Polling Poorly? Just Have Your Justice Department Sue Gallup

Is there anything that Eric Holder can’t do? Before breakfast, he’s already plotting to eliminate the Second Amendment by smuggling guns to Mexico. By lunch he’s ordered a raid on Gibson Guitars because he could never fulfill his dream of playing guitar. And by dinner, he’s suing Gallup because the man who put him in here ain’t polling so well.

This is Step 1

“As they say in b-ball: he’s trying to work the refs,” that official wrote to other senior Gallup staffers. “What a joke. Axel’s had a bad week. He got in the middle of the Ann Romney thing. Then said the country is going in the wrong direction. (Oops!) Now he’s swinging at us….”

In response to that email, a third senior Gallup official said he thought Axelrod’s pressure “sounds a little like a Godfather situation.”

“Imagine Axel[rod] with Brando’s voice: ‘[Name redacted], I’d like you to come over and explain your methodology…You got a nice poll there… would be a shame if anything happened to it…’”

Sure they might have laughed because everyone complains about polling methodologies. But everyone doesn’t have their own Justice Department and about as much compunction about using it to intimidate their critics as a thug in an alley with a 9mm.

And so this was Step 2.

The United States has joined a whistleblower lawsuit against The Gallup Organization, the Justice Department announced today. The lawsuit was filed by Michael Lindley, a former Gallup employee, who alleges that Gallup violated the False Claims Act by making false claims for payment under contracts with the U.S. Mint, the State Department and other federal agencies to provide polling services for various government programs.

According to the whistleblower’s complaint, Gallup violated the False Claims Act by giving the government inflated estimates of the number of hours that it would take to perform its services, even though it had separate and lower internal estimates of the number of hours that would be required. The complaint further alleges that the government paid Gallup based on the inflated estimates, rather than Gallup’s lower internal estimates. The government intervened in the lawsuit with respect to Gallup’s contracts with the Mint and the State Department.

Now the Obama Administration has a stunning record of prosecuting whistleblowers. And this whistleblower, Michael Lindley, just happened to be a field organizer for the Obama Campaign.

The lawsuit may have merit, but that’s the beauty of a corrupt system. Virtually every contractor is guilty of something, which gives the authorities the leverage to go after everyone at any time. That’s the Chicago way.

In America, polls decide which candidate is ahead. In Chicago, candidates decide which polling company gets sued by the Justice Department.

  • Southern Lady

    It is pathetic when you sue because you are not as high in the polls as you think you should be. This administration sues anything that moves, walks, talks ….. or doesn't move if they don't like it. Absolutely ridiculous!!!

  • Andrew Whitehead

    Must be nice to have the capability to silence anyone who disagrees with you. The whole country will soon be like Chicago; when you aren’t dodging bullets, you’re taking crap from an idiot playing mayor.

  • amused

    What's pathetic is this article . Nothing new from Mr. Greenfield .

    • tanstaafl

      Just what is "pathetic" pray tell? Other than your comment, obviously…