Resolution for Genocidal Palestinian Muslim State Put Forward by Other Genocidal Muslim State

Sudan, a genocidal Muslim state, run by a monster convicted of crimes against humanity, put forward the resolution to upgrade the status of “Palestine”, a genocidal Muslim entity backed and funded by genocidal Muslim states with the aim of ethnically cleansing Israel’s population through a campaign of murder, terror and intimidation.

As Chair of the Arab Group at the UN, the monstrous Sudanese regime of President Omar al-Bashir introduced the resolution, reminding us all once again of what the Arab Group and the UN truly stand for.

Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman, Sudan’s UN representative, who put forward the resolution, has been the front man for defending the Bashir regime against charges of genocide.

While European countries gathered to support Sudan’s proposal, here is what Sudan was up to.

Sumaya Ismail Hundosa, 34, was abducted from near her house on October 29, 2012, later to be found thrown inside a mud pit in a remote area in Khartoum on November 2, 2012, five days after her abduction.

The journalist was tortured for writing articles criticizing Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir. She was severely beaten up until she subsequently lost consciousness, had her head shaved because her hair ‘belongs to the Arabs’, and was iron-shocked on several parts of her body. She was called a slew of racist insults by her captors, including whore and slave

This photo below is what Sudan stands for. This is the country that France, Italy and Spain gathered behind in order to upgrade the status of Palestine. One racist genocidal state to another.

  • oldschooltwentysix

    As the Sudanese minister was called, I could not help but smile at the sad irony that exists in the UN, where one would seek out endorsement where the head of state is indicted for genocide..


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