Rocket Attacks from Gaza Resume

That great truce with Hamas lasted for an entire month. And it only lasted that long because Hamas took some serious damage in this round of fighting. But the rockets are back. And a truce with a terrorist group that stops trying to kill you only when it needs time to rearm is a stupid and senseless thing.

The moral virtue of such truces advocated by Obama is that they move the fighting off the front pages, but all that they really accomplish is to drag out the violence indefinitely.

Now Hamas, bolstered by its PR successes, has picked up enough support from its war with Israel to try and take over the West Bank and the rest of the Palestinian Authority. If it succeeds, then that’s another score for Obama’s truce.

  • SoCalMike

    Count on the false prophets at the NY Slimes and the ComPost to ignore the Jew hatred and murder.
    Only when the Jews finally get around to responding will the American Jew-hating media and diplomatic corps suddenly wake up and jump into action deploring Israel's "disproportionate" response and urging "restraint".

    There is a special place in hell for false prophets with their names on it.
    Are you listening, Dennis Ross and Tom Friedman??

  • @USnavy1967

    And now Sec. of State Kerry jumps into the picture. How will Israel respond to his hate for the Jews, and love of Syria Assad. Until Israel gets serous about its existence, the rocket and bombings will continue. Israel needs to stand up and say We don't care what you think or say, we will defend ourselves against Arab aggression and terrorists.

  • carrie

    It's no surprise .
    Hamas,Egypt ,Iran PA,Africa , Al Queda,Hezbollah,CAIR,ISNA ……….etc has made it crystal clear : they will exterminate Jews and take Israel .
    They are fully backed by Obama, Clinton,US democratic Jews,Europe ,Russia ,China,the UN…….

    But hey Hollywood will make 30 movies in memory of the former terrorist state of Israel and all those dumb Jews, while Europe writes poems about what a shame it is .
    And they will all agree the Jews really asked for it, like they did the Holocaust .

  • Arlie

    Muslims lie. It's what they do. Who didn't see this coming? they worship the father of lies. Their book is lies. They are filled with hate. Hate is their energy. They will lose in the end. Israel's G-d is always in the breach with a miracle.

  • Mary Sue

    Oh great, we're back to the repeat stage of "Lather, rinse, repeat"…