Romney Now Beating Obama among Jewish Voters

That sizable percent of undecided Jewish voters who broke away from Obama appear to have made a decision.

Romney now leads Obama 44-40 among likely Jewish voters. This is a post-poll debate, so Obama’s loss there was likely a factor, but the large number of undecideds predating the debate suggest that it wasn’t so much Obama’s weak performance as it was Romney’s strong performance.

A few notes. This is a small sample size. Numbers like this may vanish just as quickly as they came, but other polls do suggest that there has been a shift. I wouldn’t bet on Romney winning the Jewish vote straight out, but he’ll probably win more of it than anyone would have expected two months ago. So I wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

Polls of likely voters often tilt Republican because the Democratic base tends to be semi-literate and can barely drag itself to the polling station without free beer and forty interpreters. This is not the case with the Jewish vote where the core of the lefty crowd is prosperous and educated. So if this is an accurate reading of the likely Jewish voter, then that’s big news.

And the defection of the Jewish vote means that Obama has lost every major religion in the country. The Protestant vote is heavily going against him and he’s hanging on to the Catholic vote by a few percent, meaningless within the margin of error. The only religion he’s decisively winning amongst is “No Religion”. I would also assume he’s romping home with the Muslim vote, but unlike Europe, that’s not too much of a factor here yet.

  • chowching259

    Egyptian Muftis and their lieutenants are broke and need big bucks. But their Jizya is being delayed by the American congress. Threats of a Jihad to take Jerusalem are meant for the ears of Washington’s politicians. If Obama wins the multi-billion dollar pacifier will be on the way.

    • jose

      Do you mean obama will aide and abet terrorists? Really?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Shocking news to some, but it's been promised since his days as a senator or earlier.

      • Mike

        He already has by aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, al Qaeda in Libya, the ayatollahs in Iran.

  • jose

    This will be the cherry that broke the muslims spear. This news must be driving the 'mulla in chief' crazy. ;}

  • rockermom

    Most of my Jewish friends are all voting for Romney. Any Jew who votes for Obama now needs to have his head examined.
    Proud to be a Jew for Romney. Proud to be a Jew for America.

    • Alvin Chipmunk

      I'm proud of you voting this election cycle. Thank you!



    • Mike

      I've already voted for Mitt but all of my Jewish friends are voting for Obama.

    • AnnaMaria

      Any New Yorker who votes for Obama knowing that O dissed Benjimin netyenyahu, and meet with the pres of Egypt Muslim brootherhood, who said he wants to release 9-11 terrorists is crazy proud to be a New Yorker who is Catholic and a 1/4 Jew :))

    • SKienzle

      Proud to be a Jewish Republican, too! L'chaim!

  • pbogue

    Considering Obama was advised by Valerie Jarrett, and followed her advice, not to attack Osama bin Laden on three occasions prior to the May attack on Osama’s compound in Pakistan, and that Obama was called in from the golf course to attend the meeting when the attack was already underway indicates to me he was most certainly aiding and abetting a terrorist! It was on the news folks. And you should check out the latest info on the ring he wears instead of a wedding ring. He’s worn the ring since college and a college professor interpreted the letters on the ring as part of a Muslim saying. Check it out at Western Center for Journalism website. My vote is most assuredly going to Romney who will defend all Americans and will not demonize Jews as the left has done for years.



    • Moe

      The Ring story is BS.

  • littleoldlady

    I think the problem with this particular poll is that it's not only a small sample, but it was part of a larger poll that was D+8 overall. I suspect among Jews a truer representation of this group would be D+50. Nevertheless, I fully expect Obama to lose 20 points from the obscene number (78%?!?) of Jews who voted for him in 2008.

    From my lips to G-d's ears …

  • DeShawn

    Vote for Obama, vote for Romney. Either way, the jews win; and America looses.

    • Dan Green

      What a stupid comment. What does that even mean, “either way the Jews win” Also, the word is “lose”. If you can’t spell that, you’re not too bright, anyway.

  • J.Berg

    You are DREAMING, if you think that Romney has any shot at all of winning the Jewish vote. The question is only whether President Obama will win closer to 2 out of every 3 Jewish voters, or 3 out of every 4.

    I am wondering if you have any sources to support your statement "Democratic base tends to be semi-literate and can barely drag itself to the polling station without free beer and forty interpreters."

    I can assure you that no interpreters were needed when Gov. Romney wrote off nearly half the country. That was crystal clear. Not a poor choice of words, not a mis-statement. It was the first clear, unequivocal stance the Governor has taken this entire election cycle.

