Romney Winning California Independent Voters

Romney has gained 8 points in California, though he’s still at only 39 percent against Obama, but notably he does have a decisive lead among California’s independent voters. And Romney does actively appear to be winning over voters.

The poll data released Wednesday showed Obama 53%, Romney 39%, in California. Obama carried the Golden State by 24 points in 2008, so the poll found Obama is now running 10 points weaker than he ran 4 years ago. Among Independents, Obama led by 14 in September, but now trails by 9 in October, a 23-point right turn among the most coveted voters. One explanation, based on the poll data: The number of Romney supporters who said they were voting “for Mitt Romney” as opposed to “against Barack Obama” is way up, month over month.

The shift among California independent voters is significant because of its positivity. Not only is Romney winning independents 44 to 35, but 58 percent of independents voting for Romney described it as a vote for him, rather than a vote against O.

Within the Bay Area, Obama leads Romney only 48 to 42. It’s also Obama’s weakest area in Cali.

  • paphotog

    Wouldn't that be a kick in the butt if #obama loses CA ….LOL

  • well now

    I'm going on anectdotal evidence here, but I think NY is going to be tighter than Obama thinks also. In 2008 Obama won 4 boroughs of NYC. Staten Island went for McCain. I think if the Upstate and Suburban turnout is strong for Romney, it could go the other way this time. That would sure be a kick in the head for the anointed one now would'nt it?
    I'm in a suburb of NYC and I talk to lots of people and no one I know is voting Obama.Like I said, this is anecdotal evidence on my part.

  • Tim N

    Yeah- think what he might do if he actually showed up and campaigned here!

  • popseal

    It ain't called the Cereal State for nothing……flakes, fruits, and nuts abound………..

  • Fossil

    I'm from California, (and yes, Ivoted O. four years ago,) and I'm going Romney on Nov 6. But let me tell you, there are a lot of people here that are going to vote for Romney. These people have not been polled, so I think there is going to be a surprise coming.


    FOSSIL!!! AGRREE, But I did not vote O….OH HELL NO!!!

  • Mike

    I’ve lived in CA my entire life. This time around I see little or no new Obama stickers, signs, etc etc. I have seen a number of Romney stickers, the best being a Romney sticker on a Chevy Volt. :)