Pimp with a Limp: Obama Skipped Intel Briefings Week Before Attacks

The last time the Wonder Kid who personally got Bin Laden attended an intelligence briefing was on September 5th. Since then it’s been all campaign events and softball questions from media lapdogs

Obama found time to do multiple radio interviews, discuss Nicky Minaj, Hip Hop music and the Buccaneers. On September 11, this is what Obama was doing instead of attending a national intelligence briefing.

Fact: When “Pimp with the Limp” DJ Laz talks NFL with the President of the United States, we’re listening. Obama barely had managed to drop jarring references to Pitbull and Flo-Rida before DJ Laz told the President he was wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey.

“You’ve got to start with that Dolphins thing,” Obama said. “Did you see that HBO special ‘Hard Knocks’? That’s a pretty good show. As I recall, you guys didn’t win any … in the preseason.”

This is Obama’s “Pet Goat” moment. Except Obama wasn’t reassuring frightened children while intelligence data was being collected, he was blowing off national security briefings to talk about his favorite rappers.

“Pimp with a Limp” is what Obama thought was more important than being briefed on critical national security threats. He made his choice and people died. There should be some political accountability for that.

  • SoundnFury

    This kind of neglect in order to support his inflated ego is unconscienable & pathetic. Instead of answering the phone at 3AM, he is phoning it in. He ought to be held accountable, but the MSM will doubtless bury the story.

  • rangerrebew

    I wonder if he gets an intelligence briefing via phone from the muslim brotherhood or CAIR each day? It is becoming more and more apparent every day he is in bed with muslims and has thrown out Christians and Jews, just as the koran wants him to. If he is away from the WH but still knows what the radical muslims are up to, he can claim ignorance of their actions while still giving his approval to the muslim brotherhood for their latest attacks.

    • Carla

      I think you are right on! Please friend me on facebbook so I can share your insightful views. Carla Howard – Blacklick, Ohio.

    • Joan of Snark

      No. Hilary gets those from her BFF, Huma.

  • grimlock34

    and bush had information on 9/11 threats and did nothing. you cant thwart every terrorist attack. go ahead and blame obama. same hypocrits that want to criticize him for pointing fingers too.

    • Anthony

      Speaking of hypocrites. Bush took a lot of heat why can’t Obama? Obama is the worst president and these people want to re-elect him. What a joke.

    • One Patriate

      Fortunately we still have freedom of speech, so that even gulable socialist liberals have the right to make rediculouse 9/11 Bush conspirosy remarks. But then, most liberals are grim . If obammma gets re-installed, you wil no doubt get to see that and many other rights taken away, comrad grim.

    • Fothergillgirl

      It's what they did AFTER, duh! Bush went to work. Obama campaigns and hobnobs…

  • Ghostwalker

    "Pimp with a Limp"????? C'Mon MAN….that's LAME!!

    • kasandra

      That's how DJ Laz's station promotes him. It's not Mr. Greenfield's editorializing. Save your outrage for something real, like the fact that our President's foreign policy in the Middle East is in utter ruin (to go with his domestic policy).

    • Carla

      I think Sandra Fluke was there!

  • S.Seidler

    commonamericanjournal.net ist wunderbar. Es gibt immer alle ideal info in den Ideen von meinen Fingern. Vielen Dank und weiter so gute Arbeit!

  • fiftyone50

    He's a joke as Prez, except this is no joke. This is serious business. He's in bed with the enemy. Any Jew that votes for this Manchurian Candidate needs their heads examined and that includes members of my own family! The only pleasure I will receive if this Amalek is re-elected is telling everyone "I told you so!" We need a miracle.

  • https://www.facebook.com/geketa.holman Geketa Holman

    One thing for sure he could get an Oscar for this performance as an actor because that is all he has done is pretend to be a president, zero leadership , zero competence. He does know that he is suppose to be the POTUS don't he ? OR maybe not ,he would much rather be golfing !

  • jocelyn

    If you avoid being "officially" told in advance, does that mean you are not held accountable? Especially if you already knew from other, non official sources? Liars and con men are always one up because they have the ability to cover their rear in advance.

  • Stan

    President Kardashian….

  • Sullivan

    So The Pimp with the limp interviewed the WIMP

  • tedward45

    Did Mr Greenfield do ANY research AT ALL? If so he would have learned that this radio interview was pre recorded on Sunday 9/9. There should be some accountability for this poor reporting

  • Helen Lepore

    I have never seen or heard so many haters, as I have seen and heard with President Obama. This president who wants to have the very wealthy pay their fair share and include people who were excluded in the medical care program. Never since FDR have I seen so much hatred. Democrat FDR instituded SS in which many of your parents are living one, and another democrat, Lyndon Johnson started medicare. I don't know if it is prejudice or not, but its disgusting.

  • nick

    GUYS! It was a pre-recorded interview! Check your facts, or do you care at all? Hating Obama is easier than learning the truth.

  • josh

    umm, seems the complaint is that Obama was on the radio at a time he was supposed to be in a meeting.. strange you didnt know it was a PRE-RECORDED interview.

  • needaname

    Why oh why would the President of the US even be interviewed by someone called 'Pimp with a Limp' to begin with. O is sooo ghetto.