Remembering a Forgotten Act of Muslim Terrorism from 100 Years Ago

Many people think that Muslim terrorism in the West is a recent phenomenon. Certainly the modern kind of terrorism where Muslims pack up as many guns as they can and begin massacring non-Muslim civilians in a Western country. It’s not.

I don’t know if the Battle of Broken Hill counts as the first, of what would become many similar acts of Muslim terror, but it certainly was one of the first warnings of what Muslim immigration would bring with it.

On January 1, 1915 two Broken Hill men, both former camel drivers, armed themselves with rifles, an homemade flag bearing Islamic insignia and a large supply of ammunition and launched a surprise attack on the Picnic Train about 3 kilometres outside Broken Hill.  The train carried about 1200 Broken Hill residents to Silverton where a picnic to celebrate the new year was to take place.

The two men were Badsha Mohammed Gool and Mullah Abdullah, an Imam and Halal butcher. Mullah Abdullah was angry about being fined his unsanitary practices and Mohammed Gool was a pot smoker and Islam plus marijuana turned out not to be a good combination. But then Islam plus anything else is usually a bad combination.

Mohammed left behind a letter reading, “I must kill you and give my life for my faith, Allah Akbar.”

The same message has since been repeated in countless massacre in the West committed by Muslim migrants and immigrants in atrocities highly similar to what Abdullah and Mohammed carried out in Australia in 1915.

More than 1,200 men, women and children clambered aboard the makeshift train that would take them a few miles up the line to Silverton for the annual town picnic. The townspeople saw the men as their train pulled slowly up the hill; some even waved, thinking that the two Muslims touting rifles must be going rabbiting on their day off. But as the distance between the ice cream cart and the excursioners closed to only 30 yards, the Afghans crouched, took aim—and opened fire.

Bullets peppered the side of the train, which consisted of nothing more than flat wagons crudely converted for passenger use with temporary benches. The wagons’ low sides left the picnickers’ upper bodies and heads completely exposed, and at such short range they offered a target too big to miss. Ten passengers were hit before the train driver realized what was happening and pulled out of range; three of those were killed and seven wounded, three of whom were women. The dead were two men, William Shaw and Alf Millard, and a 17-year-old girl named Elma Cowie, who had joined the excursion with her boyfriend on a date.

Australia of 1915, especially in those parts, was not the Australia of 2012.

 After the initial attack, it took the best part of an hour for the authorities in Broken Hill to respond. The police were mustered and armed, and a small force from a nearby army base was summoned. The locals, inflamed by the attack and greatly angered by the Afghans’ firing on women and children, seized whatever weapons they could find in the local rifle club.

“There was,” the Barrier Miner wrote, “a desperate determination to leave no work for the hangman, or to run the risk of the murderers of peaceful citizens being allowed to escape.”

The Battle of Broken Hill, as it is known, opened at 10:10 a.m. with the attack on the picnic train, and only ended shortly after 1 p.m.

The next day the mines of Broken Hill fired all employees deemed ‘enemy aliens’ under the 1914 Commonwealth War Precautions Act. Six Austrians, four Germans and one Turk were ordered out of town by the public. Shortly after all ‘enemy aliens’ in Australia were interned for the duration of the war.

As George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  • Mary Sue

    Oh, it happened in Australia. No wonder I hadn't heard of it before. Thanks for posting this.

    • Grace Kolbenschag

      You are transparent Mary Sue. Violence doesn't matter if it isn't on your doorstep ?

      • Mary Sue

        to paraphrase Chris and Meg Griffin:


        Historically speaking nothing I'd ever seen even mentioned this. It wasn't featured in Canadian school history at all. So what the HELL are you talking about? What doorstep are you talking about?

      • FPF

        Violence doesn't matter to Obama even it's on the US turf. Remember Benghazi killing.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Broken Hill? Its somewhere in the Outback, I'll wager. But I've never heard of "The Battle of Broken Hill" before; very instructive. Many in the present-day Australian government need to be reminded of this incident, too.

  • GaryG1

    Gee, a hundred years ago. Looks like nothing has changed. One day the civilized world will wake up and finally deal with these animals.

