one side of a growing consensus that a Palestinian state is a dead end and that the way to proceed is to merge those territories into Israel giving the “Palestinians” the option of becoming Israeli citizens or offering them compensation in exchange for moving to a majority Muslim country if they can’t be comfortable in Israel.

I was interviewed on Al-Jazeera and said that I’d like the Arab countries to treat my people the way Israel does.”

“The current situation is a mistake that must be corrected, and Israel must annex all of Judea and Samaria. The Palestinian Authority has no good health-care system or policing system in all of Judea and Samaria. The whole idea of establishing a Palestinian state here is not realistic at all. It cannot sustain itself, and many of the Palestinian residents would like to leave the area. Their lives are terrible. There’s a lot of corruption here.”

Zahran says that the Palestinians will live well only under Israeli rule. Once again he says that it is time to stop harassing Israel about the settlements. “As long as it doesn’t build in another country or in territory that belongs to other people, Israel has every right to keep on building here, and it shouldn’t be anyone’s business,” he says, referring not only to Palestinians or Israeli pro-Palestinian organizations, but also to foreign countries.

Of course, he does not understand the Israelis who oppose the settlements, because in his words, “They’re just encouraging the terrorist groups indirectly. They’re giving legitimacy to Hamas.

There’s a good deal more in the interview and there have been quiet meetings between settler leaders and Muslims discussing terms of integration into Israel overseen by conservative European politicians. Such a process will have its bumps in the road, but it’s far more workable than decades of terror in pursuit of a mirage of a state.

  • Herbie bente

    Sane conversation is a wonderful thing!! O Israel, be strong, vigilent, your God is near.

  • Anamah

    Palestinians belong to Jordan and Egypt. Reality must be seen as it is and then understand it and find logic solutions to solve problems. And yes, when nature is deadly we should not try to insist on silly fabrications. Israel belongs to Jews and Jerusalem is their indivisible capital. And Jihad must be terminated.