Peace Fever Killing Israel

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For the last twenty years Israel has been swept into an obsession with few parallels except to the Dutch Tulip economy. Except instead of tulips, its commodity of choice is an even more insubstantial thing: the faint promise of peace.

Peace fever is the disease consuming Israel as surely as the Black Death took Europe. If the Dutch traded fortunes for flowers, the Israelis have traded away most of their territory for worthless pieces of paper that last about as long as tulips do. Mostly, like Madoff’s investments, after they wither and die it turns out that they were never worth anything to begin with.

Take the Camp David Accords, greeted with romantic fervor in Jerusalem and European capitals, but resented and despised by Egyptians because they were a reminder of how their army had failed to destroy Israel. It was a worthless accord that gave Egypt a vast amount of territory in exchange for maintaining a status quo that it had no choice but to maintain after losing multiple wars. With the fall of Mubarak, it was revealed that the Accords were never more than moonbeams and fairy dust. A puff of Arab Spring and they were gone.

Camp David was an illusion, but the Oslo Accords are a delusion. A tulip economy in which Israel doles out fortunes in money, land and power in exchange for the promise of peace and an end to the violence… tomorrow, always tomorrow. The most devastating impact of the delusion isn’t on the cemeteries where children lie side by side with soldiers, on the broken homes and synagogues of Gaza, or on the tightening circle of terror around Jerusalem. As with all delusions, its most devastating impact is on the mind.

The only way to sustain the peace delusion is by blaming Israel for the failure of the peace process. Blaming the terrorists opens up a hopeless catalog of violence, corruption, incitement and madness. There is no way to catalog all that and still honestly go on believing that peace is possible. The only way to keep the lie of peace alive is by blaming Israel.

The peace disease infects its victims with self-hatred as the only way to keep the pathogen alive. And the disease has no end. There was a time when Arafat was the guest of honor among peaceniks; now it’s Hamas. Peter Beinart is busy explaining that Hamas really isn’t that bad once you get to know them. And why not? It’s what the peace camp did with Arafat and that worked out great. Why not do it with Hamas?

The internal logic of the disease is inescapably consistent. We had to believe in Arafat in order to  believe in peace. Now that our peace partners have expressed a preference for Hamas over Fatah, we have to believe in Hamas, in order to believe in peace. To believe in peace we have to believe in a peace partner to have peace with. We have to believe that there is hope for peace with every terrorist, that the lack of peace is our fault– not theirs.

Sick? Demented? Twisted? All of the above, but also completely logical. If you are going to be delusional, then it is best to be consistently delusional. Why be neurotic, when you can be flat out insane? Why settle for a second rate phobia when you can go for full on schizophrenia? Hope and faith often dance close to the level of madness. Sustaining misdirected hope in the face of reality requires a great deal of faith or delusion.

Delusional does not mean stupid. Highly intelligent people are more likely to be deluded because they have a greater capacity for rationalizing the delusion. A stupid person would assume that being shot at marks the end of peace negotiations. It takes a highly intelligent person to rationalize the shots as not an attack on him, but on the negotiations, which are the only way to stop the cycle of violence.

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  • H&R_ Barack

    Israel is in a spiritual war. It is imperative that everyone who follows Jesus Christ understands that we too, are in a war.

    Although it is spiritual, it well may have physical consequences.

    If you're not aware that you are in that kind of war, you very likely have already been taken captive.

    If you are a pacifist in this war, you have been at least effectively neutralized. Neutrality is capitulation.

    "This tactic, has been used throughout history to get people to change their views–particularly fixed views. It was used effectively by Marxists to convert millions to communism, and it is used extensively today in our government, and educational system.

    Its aim is to tear down absolutes, dogmas, fixed ideas, traditional views, individualism, and so forth, in favor of a more social view based upon consensus. It's a technique of getting people to conform to what the majority says is best and is directed at "nonconformists" such as…well, biblical Christians and religious Jews!

    • mlcblog

      Excellently said!!

  • Anamah

    We must not comply! They are an infectious disease.. Israel deserves to live in peace and she will. Pathological virus, and all their associated bacterias are going to be destroyed.

