Romney had Binders of Women, Obama had Binders of Muslims

I guess it’s all about priorities. Romney wanted more women represented in his cabinet. Obama wanted more Muslims represented in his administration.

But here’s a question, how many of those Muslims in Obama’s Muslim binders were members of the Muslim Brotherhood, former MSA students or linked to other Brotherhood front groups in America?

In a bid to get more Muslim Americans working in the Obama administration, a book with resumes of 45 of the nation’s most qualified — Ivy League grads, Fortune 500 executives and public servants, all carefully vetted — has been submitted to the White House.

The effort, driven by community leaders and others, including U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., was bumped up two weeks because White House officials heard about the venture, said J. Saleh Williams, program coordinator for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, who sifted through more than 300 names.

“It was mostly under the radar,” Williams said. “We thought it would put (the president) in a precarious position. We didn’t know how closely he wanted to appear to be working with the Muslim American community.”

Because it wouldn’t do for a devout Christian like Obama, whose family is Muslim, whose Christian mentor was a former Black Muslim and who boasted that he would stand with Muslims and against Americans, to appear to be working too closely with Muslims.

  • Jimbo

    Obama's a Muslim. Get 'im outta here.

  • Grayeagle

    Face it! Obama is a muslim. He even wears a ring with the Arabic inscription, "There is no other god than allah." Boy does he have the American Blacks fooled. His skin might the color of theirs, but that is about all that is similar to American Blacks! Suckers…

    • Milhouse

      No, he doesn't. That's paranoid nonsense, and you're a fool for believing it. Corsi is not a reliable source for anything.

      • benjabo

        Obama had once said that you will know him by the people he associates with, a bunch of Communists, Lefties, & self hating American's, Van Jones, Huma Abedin, Red Diaper Axelrod & Rahm Emmanuel

        • mary watts

          jeramiah wright,muslim, hater of america and all it represents. don't leave him out.20 years of walking in his shadow, being prepped to tear down the defense of this country.

      • Debra53

        All I have to say is you are an idiot. You must be either a union worker or anon worker. You & barack HUSSEIN obuma & his left wing marxist muslim buddies need to move out of the USA.

  • FlutterBy

    :) Yep! I think that the Mass Mutual Financial Group's, ad says it very well. ~"Who matters most to you, says the most about you." As a nation, we are swiftly learning who matters most to Obama. Muslims are given a voice here, where we are censored as to not offend them. He is handing our rights to them on a silver platter. I believe him to be unconscionable (; just as long as their is a ready scapegoat assuring he doesn't get caught ;)

    • L.Diana Dee

      think you are so right. I believe that, if elected I picture top Obama at the top, the Muslim Brotherhood on the bottom. and Americans in the middle.

      • benjabo

        MuSLIME Brotherhood will be on top, since they'll be giving orders to Obummer

      • Joyce Edwards

        We Americans WON'T BE IN THE MIDDLE………….the Muslim Brotherhod WILL BE IN THE MIDDLE! Pleae watch the movie 2016 Obama's America which is based on the book OBAMA himself wrote!!

  • Shane

    What purpose does it serve to put more Muslims in government other than to allow infiltration by Islamic Jihadists? Obama has stated that he thinks it is his job as President to defend Islam from slander, and he was outraged at the anti-Muhammad video. This is just like the 1950's when Democrats allowed our government was infiltrated by Communists and their sympathizers. Liberals can always be counted on to aid our enemies.

    • redder

      Obama’s purpose from the beginning was to put America down in every way; financially, in standing globally, as leader of free enterprise, in health care, as a cause for good in the Middle East – just think about the middle East in the past 18-24 months, and the casualties sustained. An Ambassador, pleading for assistance, and soldiers, Marines and airmen.

  • redder

    The US relationship with Israel has gone south in a hurry – it's like WWII all over again when the grand mufti in Palestine (I think) wanted an alliance with Germany to get rid of the Jewish people.
    As someone has said, "Don't listen to what he (Obama) says, WATCH WHAT HE DOES". Remember who is the father of lies, and do not forget this! There is no conscience in this man – he feels no empathy – let's face it; as a former President, it will not matter, and do not be surprised if he resurrects again!

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    In this case, Obama=Chamberlain, Israel=Czechoslovakia, and the Muslim Brotherhood=the Nazis.