    • johnnywoods

      J. You are a moron. Go check your facts on the 47% statement before you make a fool of yourself again.

    • SKienzle

      I live in South Florida – the blue doughnut hole in an otherwise red state – and I am surrounded by Democrats. I can assure you that with the exception of the Jewish Democrats, that statement describes the party's base here TO A TEE! They tend to vote for the candidate who will give them free stuff and, especially, if they're black. In this little corner of the country, Obama and Frederica Wilson won their seats because of their skin color and not for their ability to lead. Plain and simple.

  • Alvin Chipmunk

    I believe the Jewish voter is waking up to know that today’s Democratic Party really doesn’t represent them. This will hurt Obama as well as Democrats up and down the ticket. Need proof? Look no further than NY-9 and the special election there to replace Weiner.

    The Democratic Party has forgotten that they can’t exploit certain groups for votes. The Jewish vote and other’s are know looking around at better alternatives. The United States as they know are made up of Individuals, not groups. While Obama literally ignored the Jew by his actions against the PM of Israel, he was telling them that although they voted overwhelmingly for him in ’08, that now he was going to turn his back on them. Well, the Jewish people in America now have THEIR chance to turn their backs on Obama and it’s showing!

    • Susan and Daniel

      You need to wake up and smell the coffee. Romney does not care about the Jewish population, blacks, women, the poor, the middle class, the elderly ,or this country. He wants to be PRESIDENT!!! and make more MONEY.
      He doesn't have a policy to deal with Isreal. This man lies and changes his policies at the drop of a hat. I and my family and friends see through this man that constantly lies. Lies of mass destruction killed so many sons and daughters. Our votes will never go to thIs LIAR.

      • Pam

        And you think Obama does care! What planet are you on, Obama is the one who will turn on Israel! I just don't understand it!

  • Reagan-Dem

    J-berg You are so misinformed, you must only watch MSNBC. The far left libs are the only ones who care about the 47% crap. That doesn’t even move the needle and most Jew I know agree with Romney on that point. To the Jewish vote, based on my Synagogue. I know this is not a scientific poll. Romney will far exceed Reagan’s 39%. Again my Synagogue, the 44 to 40 is too conservative. With my people and friends it would be Romney 85 to O’s 15. By the way, my Rabbi saw and was telingl ours they should see 2016 Obama's America.

    • EsW

      I need to switch to your synagogue! @ mine, you can reverse your figures. :(
      We know the demographics though, and these figures are quite possible.

      • SKienzle

        Sounds exactly like mine. Which is why I stopped going.

  • Steve

    I'm a American, a Jew and a Conservative and I do not understand how any American Jew could vote for Obama. To do so is to be self destructive. Obama is no friend of the American Jew , and certainly not a friend of Israel. How could he sit in front of the Rev. J. Wright for 20+ years and be a "friend"? I am pleased that a great number of my Liberal Jewish friends and relatives, who voted for Obama in 2008, are not doing so in 2012. Yes, Israel is one factor, but so is the economy, the work force, Soc. Sec., Health Care, the National Debt, etc, etc, etc! They know that talk is cheap but results count, and Obamas results have been less than productive or they have been counter productive. Do not be surprised if Romney receives a much larger percentage them forecasted!

    • Reagan-Dem

      I agree with you 100%. Only the far left and blacks who would blindly vote for Obama regardless. Maybe also anyone who just awoke from a 4 year coma. To the Jewish vote. I think they may be in for a big surprise. My Torah class last week suddenly got on to the Election. Many Jew not only are not supporting Obama. They are very upset with Obama and plan to vote against him.

      • Rober Shash


    • Esw


  • dabirk2

    No Way No How

  • jmm64

    Everyone needs to get out the vote for Romney regardless where they live. If you are a Romney supporter in NY or CA, help to get out the vote in swing states for Romney. Do not sit idle while America declines and Romney's victory on Nov. 6 is the only event which can stop this decline!!

    • johnnywoods

      I would vote for a billy-goat before I would stay home and let Obummer win by default.

  • well now

    I had a discussion tonight with a Holocaust survivor who does not like Obama but was not planning to vote. His daughter said she was voting for romney. I told this man that not voting is a vote for Obama and he is an Anti-Semite who hates Isreal and the Jews. He said he would vote.
    The daughter said all her friends were voting for Romney and none of them liked Obama either. We were talking in a diner and there were Black people in front of us and behind us, and I talked loud enough for them to hear. No one said a word to us.

    • johnnywoods

      Some back people are beginning to get the picture too. That is good.


    Obama can hang on to the 1% percent Muslims who will support him because they need a Dhimmi for their survival who they can suck blood. from. Good Luck Obama Allahu Akbar. Pig is Great!

