Republican Establishment Rushes to Surrender to Obama

Let’s recap the 2012 election. The GOP neglected its base and frantically tried to show that they were more responsible Democrats, but with a deep love of free enterprise. The Democrats focused on turning out every single rotten member of their 2008 coalition and getting them to the polls.

The GOP chased the voters it didn’t have. The Democrats chased the voters they did have and made sure as many of them as possible showed up to vote.

The GOP softened its message. The Democrats hardened theirs. The GOP tried to be moderate. The Democrats tried to be extremist.

Guess which plan worked?

8 in 10 GOP voters do not want the party to back down and sell them down the river. But 8 in 10 GOP consultants want to get highly paid “Sell Our Base Down the River” positions.

Now the brilliant people who promised us a landslide and gave us a disaster have another brilliant plan. They are going to back some form of amnesty for illegal aliens which will give us 11 million new Latino voters, which in their best numbers ever, vote 40/60 Republican/Democrat. And it’s a plan. Like Little Big Horn was a plan.

If we can get that 40/60 Latino vote, we’ll win about four elections and then lose every single election from then until doomsday or until the United States is renamed Upper Mexico. But these are the people who can’t count over a trillion and couldn’t run a working GOTV program. Why would you expect them to handle basic math?

“The result will be (as in 1986) a new wave of illegal immigrants, largely unskilled, who will bid down the wages of the Americans and legal immigrants at the bottom of the labor market. These workers are the people most hurt by the big economic changes of the last few decades.”

And those workers will hate Republicans. As they already hate us for NAFTA. As they already hate us for championing free trade, instead of protecting their natural constituencies, the way the Democrats protect theirs. And they’ll be about as enthusiastic about voting for us as they were this time.

And the Latino vote we’ll be chasing will cheerfully head to the polls to vote Obama a third term. But we’ll have sold out the white working class who would actually vote for us, again, to try and win over Latino men and suburban moms.

Charles Krauthammer says, “There is one exception here, which I think is Hispanics. And that is not an intrinsic ethnic affinity problem, it is a policy problem.”

Krauthammer needs to read up on the Institutional Revolutionary Party of Mexico which ran the country for 53 years. And after a brief defeat, the PRI, a party so violent and corrupt that it deserves its own Godfather movies, is coming back to power because it’s what Mexicans want.

And, growing up around Hispanics, I can tell you that yes it is an ethnic affinity problem. Even among Puerto Ricans. They see Republicans as a white party and Democrats as an opposition party of minorities which will provide for them. Socialism is worked into the core here because they are not Americanized and operate on the Southern assumptions of a mercantile vs peasant class. Our Latino support comes from those who identify with the United States and support a strong military, and a smaller group that have business interests. There is internal Colorism that I am not going to get into here, but suffice it to say that those which see themselves as more “white” are also more likely to vote Republican.

The Republicans won in 2010 on ObamaCare, but now Boehner, the Crying Man is announcing that ObamaCare is the “Law of the Land.” The illegally passed and unconstitutional law of the land… but who’s counting?

  • cynthiacurran

    Well, Obama use rhe minority vote he's a demogogue and the average white in Wisconian and Ohio doesn't relate to the Republician party-Republicins still could have gotten more latins and lose the election in Ohio.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Over half the population voted for the Obamahdi. There's one born every minute.

  • Mary Sue


    I'm sending Preston Manning down their to fix your GOP, I swear to God.

    • Mary Sue

      *rereads* their? Seriously? Man I gotta stop posting when I'm half asleep!

  • pagegl

    During the campaign I got a call from the RNC asking for a contribution. I told the guy that, until the Republican national leadership grew a pair and started to take on the Democrats the way the Democrats are abusing them, there was no way I would send them any money.

    • Clare

      Yeah, and I thought they had, so I did.

  • amused

    Man you guys eat your own eh ? Take an unflattering picture of Boehner and then emasculate him , simply because he says that there will be a possible deal . This attitude plus a bunch of other faux pas is what cost Romney the election . The Tea Party cost him the election with the likes of Trump , Murdock ,Aikens , Bachman and idealogues like Limbaugh and Hannity [who says he's"evolved " on immigration . In Addition , Republican Governors in their zeal attempted a slippery way to suppress the vote and it backfired -Pennsylvania , Ohio and Florida . Next time push your "rule changes 3 years before elections not 3-6 months before ….the people saw through it .

    • PaulRevereNow

      No, Romney lost the election because 1) He didn't slam Obama on Benghazi, early and hard 2) He didn't talk enough about the evils of big government; 3) He didn't talk enough about his accomplishments with the Olympics. And 3,000,000 (thats right, 3 million) Republicans didn't vote at all.
      Obama won the crucial state of Ohio, because he made sure that voting machines in Cleveland and Columbus registered for him, even though the voter may have pulled the lever for Romney. And Obama also suppressed the military vote. I know truth hurts, but it had NOTHING to do with the Tea Party.

