Recession II: Holiday Sales Worst Since 2008

It’s almost like the election of a certain fellow from Chicago has a negative impact on people’s good cheer and confidence in the future.

A Christmas day retail report shows that U.S. holiday sales in the past two months slowed to a trickle, growing only 0.7 percent compared to last year – the slowest growth since holiday sales declined on the heels of the financial crisis in 2008.

The official story is that it’s all down to bad weather and the fiscal cliff.

Shoppers were buffeted this year by a string of events that made them less likely to spend: Superstorm Sandy and other bad weather, the distraction of the presidential election and grief about the massacre of schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn.

Right, right. There was a school shooting so people aren’t shopping. And let’s not forget Global Warming and Racism. Also the lack of light rail. And what about gay marriage?

Many analysts had expected holiday sales to grow 3 to 4 percent.

Here’s a funny thing, liberals spent weeks crowing about how the right got the election prediction numbers wrong, but the left gets the economic numbers wrong over and over again, while the right gets them right.

Unfortunately in our current system, figuring out how rig elections is all it takes to get to power, even if you’re completely inept at actually running the country once you get there.

The results were weakest in areas affected by Sandy and a more recent winter storm in the Midwest. Sales declined by 3.9 percent in the mid-Atlantic and 1.4 percent in the Northeast compared with last year. They rose 0.9 percent in the north central part of the country.

The West and South posted gains of between 2 percent and 3 percent, still weaker than the 3 percent to 4 percent increases expected by many retail analysts.

Here’s an alternative possibility. The South and the West are doing better in general while the North is declining.

There’s a net migration from the north to the South and the West and Southern and Western economies are doing better than Northern economies, and that was the case before Sandy.

The depressed northern phenomenon was around in previous years and the media invariably blamed it on the snowy weather back then too.

Must be that Global Warming again. And racist storms of snow white privilege.

  • Thomas Wells

    On the bright side, private gun sales are up.

  • elle

    Omg, love the rhetoric "Racist Storms of Snow White Privilege"

  • elle

    NO ONE GIVES ANY CREDIT TO LOU DOBBS… Lou Dobbs was the ONLY newscaster predicting recession as far back as 2004 (btw, the economy was really in some credit bubble illusion and had begun faltering after 911, so even in 04' , it wasn't perfect)… Everyone called him a paranoid racist.

    CNN, those bastards, those jerks ,the mainstream people literally DID NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT UNEMPLOYMENT OR JOBS CRISIS UNTIL LIKE THE DAY AFTER THE 08' CRASH… then they started acting like "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Do YOU need a job?"… totally after the fact, Clueless, oblivious, totally years late on the story.

    I've been tracking the economy on my own, the whole "boomerang generation" thing that was a sure sign of economic collapse as far back as 04. I would tell all my friends we were headed towards a major crash and I'm sure they thought I was nuts.

    TOLD YA' SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!