Pelosi: Republicans Responsible for Benghazi Attack

You know that time Republicans decided to illegally overthrow the Libyan regime and replace it with a bunch of Islamist militias? And then the Republicans spent months ignoring warnings about Al Qaeda in Benghazi, used the Muslim Brotherhood as their defensive militia and slept through reports of an attack, and then spent the next few weeks lying about it.

It was all the Republicans.

The Minority Leader addressed the ongoing scandal surrounding President Barack Obama’s administration’s response to the September 11 attacks in Libya which left four dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Pelosi said that Republicans in Congress withheld $300 million in funds for Libya which would have provided for enhanced security around the Benghazi consulate.

So let’s take Pelosi at her word. The Administration knew that Benghazi needed more security. 300 million dollars worth of more security. And when the 300 million didn’t appear, they left the consulate in place, despite multiple warnings and pleas from the consulate and from the local Libyan security people for more security. Just to spite the Republicans.

You see, here’s the bottom line. Obama fought an illegal war and left chaos in its wake. All responsibility for security lay with him, not with any legislators. Regardless if the funds were or weren’t available, it was his job and the job of his subordinates to secure those facilities and if they could not be credibly secured against existing threats in Benghazi, which included Al Qaeda militias and RPG attacks, then the facilities had to be closed down.

This is what Obama and his flunkies failed to do. They can howl that the Republicans didn’t give them enough money to do it with, even though Obama’s own plan would have seen 130 million in diplomatic security cuts, but considering that Libyan was an illegal war never approved of by Congress or the American people, there was every reason for Congress not to allot a single penny to Libya. The buck and the blame for Benghazigate still stops with O.

  • chowching259

    Arabs are not savages until they accept a weapon from a Mufti and become Muslims. It doesn’t take magic to turn a Muslim into a civilized Arab; taking away his Ak-47 will do the trick.

    • oldtimer

      They will pick up stones, throw eggs, cement blocks or anything they can get their hands on, there are other weapons besides a gun, and they will use them.

  • Allen Papa Smith

    The lack of money is not the question, the question is: Why were we there under those conditions when a clear and present danger was known to exist? If you ask your dad for money to borrow the car to go out with your friends and he says no, but you take the car out anyway and run out of gas 50 miles from home, it is not your dads fault you ran out of gas: It is the fault of your own stupid and selfish thinking.

  • amused

    Hey what's this ? Is Pelosi looking for an editorial spot here on FPM ?

  • tarasbalderdash

    Nancy Pelosi. The crazy old woman in the attic of American politics.

  • FPF

    Pelosi invested in some Libya stocks and she was expecting a hefty gain once the 300 million went through. Since it was not, Pelosi therefore wanted to make it even.
    Disclaimer: this is just another movie trailer.