Public Television Doesn’t Mean Big Bird, It Means Islamist, Russian and Chinese Propaganda

Big Bird is in no danger of going anywhere, with hundreds of millions of dollars in its nest egg. Sesame Street makes for a nice public face for public broadcasting, but public broadcasting isn’t anywhere as cozy as that. But it’s actually worse than that.

CCTV, an official propaganda arm of the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party, is being distributed to public television stations in the U.S. through a public television programming service called MHz Worldview, a project of MHz Networks.

The federally-funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) funneled $27,580,113 into MHz Networks and its affiliates in fiscal year 2011.

MHz Networks is a division of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting, based in Richmond, Virginia, and distributes Al-Jazeera, the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) channel, and CCTV, under the rubric of “Programming for globally-minded people.” MHz Worldview calls itself “alternative programming for U.S. public TV stations and other distributors.”

All of these foreign propaganda channels are being broadcast in English.

Kenney hired a lawyer to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, arguing that the contracts between the public TV stations affiliated with Commonwealth are being improperly used for the purpose of broadcasting foreign propaganda in the U.S. Violations of the rules can result in financial fines and revocation of broadcast licenses. “U.S. taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize the distribution in the U.S. of another country’s propaganda,” Kenney says.

Kenney has also filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice alleging that the foreign propaganda channels are violating the law by not disclosing in their propaganda broadcasts that they are agents of foreign powers.

That’s 27 million dollars that poor CPB funneled into pushing enemy propaganda broadcasts into the United States.  Here is the actual text of Kenney’s complaint. And maybe Team Big Bird should rename itself Team Putin or Team Qatar.

  • riverboatbill

    CPB : Counter-american Propaganda Barrage.

  • Horace

    The Democrat party (and their PBS propaganda network) is a miserable shell of its former self when JFK was in office. It has been taken over by propagandists for every enemy of the USA in such a total and generic fashion that you can count on them to always be the voice of advocates of destruction for the USA. The rabble of takers with their hands out for cash, favors and regulations forcing the population to feather their nests at the taxpayer's expense, from trial lawyers to bureaucrat overregulators to disability fakers and welfare chislers will support the Dems till the bitter end- their end. Islamists are on the fast track to taking over in the vacuum of our lost patriotism and morality here and in Europe. Big Bird will be wearing a turban soon. Miss Piggy is not halal so she wont even get a burka, she'll get smote on the neck. Zawahiri looks like Oscar the grouch's butt.

  • tarasbalderdash

    By all means, don't watch MHz, you might actually learn something meaningful about your potential enemies. Let the press spoon feed you information. Don't examine unclassified source documents and broadcasts from foreign countries (the mission of the FBIS, a key source of information for the CIA).

    MHz primarily broadcasts in foreign languages, by the way. I wish they would add CCTV-4 to the current CCTV-9 programs from China to let more Americans study Chinese. Knowing your adversary is vital to winning. But you don't want to hear that either. It resembles something Sun Zi said, and he was Chinese.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      That's fine for those who understand that it's propaganda. Almost everything broadcast by China or with Chinese government permission is propaganda to some degree.

      They read Sun Ztu too.

  • Horace

    If you learn what your enemies want you to think from their own propaganda broadcasts, not from our liberal media propaganda broadcasts you'll be so informed you'll get a charlie horse between the two ears. Sun Tzu would want you to get the truth instead, it might be more protective for you.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I like PBS programming, except when they handle anything political or social. They are total dupes and lying frauds whenever they get involved in politics or social issues.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "That’s 27 million dollars that poor CPB funneled into pushing enemy propaganda broadcasts into the United States."

    That's what *Obama defends* as "Big Bird."

  • Bob
  • Richard

    If you watch Faux Noose right here in the USA you will hear 100 times the "Propaganda" PBS Allows us to hear and see what the rest of the world hears and sees. If you are intelligent enough to handle that then please give, listen and watch…..if not, then please finish drinking the "Fair and Balanced" Kool-aide and catch the next passing of the Hale-Bopp Comet (I think they catch it in San Diego)