Rachel Corrie Lawyer: Israel worse than Nazi Germany

If you believe the media, then Rachel Corrie was just a naive idealistic woman who wanted to fight for Palestinian rights. If you believe her parents, then she was killed by an Israeli government conspiracy. If you believe her lawyer, then Israel is worse than Nazi Germany.

Rachel Corrie’s parents knew exactly what they were doing when they chose Hussein Abu Hussein to represent them and their case. They chose a radical who says, “Israel is a “giant monster… we all want to step on its head, but talking is not enough” and “Nazi Germany was a state based on the rule of law… for a short while… the State of Israel was founded from the start on robbery and theft.”

The truth about Rachel Corrie and her family and her supporters is that they are extremists. They are not interested in justice. All they care about is continuing the struggle to destroy the Jewish State that Rachel Corrie enlisted in.

ISM has often been abbreviated as “I Support Murderers”. Rachel Corrie’s accidental death aiding terrorists made her a martyr to be exploited by those who support terrorists.

As bad as Hussein Abu Hussein and Rachel Corrie are, it speaks volumes about the Obama Administration’s priorities that Dan Shapiro, Obama’s ambassador to Israel, has agitated on their behalf and condemned Israel. It also speaks volumes about the Democratic Party’s support for Israel.

The Corrie extremism isn’t just limited to a deceased ISM member or her extremist lawyer, it goes all the way up to John Kerry who insisted during Shapiro’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that he stay on the Corrie case. And it goes all the way up to Obama who has shown a consistent disrespect for Israeli sovereignty. It’s a short step from Hussein Abu Hussein to Barack Hussein Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.villano.71 Mike Villano

    I bought the IDF a pizza after Rachael Corrie jumped in front of the IDF bulldozer.

    The poor driver didn't even see her and if he did, he would have only absorbed additional risk under those conditions to stop his back hoe. He did the right thing.
    Unfortunately Rachael Corrie was brainwashed by her professors and colleagues.
    The parents should have named her alma mater as a plaintiff in the case.
    Either way she was a Jew hating wretch or was simply mislead by such.
    I think I'll send the IDF another pizza thanking them for removing 1 more Jew hater from the face of the earth.
    God knows we have too many of them.

    • A Roger Harrisen

      Mike Villano: You are one Sorry S.O.B

      No human being should be murdered by anyone, much less a government acting in a criminal

  • wolf

    A world where there is no personal responsibility is doomed.
    This case should never have gone to court.It was a ludicrous waste of time,money and false accusations .

    The girl had absolutely no business getting involved in this debate,going to Israel or laying down in front of heavy machinery . Was she mentally handicapped or a slow learner ? That is the only reason i can think of for a person doing such a stupid act.

    Sadly it seems the parents are no more intelligent .They failed to teach their daughter one of the most basic lessons of childhood : do not go in front of a moving vehicle. If she was younger they could've been charged with child neglect.

    I wouldn't blame the bulldozer operator if he sued the family for trauma or PTSD.

    • Derek Mills

      I will save my sympathy for Rachael Corrie. She was the one who was murdered by a monster who saw her, ran her over, and the reversed the bulldozer to run her over again and make sure she was dead.

      • ricardo

        If you watch the video – not the video that was photoshopped, but the actual video, you'll see that the 'dozer driver couldn't possibly see her through the armor required to protect him. She was in a trench where the dozer operator was filling. She got trapped by fill, then further injured as he continued doing what he was supposed to be doing. She was NOT doing what any rational person would be doing, that is staying out of the way of the bulldozer. In fact, what in hell was she doing in a closed military zone? Didn't her parents teach her anything about personal safety? Clearly, the terrorist supporters are thrilled that she is now a martyr. Do you suppose she'll get 72 virgins?

  • rachaelamb

    I honestly felt sorry for her parents until now. As the writer of the article states they knew exactly what they were doing when they hired that lawyer. That lawyer should never be allowed back on to Israeli soil. Israel is trying to defend itself against genocidial terrorists that Miss. Corrie sadly supported, who openly admit themselves that they want to finish Hitler's job. And they have proved that over and over again by murdering Israeli civilians over the years. Pro Arab terrorists supporters are the most cruel,evil people in the world today. Everything Israel's enemies accuse them of is exactly what their guilty of,and more.

  • Guy Montag

    Like Pat Tillman’s 2004 friendly-fire death, the nature of Yoni Netanyahu’s 1976 death at Entebbe was covered up the IDF. Yoni and Pat Tillman were eerily similar characters, both driven by a sense of integrity, honesty and conviction. As was Rachel Corrie, who was Pat Tillman’s hero.

    Rachel Corrie was Pat Tillman’s hero. In “Boots on the Ground by Dusk,” his mother wrote wrote: “I remember picking up the article [about Rachel Corrie’s death] … and asking Pat, “Who’s this?” “That’s my hero,” Pat said. “She was a stud; she had a lot of guts.” [see the June 2010 post, “That’s My Hero”: Pat Tillman, Rachel Corrie, and Yoni Netanyahu, posted at the feralfirefighter blog]

  • http://twitter.com/JahzWolf @JahzWolf

    Rachel Corrie was in plain sight of the drivers face, with very loud orange vest and a bull horn.. This was intentional period. The driver needs to be brought to justice. Israel has crossed all bounds and is responsible for the murders of millions of Muslims, and now is lobbying to kill millions more.. God sees all that you do and say here, and as Zachariah writes in Chapter 14 HE will rise up against those who are the believers in God, and some how i think we are seeing the last days of a Jewish State once again, just like last time. The entire world will attack soon, it is written.

    • Ricardo

      More nonsense, no doubt written by someone who has never seen a bulldozer. A bullhorn is no match for the volume of a dozer under load. And even if it could be heard, what could it possibly do to the driver, who was already working to ignore the fascist pro-terror crowd and would have not been able to tell the direction from which the sound was coming. And you can CLAIM that the driver could see, but he couldn't. Facts are often misrepresented by people who have no convincing arguments in an effort to deceive rather than inform. At least you think G-d is with you, so it's comforting to know that you're not in full possession of your faculties. Pschosis Uber Alles.

  • http://twitter.com/JahzWolf @JahzWolf

    Well, guess I got to get a new NIC, you guys apparently have blacklisted my current one.. makes sense you are not really interested in opposing viewpoints are evaluating your own opinions against others who make a clear point of the crimes Israel is responsible for.. and this is clearly just another one.. God sees all you do and will exert His Justice as Zachariah writes in Chapter 14.. and then there will be a 1000 years of peace.. good bye Israel .. see ya later bye bye..

  • David D Davidson

    Well this artible isn't biased at all.
    Maybe it would be good if you cited your sources when you say that their parents were trying to incite hate by hiring such a lawyer.

  • Meine Ehre heisst Treue

    May every country on earth make it rain Israeli blood. You people are monsters and do not deserve to live, you got a helping hand in 1948 but decided to take the arm attached to it as well and stab it in the back. As such you deserve nothing less than complete anhililation, you bunch of cowards taking money from hard working Americans while shaking down Germans. Your days of speading propagandist lies are numbered.

  • Jay

    The comments made above not only disrespectful of the parents who lost a daughter but they are downright libel.

    It is sad when journalists use their position to spread such hateful and biased messages. I hope that the author is taken to court for his defamatory statements.