Ron Paul Fails to Secure Democratic Party Presidential Nomination

With the close of the Democratic convention it is now clear that Ron Paul will not be the Democratic Party’s candidate for President in 2012. While Ron Paul did run second to Obama in New Hampshire, picking up almost 4 percent of the vote, unlike John Wolfe, Jim Rogers and Randal Terry, he did not even get close to potentially having any pledged delegates to support him on the floor. Though thanks to the open process of the DNC, much like Hillary Clinton, neither did they.

Pundits have speculated that not actually being on the Democratic Party ballot may have hurt Ron Paul’s chances. Nevertheless Ron Paul did come in second in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, as he did in the Republican primary, giving him two options if he chooses to run again.

New Hampshire Democrats were as enamored with Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman as New Hampshire Republicans were, perhaps because they were both the same people, and gave them top billing. However Mitt Romney managed to defeat Huntsman to emerge in 3rd place in the New Hampshire Democratic primary with nearly 2,000 votes. Like Ron Paul, Mitt Romney was left without any delegates at the Democratic convention, but he did win the Republican nomination as a consolation prize.

Despite this result many will continue to wonder whether a Republican candidate could have won the Democratic nomination if he had campaigned harder. In West Virginia, Keith Russell Judd won 41 percent of the vote against Obama. If he hadn’t been a prison inmate, it is possible that he would have done even better. John Wolfe won 41 percent of the vote in Arkansas. It is quite possible that if Ron Paul had seriously committed himself to a primary race against Barack Obama, history might have been very different. Or perhaps exactly the same.

  • goodfite

    Absurdity is the new norm.

  • Grant

    David Horowitz, publisher of this blog, "has recently been critical of libertarian anti-war views.[25][26]".

    Eff off Dave.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I don't know why you're being so pessimistic.

  • Crosti

    Anything with a Witz points to a Trotsky. They call ponzi schemes providing for the welfare of the nation and warfare providing for my peace.

  • Paulite

    Never knew Republican can be on the ballot of DNC lol that's really surprising and funny.
    Ron Paul 2016!

    • rightclue

      Well this brings new meaning to the phrase "two sides of one coin."

  • not2bad

    Ron Paul Fails to Secure Democratic Party Presidential Nomination?? The author is just another one of those dim witted media sheepdogs.

  • NiceTryDweeb

    Another clueless dweeb trying to gain some attention by placing the name Ron Paul in his article. It would be funny if it were in The Onion, but it's not, so it's not. Nice try though

  • CharliePeters

    Will Ron Paul general election votes be counted in California?

    • Jonathan

      Yes, write-ins are allowed in California, but not most states. There's no way Ron Paul could win enough electoral college votes to secure a win. But on principle…..i'm writing in Ron Paul.

      • CharliePeters

        California can do it's part and I will help. Other states will need to figure how to represent their folks. Is our republic worth saving? I think so.

  • CharliePeters

    Audit the fed, support HR 459 Paul & S 202 Paul.

  • ronpaulalltheway

    oh, ha…ha…ha…, i'm guessing this is supossed to be funny. All these people poking fun at Ron Paul will be crying if Obomba gets re-elected. Laugh now while you still can. I say Ron Paul is the best president this country never had.

    • amused

      Awww gee , that means we'll miss out on all his TRUFER BUDDIES , and WHITE SUPREMACIST BUDDIES getting political plum appointments . Not to mention selling our ally and freind Israel down the river . Thanks but no thanks Mr Paul ……maybe Lew Rockwell next time eh ?

  • reader

    On the other hand, this post is most impressive. Intellectual prowess this country needs at the time like this.

    • amused

      yea man what sophisticated statement ! I like the "K " routine , a favorite with White Supremo Arians and Neo's and jew haters . oooops you just got the flush-eroo John .

  • amused

    Nooooo , you dont say Greenfield !!!! Oh yea it was a tight race ! WHODA THUNK IT ! Paul is no more or less ABSURD and IRRELAVENT than Michelle Backmann or funny -hair TRUMP .
    And your point Greenfield ?

  • Harry McGuire Jr

    Did someone drink too much the night before they wrote this?

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  • Janie75

    This writer is LOST!!! Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN!!! WOW!!! WHO GAVE THIS GUY A JOB???? And your comments have to be approved first before posted??? LOL!!! COMMUNIST NEWS!!!