Romney Now Ahead in Virginia, New Hampshire and Florida

At this point the only region that Obama seems to have any kind of solid grip on is the Northeast and even that’s beginning to slip through his fingers with the latest New Hampshire polling.

But first, Virginia, McLaughlin and Associates is reporting that Romney is leading by 6 percent general and by 11 percent among independents. A week ago Obama was polling at +5 to +3 in Virginia. After the debate, his numbers just keep rising. Last month FOX had Obama winning by +8. Now Romney has nearly flipped those numbers.

Another interesting tidbit from McLaughlin is that despite all the attacks on George Allen, Tim Kaine has a much higher unfavorability rating and Allen is leading in the Senate race.

Now over to Florida where Romney, according to Rasmussen, has crossed the 50 percent mark and is beating O, 51 to 47 percent. Again that’s another state that Obama won in 08 slipping out of his grasp.

Finally over in slightly less sunny New Hampshire, ARG reorts that Romney has pulled ahead of Obama, 50 to 46 percent. Obama won NH by 10 percent in 2008, but maybe some people have begun taking the “Live Free or Die” license plates seriously.

  • Bragar

    Clear thinking people simply need to think clearly. There is a stark difference between the two candidates. People with traditional American values are making their voices heard. The media can only drown us out if there are too few of us speaking. Get to the polls in November. Speak loudly with your vote! Encourage other to do the same. This administration MUST be defeated!

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Actually, it's "Live, freeze, or die".