Romney: “As the President Looks Around the Banquet Room, He’s Thinking. So Little Time. So Much to Redistribute.” (VIDEO)

The Al Smith dinner is usually an occasion for candidates to bring out their inner stand up comedian, but with the Catholic Church under siege by Obama and a Mormon candidate riding to the rescue, the dinner took on an interesting tone, with Romney finding clever ways to take shots at Obama’s religious freedom credentials. Not to mention his class warfare.

  • Asher

    Romney was very witty, funny, and really entertained the people he ended his speech in support of life for the unborn, and God. He said, I have my wife Ann for comfort, and Obama has Bill Clinton.. Hes also very likeable, and Presidential. Wow….A really Good Shoe for you tonight, as Ed Sullivan would say!

  • Chezwick

    I went to web-site with the two videos….and was enjoying the comments from readers. The Dems were comparing Obama's "class" with Romney's partisan jibes; the Republicans were laughing at the Dems "thin skin".

    I have no doubt that if the performances had been reversed, the tone of the comments would be reversed in exact proportion.

    My take: Obama WAS classier, and Romney was much funnier.