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People Who Edited Al Qaeda Out of CIA Benghazi Talking Points Warn of Christian Terrorists

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 11, 2012 @ 11:25 pm In The Point | 23 Comments


The only question is when the cure for all known diseases actually turns out to be the word “hope”, [2] where will we find room amidst all the overpopulation to plant all the money trees?

“Several circumstances are ending the current Islamist phase of terrorism, which suggest that as with other terrorist waves – the Anarchists in the 1880s and 90s, the postwar anti-colonial terrorist movements, the New Left in 1970s – the recent religious wave is receding and could end by 2030,” said the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030 report.

No doubt.

Islamic terrorists are fighting over the bones of Syria and have carved out half of Mali. Islamic terrorism is actually bigger than it was ten years ago. But it’s on the way out, like the New Left, which is not currently running America.

The National Intelligence Council answers to the Director of National Intelligence who was the bright fellow who edited Al Qaeda out of the CIA Benghazi talking points. So it’s no wonder that he’s also managed to edit Islamic terrorism out of the world in 2030. The pen truly is mightier than the sword.

In support of that projection, the study released on Monday said the view of America as the “great enemy” was becoming less appealing, resulting in part from the departure of U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

It also cited political upheavals in the Arab world, and said that a new generation of young Muslims may be less interested in the narrative of a “conflict between fundamental values.”

If only young Muslims were more like old DC insiders, they would have already surrendered to us by now. But evidence on the ground suggests that young Muslims are rather enthusiastic about blowing themselves/other people up.

Muslim groups that believe in conflicts of fundamental values have just won elections in Egypt and Tunisia, not to mention a few other places. Muslim groups that believe in peace, love and gay bars have currently won nothing at all.

“The Arab uprisings have demonstrated the moral and strategic legitimacy of nonviolent struggle,” it argued. “Protesters acted in the name of democratic values, not in the name of religion.”

As proven by the victory of religious parties over irreligious parties, followed by violent protests.

“The impending withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq and decreases in U.S. forces in Afghanistan help to reduce the extent to which terrorists can draw on the United States as a lightning rod for anger,” it said. “Soon, U.S. support for Israel could be the last remaining major focus of Muslim anger.”

How many paragraphs did it take to get to Israel. Not very many.

But perhaps the NIC can enlighten me how many US soldiers were in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2001? And I would love to know something about Israeli foreign policy during the Barbary Wars?

This funny thing called history suggests that Muslim terrorism goes a long long way back and occurs irrespective of the measures taken in response to it, such as the War in Afghanistan. But history is known to be Islamophobic.

Since 1996 the NIC, which reports to the director of national intelligence, has prepared a trends analysis roughly every four years for the incoming president.

And we can probably blame our foreign policy on the NIC. But with Muslim terrorism gone by 2030, the NIC is on top of the next big terror threat.

“Taking a global perspective, future terrorists could come from many different religions, including Christianity and Hinduism. Right-wing and left-wing ideological groups – some of the oldest users of terrorist tactics – also will pose threats.”

Forget Muslim terrorists, it’s time to focus on those Christian and Hindu terrorists. And then the Buddhist and Amish death squads.

Folks, we’re looking at a trend of Chassidic Jewish suicide bombers, Jainists ramming planes into London Bridge and Bahai states working to develop nuclear weapons.

Unitarian bus bombers are a real possibility and we can’t rule out 7th Day Adventist snipers on every roof in Baltimore. And when the Secular Humanist junta takes over Bali and begins implementing secular law, then no woman will be safe.

These are the real threats we need to focus on, instead of wasting time worrying about the mythical problem of Muslim terrorism.

An Israeli-Palestinian settlement “would have dramatic consequences for the region over the next two decades,” the report said. It envisaged incremental steps towards Palestinian statehood, but said the thorniest outstanding issues, such as the status of Jerusalem and the “right of return” of Palestinian refugees, would not likely be resolved by 2030.

So the NIC envisages the horrid non-peace process stretching on for another 18 years, after the last 18. No one said they weren’t optimists.


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