Romney Matching Reagan’s Numbers Among Catholics

The latest poll numbers show Obama leading narrowly among Catholics, 46 to 44. That’s a significant shift from 2008 when Obama took Catholics 53 to 47. Those numbers look fairly similar to Reagan’s 1980 win among Catholics by 47 to 46. Those numbers may not be significant, but in 1976, Carter had taken Catholics by 57 to 41.

Given four years, Reagan expanded that lead in 1984 to 61 percent among Catholics. That advantage crumbled in the Clinton era, Clinton won the Catholic vote  47 to 35, and 55 to 35 in the next election, but the balance began shifting again under Bush. The current numbers show both candidates running nearly even. If those numbers remain on track, then Obama will be in serious trouble.

Catholic voters have a history of turning against radical candidates. Catholics turned on McGovern in 1972. They turned on Carter in 1980. And they may be turning on Obama in 2012.

  • Louie

    In the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. AMEN!!!

  • victorykd2

    This a new era. President Obama actually poses a threat to religious freedom. The challenge to the HHS mandate is not only about requiring health care coverage for abortion inducing drugs, sterilization and contraception, but it is also about the free exercise of religion.

    President Obama as a senator voted for infanticide. And under Obamacare there will be a $1 surcharge in insurance premiums for abortion coverage. There are no restrictions on partial birth abortion or born alive protection. President Obama is currently sending taxpayer abroad to pay for abortions overseas.

    Obamacare requires cost effective medical care and the IPAB commonly referred to as death panels, is a reality. The elderly and the infirm will be the first to suffer under this cost effective care, which by definition is health care rationing. He will begin with the elimination of Medicare Advantage.

    While the numbers in this poll may be better than the last election, as a Catholic, I find it surprising that given all of the facts, President Obama is still supported by a high number of Catholics.

  • Indioviejo

    As a Catholic I am aware of a perennial divide among parishioners. The Liberation Theology originated with South American priests holding Communist credentials well in hand. Some people and some Churches are toxic, but it is welcome news to read about this turnaround in conscience.

  • mediachecker

    I think it'll be even more – the Obama mandate on healthcare abortifacts have done him in…