Parents Strangle, Pour Gasoline on Daughter and Set her on Fire for Marrying Without Permission

This is about honor. And by honor, I mean slavery. And by slavery, I mean the belief that you not only own another human being because she is a female family member, but that if she defies your ownership, you are then obligated to kill her in the most brutal way possible.

On October 3, the girl’s father, Riyasat Ali, resident of TDA-134, had lodged a kidnap-murder FIR at Saddar police station in Layyah against one Muhammad Khalid, a neighbour, who was arrested by the police.

However, during the investigation, police uncovered evidence against the girl’s parents. They were also arrested last week.  Police said on Monday, they confessed to killing Naureen because she had married a man of her choice without their consent.

District Police Officer Shaukat Abbas confirmed that the mother had confessed to helping her husband kill Naureen. She told police that they tied her hands and feet and tried to strangle her. They said they then covered her mouth with a cloth and set her on fire by putting petrol on her.

Her father said that she had “brought shame to the family” by running away with a man. He told police that he had decided to kill Naureen the day she married.

“I have been at ease after killing… I had been in torment while she lived” he told police.

He feels better… and that’s what really counts.

Islam says that the majority in hell are women. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the majority in hell are Muslim men.

  • Anamah

    Islam is a disease of humanity and there are some people more susceptible than other. It the best example of Evil works and explains everything about it. Nazism and Communism share the same office.

  • Grayeagle

    Even with such reports like this (not the first by no means), the liberal leftists in this country still cannot see the evil that calls itself a religion, i.e. Islam. These are satanic driven terrorists regardless of what degree of Islam they embrace. If there are so-called moderate peaceful Muslims, then why are they allowing these horror practices to continue within their culture – and worse, allow the evilness of Islam to dominate and inflict death and injury upon the innocents in this world. Wakeup all you women – these nut cases are intent upon taking over the world and inflicting their insanity on everyone!! Sick, sick, sick!!

    • Ralph

      The liberal left is a lot like these people by forcing their beliefs on the rest of the population with lies and intimidation and looking at twichy they are just as much into rioting and murder!

  • MulchMonkey

    As long as they do it to their own kind, so much the better.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I understand your sentiments, but this is collectivism (to think this way). We can say this and be happy for fewer offspring, but this is hardly a solution. They've been killing women to terrorize the survivors since Mohammed. This is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      Even the women that claim they appreciate their persecution are doing so because they've been led to believe that infidels are even bigger monsters than their own "protector" abusers.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    This isn't Islamic <wink>, this is its cultural influence.

    Be sure to be clear about this so that apologists don't demand to see, "where the koran commands it."

  • Kyra


  • jakespoon

    Inhuman,Satanic,hate driven "religion". It's a cult and should be banned as dangerous to the existence of freedom.

  • kafir4life

    Its sad, but when you get right down to it, that's one less explosives factory, yes?

  • blarg

    I'd do the same thing if my daughter married a black.

  • Lando

    I am startled that Islam is still treated as a religion.

    Those who followed Stalin were surprised that they were being lined up against the wall and protested that Stalin would be very angry at the actions of his ministers (secret police).

    Those who followed Hitler were surprised that they were being lined up against the wall and protested that Hitler would be very angry at the actions of his ministers (secret police).

    With Islam, God himself is the leader of the cult, but his “desires” are interpreted (and Enforced) by the Imams and their ministers (secret Police) through whom the real power. Those being lined up against the wall appeal to Allah, to no avail. Islam far more resembles a non-spiritual political terror regime than a true religion.

    In every religion, a man is free to ignore the teachings, even in strict religions like the Amish. He maybe shunned for his beliefs, but he is free to remove himself from area. Only in Islam is the belief system backed by a secret police and an AK-47

    • cew

      The same is true for Islam… but you never get that part, and the Imams make sure the people don't ever hear it either.

  • dennis metz

    The sad thing is this is the future of the United States of America, anyone that does not believe that blacks will convert in masse to islam and be Muslims are so stupid, there will soon be a strong push for al blacks to convert and we know what that is gonna lead to, blacks are still breeding like rats and their kids are getting early starts while the whites are trying to limit their families to what they can afford

    our cities one by one are getting high rates of blacks and falling to crime soon what is goin on in Israel will happen to our cities I have been preachin this for years and it is slowly happening