  • erica

    The US's first war was with muslim pirates who raided our ships for slaves.
    muslims not only took over tribal African slavery but they raided Europe and the US for hundreds of years for slaves. Over 6 million white women were enslaved by muslims and they buy white females kidnapped today for $25,000 – $350,000.

    US 1780

    After the United States won its independence from Britain , the Muslim Barbary pirates began attacking American merchant ships in 1783 because they were no longer protected by the tribute paid by Britain.

    When asked by America’s ambassador to France, Thomas Jefferson, why the Muslims were doing this, Tripoli’s ambassador to London informed him, “It was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    Before the U.S. ultimately engaged in its very first shooting war to suppress the Muslim aggression, the government initially paid tribute which amounted to 20% of the Federal budget in 1797.

    • Mary Sue

      they called it "tribute"

      It was more correctly called "jizya"

    • Boetica

      Hence the birth of the United States Marine Corps! Someone tell Obama how to say it

  • Lisa

    @Garyg ; but the difference of the century is thàt the locals were allowed to eliminate the "risk of murderers of peaceful citizens being allowed to escape" and the reaction even more critical; expelling the enemy alien. What did Pres. Bush do in 2005? Invited Saudi students to come to America. One of those Saudi students later plotted to blow up Pres. Bush. Doubt he ever made the connection.

  • Fabio Juliano

    Anyone who believes a bandit, murderer, rapist, pedophile, and brazen liar is the perfect model of behavior cannot be allowed to live in civilized society. That was true 100 years ago and it's still true today.

  • Rdlake1

    It'll keep on happening because the degenerate liberals who get all the broadcast air time keep scolding us for creating the situation. Over twenty yrs later, movie stars are still trying to free Philadelphia cop killer Mumia-Abu Jamal

  • Arlie

    Everyone should watch this video. This has been going on for 1400 years! The muslims were conquering Spain when Columbus set out for America. There were so many heads of Christians piled in the streets you could not see over the top of the pile. Sound gruesome. It is! Watch this video from Dr. Bill Warner with maps showing the steady march of terror and be informed.
    270 million have been murdered in the terrorist jihad's march across the globe in the last 1400 years. Islam is a cult of death and a political system of submission and supremacy over all of mankind.

  • Randell Widner

    The first act of Islamic Terrorism against the United States was on or near the date of our Declaration of Independence… In 1801, President Thomas Jefferson first act was to asked Congress to Declare War against Islamic State of Tripoli… Dispatching a fleet of American war ships to the Mediterranean with orders to destroy the Islamic fleet, which was sinking American ships and selling the American sailors into slavery…

    Lt Presley O’Bannon with 7 Marines & 2 Sailors organized the local Berber Tribesmen, and was able to attack & defeat the Islamic Terrorist in Tripoli… Every Marine knows the story of Lt O’Bannon, and the line “From the shores of Tripoli”, in the Marine Corps Hymn in tribute to their bravery…

  • walt c

    And this incident was long before Israel was created by the Useless Nations.

    It's not about Israel/paleostinians, is not about s a video, it's not about Americans in the middle ease (teaching them how to drill for oil). It's about a continuous state of war between islam and the rest of us.

  • JerryJ26

    That was the same year as the Armenian Genocide. The Ottoman government's systematic extermination of its minority Armenian subjects from their historic homeland in the territory constituting the present-day Republic of Turkey. It took place during and after World War I and was implemented in two phases: the wholesale killing of the able-bodied male population through massacre and forced labor, and the deportation of women, children, the elderly and infirm on death marches to the Syrian Desert. The total number of people killed as a result has been estimated at between 1 and 1.5 million.

  • lizbitchwitch

    I was seriously starting to believe that the majority of Americans or the White Western culture was becoming more informed and learning to think for themselves. Less able to be fooled by propaganda and putting their own paranoia, fear and hatred on the back shelf but here I find an overwhelming example of how wrong I was. You can not take an incident that happened 100 years ago and make it proof of how Muslims are terrorists and we are the innocent victims of such crimes. When will you all look at the truth for as much as it hurts it hurts me more to see my own people act like the ignorant, dumbed down, indoctrinated fools they constantly prove themselves to be. Granted we have only our government and media and ignorant journalists (mostly of the main stream but ever more of the alternative) to thank for our laughable ignorance but still – it's embarrassing – don't let them tell you what to think – you decide what to think. Please for the sake of mankind.