  • rev d j handyside

    Blackpool are going to Wembley! Come on Seasiders you can do it!

  • David R

    Notice in the pic how PM Netanyahu posts a faint smile and beaming eyes, as compared to Abbas who looks totally miserable?
    You'd think that one is under God's blessing while the other under a curse. (just an observation)
    When will Israel's enemies learn…you don't fool around with the "Apple of God's eye", His beloved Jewish people. (Zacharia 2:7)
    By the way, and another observation, FrontPage Mag constantly presents top-notch journalistic quality…rarely seen in mainstream reporting. Kudos to all contributers…you are no doubt under God's blessing too!

    • ziontruth

      "Notice in the pic how PM Netanyahu posts a faint smile and beaming eyes, as compared to Abbas who looks totally miserable?"

      Why wouldn't Abbas look miserable? You know what torture it is for him to have to stand so close to a Jooooo?

      • David R

        Poor soul…you'll have all eternity in torment recalling those very words. I pity you.

        • mlcblog

          You mean the guy is serious? Yuk.

  • guest

    very close to the truth

  • Schlomotion

    When he is not lamenting the demise of white volkishness or discussing the "degeneracy" of black Americans Mr. Greenfield is pushing his Jewish racial theory and saying "peace is a disease" and Israel should obliterate the Palestinians. This is a lot to stomach from someone who resides in America, as none of that reflects American values. Also, none of that is a "conservative" viewpoint.

    • reader

      Not a word of this post has any bearing on reality – particularly the ""conservative" viewpoint" bit coming from somebody having nothing to do with conservatism.

    • jacob


      Now prove to me Mr. GREENFIELD is wrong in his appreciation of the situation and as to your "racial"
      remark, allow me to tell you you don't know what are you talkin g about…

      And as to all the "treaties" Israel signed with Arabs, each and every one of them has the value of wet
      used toilet paper or if you prefer, CHAMBERLAIN's "Peace in our time" piece of paper…
      But the last straw on this delusion is Israel's PM taking into his ruling coalition the rotten and corrupt
      party KADIMA, whose head knocker dismisses IRAN's nuclear menace and perhaps only Iran pulling
      a Hiroshima or Nagasaki on Israel will make him change his mind

      • Schlomotion

        What situation? The man is just rambling about peace being bad.

    • ziontruth

      When he is not blaming International Bankers™ for today's crises or accusing conservatives of the practice of fomenting racial hatred which is really the specialty of none other than those sworn enemies of conservatives, the Marxist traitors, Schlomotion is pushing the anti-Zionist racial theory that Arabs are somehow connected to Palestine and have the right to push the Jews to the sea. This is a lot to stomach from someone who calls himself a hard-nosed realist and one who claims to be free of ideological leanings.

      • Schlomotion

        See how that doesn't work? I blamed American bankers, not international ones. And I didn't accuse any conservatives of anything because there are no conservatives here. And I'm clearly not a Marxist, though the editors here are. And Arabs are connected to Palestine. They inhabit it. While I am flattered that you need my writing as a template to do your own writing, it just doesn't work when you try to make your knock off.

        • ziontruth

          "I blamed American bankers, not international ones."

          This is what you said on the Leftist Race-Baiters thread: "International Bankers are carving up the economy." Your words, copied and pasted.

          "And I didn't accuse any conservatives of anything because there are no conservatives here."

          Heh. Paultards fancy themselves the Only True Conservatives, don't they? But like most conservatives, they're conservative in some areas and not in others.

          "And I'm clearly not a Marxist,…"

          You partake of a lot of their talking points. And no wonder: Far enough along the way, both Far Left and Far Right meet in the political circle. Even if you're not a confessed Marxist, your accusations of Republicans of being waycists is a classical Marxist ploy, now coming in full spate every day from Team Obama. Just so you know whose company you keep.

          "And I'm clearly not a Marxist, though the editors here are."

          The heck they are. Just one clue, moron: Being a Marxist means being an anti-Zionist, by necessity (as Zionism is a nationalist movement, while Marxism is anti-nationalism). As, by your own words, the editors here are too indulgent in the "sin" of Zionism, there's no way they could be Marxists.