      • Mary Sue

        One of my relatives thinks 3 million Republicans stayed home rather than vote for a Mormon.

  • amused

    BTW Dave , quite a vicious article you wrote pal . You seem to have covered all the bases. In fact you have been prodigious in the past couple of days ,and particularly nasty ….that part of the psychological meltdown due to the Romney loss ?
    My way or the highway aint gonna make it pilgrim .

    • amused

      Sorry that is DANIEL not Dave .

    • Mary Sue

      The Democrat shills and spin doctors do nasty 24/7 (just look at Chris Matthews for crying out loud!) and you're whining about nastiness in articles here? Why don't you go bother Bob Beckel?

  • amused

    The Tea Party aint no Third Party , it's an unamerican abberation , that's the way they behave and it hadn't escaped the notice of the people , West 's 31 card carryng communists bit , Murdock and Aiken with their rape insanty , Bachmann with her witch hunt , and of course The Donald with his Birther crap , before and after the certificate was provided ,and then his Coup de Gras $5 mill. "reward " ….tsk ,tsk , tsk , the rambling blunderbust of Blimpy Limbaugh even drove some republicans to go the other way . Nor were the Jews fooled , 70% voted Democrat , and because they knew Obama 's not out to destroy Israel OR the US ….that's the Tea Party's narrative .The Tea Party aint going nowhere , and any pipedreanms they have of turning America into one big white fundamentalist survival camp will never be , not that it ever had a chance .That must have been the delusion when Wilson broke with all precedent with his infantile outburst in Congress . Did anyone approve it [openly ] ? Did anyone forget it ? NO . Did it hurt Republicans – YOU BET .

    • BLJ

      Get lost you creep. I hope went the money runs out you come after my property. I will be ready and waiting.

    • Mary Sue

      I guess it depends on what your definition of "unamerican" is.

    • Mary Sue

      70% of Jews vote democrat because they were taught the Republicans are the next Holocaust engineers since they were knee high to a grasshopper.

  • BLJ

    RINO's. What else would you expect?

  • Ghostwriter

    I see that Speaker Boehner is as depressed as many feel right now. I've got the feeling he's just given up although that could be the sadness talking.

  • @surfcitysocal2

    Time for a new speaker. I can't really say what I'd like to say, but the letters P, O, and S come to mind.

  • Lark

    there's no need to run around like our hair is on fire because we lost. this loss is NOT a negative referendum on Conservative traditional American values. merely consider:


  • Lark

    despite years of unrelenting, false, exaggerated, and vicious anti-Conservative/anti-Republican coverage by the Liberal media in all its forms; the Blame-Bush miasma still relentlessly promulgated; a great swath of the population being functionally illiterate and distressingly ignorant; the increase in minority populations; less than a stellar (though perfectly reasonable) candidate; an admittedly uber-efficient Democrat get-out-the-vote machine; a decade of war fatigue; fury at elected Republicans for failing to hold the line as strongly as they could and should; 4 years of succesful painting of the Republican/Conservative as racist troglodytes; at least three entire generations of school children indoctrinated with Leftist anti-American worldviews; half of the population on the receiving end of social welfare of some type; some portion of potential votes going for 3rd party candidates, and only God knows how much voter fraud and disenfranchisement… Obama only JUST squeaked out a victory – and even then, we still didn't lose the House of Representaives.

  • Lark

    Given the obstacles present, deserved or undeserved, that's quite a feat. Rather miraculous, in fact.

    The only big change I think needs to happen is that we have to stop trying to 'educate' the Left so they'll see the error of their ways. Never gonna happen. It's a waste of precious time and resources because they don't care because they don't understand, and they don't have the same standards we do in terms of what is acceptable or not in a civil society. They revel in hypocrisy. They truly do believe, with the fervor of the most fanatical of fanatics, that the end justifies the means. No Marquess of Queensberry disturbs their consciences! They cheer when their 'stars' call Conservatives 'c**t', murderers, liars etc… but start riots if a Conservative uses the word 'jerk'. Bizarro world. So, feh – wash our hands of them.

  • Lark

    In my view, Romney was right. You CANNOT expect your message of self-reliance to resonate with those who have no concept of that virtue – they have been taught to believe that's just impossible. We were taught there was dignity in an honest day's work. They were not. They were taught that it was right and just to loot the country as redress for everything from slavery to their favorite band breaking up to a bad hair day.

    What we have to do is forget the Left for now and preach to our choir to get ALL OF THEM to the voting booths.

    END VERY LONG COMMENT with thanks for your indulgence.

  • rodger the dodger

    If I was the republicans in congress, I’d hand the President everything on a plate. Then see how the electorate like it by 2016. They may love it, who knows? They clearly loved the last four years. But I’d say by 2020 at the latest, they may not anymore…