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Party of Criminals: Illegal Alien Addresses Democratic Convention

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 6, 2012 @ 9:00 pm In The Point | 14 Comments


Illegal aliens have a long proud tradition of being unregistered Democrats and the Democrats have returned the favor by fighting passionately for their right to vote without their vote being suppressed by pesky racist Voter ID requirements. But in a landmark moment for the Democratic Party, an actual illegal alien addressed the Democratic National Convention [2].

That raises an obvious question. How long until we have the first illegal alien congressman or senator? Or president?

Obama’s America is a great country where you don’t need to be legally here to be legally here. It would be an obvious injustice to deny dreamers such as Benita Veliz, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention, or Blanca Contreras, who ran down a disabled man in a parking lot or Rodolfo Godinez who killed three people, the chance to run for political office and destroy the country that they invaded in a more comprehensive way.

Illegal alien dreamers reportedly kill 12 Americans daily [3]. More Americans have killed by illegal aliens than by the Taliban in Afghanistan, but you can’t make a few DREAMS, without a lot of nightmares.

Jose Luis Zelaya, an illegal alien, ran for student body president at Texas A&M, but the racist gringos wouldn’t vote for him. Still one day Jose may be president and then he can appear as an illegal alien to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency of these United States. Yes he can.

Update: And then to add insult to injury this happened [4].

An undocumented graduate student at Texas A&M, Zelaya was denied confirmation as Vice President of Diversity to the student Senate on Tuesday night, his immigration status cited as a main concern of those who voted against him.

“It’s hard,” said Zelaya, holding back tears. “I was just told by my family that I don’t belong here, that no matter how hard I work, how American I want to be, that I will never be good enough.”

It’s terrible really. America is not ready for Zelaya to be a Vice President of Diversity. What he needs to do is return to the more tolerant and diverse climes of Mexico and be a Vice President of Diversity there.

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