          "And Arabs are connected to Palestine. They inhabit it."

          Sure, and if I inhabited Japan I'd be connected to Japan. Wouldn't make me an indigenous Japanese, though.

          "While I am flattered that you need my writing as a template…"

          It's called ridicule, grasshopper. Look it up. Your ravings don't deserve anything better as a response.

          • stern

            actually ziontruth, his writings don't deserve any response at all. While I appreciate your taking the time to try and reason with this poster, it really isn't worth it. Best approach is to just ignore.

          • ziontruth

            "actually ziontruth, his writings don't deserve any response at all."

            I agree, but I don't believe ignoring trolls make them go away. The only real way to make them go away is to ban them, but this isn't my forum.

          • Schlomotion

            Are we in that thread? I thought we were in this thread. You're clearly confused about which discussion we are in, and in your world everything divides between Zionists and Marxists.

    • Anonymous

      Israel and Jews are still here:

      SchmuckLotion loses once again. As it will ever be.

    • Ghostwriter

      I'm constantly amazed at Schlomotion's continued idiocy. When not going after Jews for not wanting to be murdered by terrorists,he wants to blame all of the world's problems on Israel. Like the character Shylock in Shakespeare,he will not be satisfied until he gets his pound of flesh. And for him,that means no more Israel. That means another holocaust,the prospect of which he drools at every day.

      • Schlomotion

        I am amused that you used an antisemitic slur against me.

        • Ghostwriter

          I was just saying that you don't care what happens to Israelis. You just want them dead. I used the Shylock character as an example of your constant hatred of Jews. You don't like them,you don't care about them,you just want them dead. That's all.

          • Schlomotion

            And you think you are defending them?

  • Neil

    Extremely insightful, hits the nail smack on the head !

  • Marty

    This mindset has been correctly referred to as the "Oslo Syndrome," the intense and genuine desire for peace that overwhelms decent people (Israelis) that they cannot conceive of the other side not wanting the same thing. Succumbing to such a delusion is dangerous and may even become lethal. There has to be a recognition by the Israeli political leadership that the palestinian political culture is characterized by deceit and an agenda of annihilation of the Jewish community in Israel. Nothing less will satisfy the fanatical and genocidal regime that has purposely destroyed any hope for peace in the region.

    • Macdaddy31

      I guess the trouble there is that not all are fanatical and genocidal, albeit from polls I have seen and behavior I have witnessed, the majority are. So how do you deal with that as a moral society? I guess it is those people that have to have the moral courage to change their society from within at whatever risk to themselves. If they cannot or won't do this, it cannot be Israel's concern. Israel can only hope that they will and assist them as best they can in trying, but ultimately act in their best interest in full measures.

  • Edip Yuksel

    Yes, Israel should continue its apartheid regime, annihilate the pockets of Palestinian pockets surrounded by walls, destroy even more of their homes, massacre even more of their children and continue calling them collateral damage, and keep playing victim against their victim. Yes, Israel will get all the land and g-d is always with the powerful and cruel. The next generation of the Chosen Ones in Israel will be proud of their parents for exterminating these worthless Arabs.

    • jacob

      This "Apartheid" tagging has the same effect of what GOEBBELS said about lies, which repeated ad
      infinitum as you stupidly do, end up becoming truths…
      How about asking the million plus Israeli Arabs in full enjoyment of citizens rights, sometimes more than
      Israeli Jews, whether they suffer apartheid from the people or the government and then stop parroting
      what Judeophobes and Arab propaganda broadcast ???
      Believe me, your poster shows me what foot do you limp from but most of all, that you are so full of you-
      know-what even the whites of tour eyes are also BROWN….
      And if you want to polemize, I'm at your disposal, as what you still have to learn about what is going on
      there, I've already forgotten

    • ziontruth

      Hey look, the neo-Ottoman imperialist is back! What happened, your dung-hole suddenly doesn't stink enough?

      "Yes, Israel should continue its…"

      …its role as the nation-state of the Jews, in order to guard against the Jews being put under the apartheid dhimmitude system of Islam.

