Rockets Don’t Hurt Anyone, Rocks Don’t Hurt Anyone (VIDEO)

For decades, the media insisted that rock throwing didn’t hurt anyone and didn’t justify an armed response. Israeli soldiers and civilians were expected to endure it without fighting back.

Reporters staged scenes of children paid to throw rocks for photographs that distorted the reality of what rock throwing assaults are like.

This is what a rock throwing assault really looks like.

Now the media is insisting that rockets don’t really hurt anyone, as MSNBC’s Mara Schiavocampo claimed.

This is what it’s like to be living under a modern day version of the London Blitz. And that is a territory that now encompasses two major cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, cities with a combined population of well over a million.

The reality of the situation in Israel cannot and will not be conveyed by the mainstream news media. Rocks kill and rockets kill. So does an atmosphere of constant terror, which is the goal of the terrorists and their media enablers. The terrorists are not helpless because they don’t yet own their own attack helicopters or warplanes. Their goal is to kill as many people with those weapons they get hold of. There is no restraint on the other side, only a cult of death.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm confused as to why anyone would cheer on Hamas. They're the real villain in this story,not Israel.

  • Patscholar

    The Marxist Media are a bunch of lying morons. Of course rocks and rockets kill. When will Americans stop paying any attention whatsoever of these terrorist supporting jerks?

  • Ralph

    Could you imagine firing these harmless rockets into Manhattan? The problem here is that the leftist media has no conscience so they don't understand hypocrisy. Ironic indeed that the leftist media claims to be unbiased in their reporting, yet they reveal their anti-semitic bias blatantly.

  • Mary Sue

    If throwing rocks is harmless, how is it that stoning is used to EXECUTE PEOPLE in Islamic countries? Hmmm? Someone ask the drive bys this.

  • MrWritingIII

    Wow – shocking.

  • mister natural

    the time for exacting payback from the enemies of the republic a/k/a/ "journalists' is approaching.
    when their homes and families are the focus of (fill in the blank) perhaps they will come to their senses

  • Reese

    Because of the corrupt media, they will be over here stoning us, slicing our faces off, cutting off noses, ears, lips, hands, feet, legs…driving nails in our heads…pulling out our fingernails and toenails…whipping us until death….raping…crucifying…beheading. Don't believe it?

    Thanks Obama for embracing Islamic Supremacism and kicking out Judeo-Christianity that is the foundation for ALL FREEDOM in the world. Thanks for stealing all of our money and giving it to Communists and Islamic Supremacists. I wish I could thank you in person.