Philippines Gives Jihadists an Autonomous Territory

Or as they say in Diplomacyland, if at first you don’t succeed, keep doing the same stupid destructive thing again and again because this time it’s bound to work.

Autonomous territories for the Moro Muslims have been around since the 1970s. There’s two problems with them.

1. Even most Muslims don’t want to live in a Philippines version of Gaza with terrible services and thugs all over the place

2. Jihadists don’t want an autonomous territory, they want money and a base for launching more attacks while making more demands

To understand why the peace deal with the MILF Jihadists will fail, go look at the Palestinian Authority. Moro autonomy will once again be a slightly less violent and slightly less corrupt version of the same thing. So will any other Jihadist rump state. Like them it will only exist to suck money out of the legitimate government while continuing to take cash from Gulf Oil and Indonesian sponsors of Jihad.

But they never learn...

“The parties agree that the status quo is unacceptable,” according to the 13-page agreement, seen by The Associated Press. It calls for the creation of a new Muslim autonomous region called “Bangsamoro” to replace an existing one created in 1989 which Aquino characterized as a “failed experiment,” where poverty and corruption have forced many “to articulate their grievances through the barrel of a gun.”

Muslim violence is not caused by poverty and corruption. Muslim poverty is caused by Muslim violence and corruption. This is another failed experiment that will leave the Philippines worse off and fail to achieve any kind of peace.

Rebel forces would be deactivated gradually “beyond use,” the agreement said, without specifying a timetable.

The Jihadists will never be deactivated, instead they’ll become “police” and will continue engaging in terrorist attacks. On top of that the autonomous territory will be able to host international terrorist training camps.

Peace in our time.

  • cruiser navy 67

    There will be no peace in our time until the world realizes the distructiveness of islam and the muslims.

  • FPF

    It's like giving a cancer cell a place to live and grow, be the liver, the lung, the brain, the stomach, or the skin. Eventually the cancer will kill the host. Happy useful idiots.

  • Siri

    In SE Asia there is a perception that this current Phil. Pres. Aquino is not as bright and capable as his mother, Corazon Aquino God bless her soul. But this move by giving in to the Moro Islamic terrorists just proves that Benigno Aquino is not only brainless but a coward as well. His mother must be turning in her grave!

  • Toecutter

    It's like taking the pidgeons to the cat.

  • Rifleman

    They tried this already, and it failed miserably.

  • Chezwick

    "Rebel forces would be deactivated gradually “beyond use,” the agreement said, without specifying a timetable."

    "….beyond use…."???

    At what point can't a former Jihadi pick up a gun or pack a bomb and become a Jihadi again?

    Ever notice how the language of appeasement and denial always tends to have an Orwellian quality?

  • Whitewater

    Where is General Pershing?
    A current equivelent is definitely needed.