      "…annihilate the pockets of [Arab colonist] pockets surrounded by walls,…"

      The Arab colonists will have to content themselves with the 20 states the Arab nation already has. The Arab nation is in no danger of being deprived of its self-determination; the Jewish nation is, which is why the non-Jewish "Palestinian nation" fraud was cooked up to mask it.

      "…and g-d is always with the powerful and cruel."

      Islam's attitude is a problem, I agree.

      "The next generation of the Chosen Ones in Israel will be proud of their parents for exterminating these worthless Arabs."

      Nope. We just want the Arab colonists booted off our land. Not extermination, which is your—Islamic imperialists'—forte.

    • Zionista

      the festering sac of pus yassir arafat took the money out of palestinians pockets

    • Anonymous

      FIRST of all, take your sorry turkish butt to the nearest Armenian person you can find and place your ugly face flat on the ground, kiss his feet and beg for forgiveness for your nation's genocidal murder carried out against his people.

      SECOND, take your ugliness to the nearest Cypriot and apologize for your nation's unprovoked and brutal invasion, and illegal occupation of, Cyprus.

      When you are done with these tasks, then hold your breath. And stay that way.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      dip yuk yuk yuk, very funny…………….so very funny…………………William

    • SoCalMike

      Don't be so squeamish and self loathing.
      Yours is not a thought process so much as an attitude and psychology.
      Maybe you and Helen Thomas agree though…..

  • Linda Rivera

    Abbas financed the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. WHY is this barbarian respected and financed by Western leaders? WHY is he not in prison for murder?

    The Palestinian Authority Occupation Forces are a Muslim terrorist organization. This is what Judge William Young said to Richard Reid, the shoe bomber:

    "We do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not meet with terrorists. We do not sign documents with terrorists. We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice."

    Emulating ethical Judge Young is the only way the Free World can survive.


    • mlcblog

      Come on, Linda. I like your pep.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Palestinians are consistent in their refusal never to recognize Israel's existence. This is not simply true of Hamas but is even true of Palestinian journalists.
    What kind of journalist makes a point of refusing to look at reality?

    • AAA

      "What kind of journalist makes a point of refusing to look at reality? "

      Sadly, most of them.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If Israel gives anything to the Palestinians/Islamists they will turn it into a weapon against them
    especially time, given land now firing platforms into Israel, treaties, useless documents to
    the gullible, were they not listening to Yazu Arrafat's tirades, he was speaking out of both sides
    of his diseased mouth. Is it so hard that when you are surronded by killers intent on your
    destruction and they are weaker than you, it is the height of all mental disorders to weaken
    your position and expect a resolution other than your death. Maybe, just maybe Netanyahu
    now has it right and all and every measure is to prepare to end the farce and expose the
    fact Israel is the big guy on the block and remove all impediments to ther rightful occupation
    to the historical lands of Promise, cleansed of those who are and abomination of evil.

  • SoCalMike

    Why isn't Israel demanding back the Sinai??
    Maybe they have and that's why Obama and the State Department keep warning the Iranians..

    Obama and the career bureaucrats at State are appeasing sellouts with treason burned deeply into their hearts.

    Foggy Bottom and Obama are among the most poisonous Jew haters in the world.
    Since George Marshall Foggy Bottom has had a problem with Jew hatred from within and Obama oozes Jew hatred with casual ease.
    That's why they have aligned with and empowered the Muslim Brotherhood while media pie holes like LA Slimes author Doyle McManus coyly try to lay this sell out on "forces of history."
    Does that sound familiar? It should. That's how this sellout has been sold to the public.

  • One Who Saw

    "Delusional does not mean stupid. Highly intelligent people are more likely to be deluded because they have a greater capacity for rationalizing the delusion. A stupid person would assume that being shot at marks the end of peace negotiations. It takes a highly intelligent person to rationalize the shots as not an attack on him, but on the negotiations, which are the only way to stop the cycle of violence".

    That says it all. Repeat this to any self-serving, sanctimonious Leftie and watch them squirm!