Planned Parenthood: “We Kept Independent Women Scared”

The politics of fear. It’s how Democrats get people who ought to know better to vote for their own impoverishment.

According to Bedard of the Washington Examiner, Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood, told an EMILY’s List post-election analysis panel (in Bedard’s words) that it “kep[t] Independent women scared long enough about Romney’s agenda for Obama to win them over.”

Planned Parenthood’s strategy was to ignore women who had made their decision. Instead, beginning in June, they targeted “a whole group [of women] that, what it looked like we could do, is expand the amount of time they were willing to give the president and the economy to recover,” Laguens said. “So we could kind of hold them in ‘undecided’ by, in particularly in the presidency, by making Mitt Romney questionable in their mind on our set of issues.”

How did they keep the minds of independent women open to voting for Obama? “By warning how Romney would rob them of birth control and abortion,” according to Bedard’s paraphrase. In other words, “The effort had a simple strategy: Just get women, [who were] frustrated with the economy, to hold off deciding for Romney. ‘Don’t. Wait. Gotta learn more about this stuff,’ was the theme, said Laguens.”

Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. It does abortions. Mostly though it is an arm of the Democratic Party and part of its election and money machine. Which is why Democrats react so hysterically when Planned Parenthood funding is threatened.

Aborting babies is secondary to the Democratic power to abort freedom and prosperity.

Birth control was never threatened. Nor for that matter was abortion. The power of the Democratic machine was. And as long as a group of voters allows itself to be led around by the nose, the machine can control their lives and their votes.

  • Mary Sue

    I remember about 20 some odd years ago, during a LifeChain (pro-life) demonstration, some whacko counter protester marched around the silent line of protesters, loudly shouting, "STOP SCARING WOMEN! IT'S THEIR OWN CHOICE!"


  • JacksonPearson

    Yes Planned Murderhood did keep women afraid, and have also contributed to 60mil dead fetuses. Shamefully, their intentional generational killings will surpass Stalin and Mao.

  • Guest

    Judgement Day will take care of all these Planned Parenthood employees who have aided in the slaughter of millions of unborn babies. May they all rot in hell!! This is one group I cannot pray for.