  • Rache

    I do not understand how ANY Jew could vote for the Islam-sympathizer Obama. I can’t understand why ANY patriotic American can vote for him! Forget the part where he’s a failure on all domestic and foreign issues. He clearly does NOT have America’s best interests in mind. He will sign treaties with the U.N. selling out America’s Sovereignty! He needs to go asap.

  • lovejazz

    What the hell has Obummer done for this country…and some idiot Jews want 4 more years of this?…any Jew that votes for him should remember what our grandparents and great grandparents went thru over the last hundred years…you should be ASHAMED!!!!!!

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Romney knows better.

  • melanie scott

    I am a christian and a supporter of Israel, i am shocked that any jew could vote for obama an anti-semite . Israel is our ally we must stand by her. You might not agree with everything Romney stands for,i dont but he supports Israel. JImmy Carter was another who disrespected Israel,lets not make this mistake again. Israel must be protected at all costs, Iran wants to destroy the Jewish nation, we must realize this threat is real

  • adam

    Single Jewish Moms are voting for Obama. Shocker. And some Rabbis are part of why this happens as they like to undermine the father and that may be one reason why Jews in some ways are more liberal as sadly while iti isn't biblical organized Judaism does try to undermine the father and make the male Rabbi all knowing which then leads to them falling for an all knowing President that is too good to be true.

  • Rhett Millsaps

    Personally, I am not Jewish, but support your nation with all my heart, how anyone could vote of Obama is beyond me, I hope Romney wins this by a landslide, so that the world will see America as coming out of a deep sleep. Go Romney with God's speed.

  • Bubbe

    If you are going to vote and you are Jewish invite your family over and watch 2016 Obama
    's America. It is not a tea party film or any of the media propaganda you may have heard.. I know I thought it would be until I saw it this week-end… Know who you are voting for before you go to the polls. Soldiers sacrifice so much for our country. Honor them and sacrifice a couple of hours to watch it and a couple of dollars to rent it. You can get it at your local RedBox. Your country deserves your best informed vote.

    • Robert Shash

      2016 is a very good eye-opener and very informative…. I took my girlfriend,who is Jewish and who voted for obama, along with her parents in 2008, and when it was finished, she was so shocked. She has pleaded with her parents as to what a mistake it was. Anyway, the topic has been discussed numerous times since then, and all of them are not voting for obama this time around. Her father is backing Romney, but the only issue preventing her and her mom for pulling the lever for Romney is abortion, which we all know will never be made illegal. Go see 2016…. you can pick it up for hardly nothing.

  • Jean Larson

    I am a Christian, and I am aware that Jews have traditionally voted mostly Democratic in this country. I am registered independent, but I have voted Dem in the past. What I can't understand right now is how anyone with conservative Jewish or Christian values, or any color or ethnicity, can vote for Obama or be part of the Democratic party. Obama's anti-semitism has been apparent to me on many occasions. His actions speak louder than his pretty words. The Dems have abandoned God, embraced atheism, embraced the murder of innocent babies for convenience sake, reduced women to sex-crazed idiots, to name a few shocking changes in the party. Worst, they are now almost indistiguishable from socialists. How can anyone in this country support socialist ideas? It is poison. It is a system built on lies. It is opposed to everything this country stands for. I don't understand supporting Obama or the party that pushed this inexperienced, lying, anti-colonial, atheist forward. I don't get it. :/

    • Linda Dawson

      You are a very wise and articulate woman. You wrote everything that I would say and more! I just don't get it either!

    • Dan Green

      I agree! I am Jewish and will vote for Romney, as I voted for McCain four years ago.

  • Dan Green

    I still believe that Obama will get 65-70% of the Jewish vote. Sure, Romney has gained Jewish supporters, but Jews still vote Democratic by a wide margin. As a Jew myself, I did not vote for Obama the first time, nor will I vote for him this time. I don't know if he's a Muslim, but I do think he's a socialist and very bad for this country.

  • http://google Russ Hopkins

    As a Christian we have a duty to support Israel. It is a biblical principle.
    If Obama is a Christian he sure doesn’t act like one I’m voting for Romney!

  • Johanna Bonnell

    Obama does NOT have the Catholic vote. More Catholics need to wake up but the ones who make it to mass weekly are more conservative and understand what a threat Obama is to our faith and our country. Last I saw the Catholic vote was 53 Romney 47 Obama.

    • Anne

      You said it! Every Catholic I know is voting Romney, including me! Those that are Catholic in name only, only God knows what they will do.