Ron Paul’s Congressional District to be Represented by Republican for First Time in 15 Years

For the first time since 1997 when Ron Paul slimed his way back into Congress on the Republican Revolution’s coattails, TX-14 might actually be represented by a Republican Congressman.

Despite being a conservative district, TX-14 has not had a Republican Congressman in the 15 years that Ron Paul has fed pork earmarks to the district in exchange for using it as a platform to denounce America and whatever random things upset him that week while claiming that he was representing some version of the Constitution that only he was familiar with.

Republican Randy Weber is favored to win Ron Paul’s district, though the district has also attracted Zach Grady, a Ron Paul wannabe who calls himself a “Paulitician” and urges Americans on the left and right to “rise up against the global scheme”, end the federal reserve, fight the military-industrial complex, prosecute Muslim terrorists as criminals and stop the lizard people from running the country into the ground. The last one isn’t stated, but is probably on the agenda.

The call to unite right and left should be yet another reminder that these people are not Republicans or Conservatives, they are conspiracy theorists.

But for those Ron Paul supporters who think that Zach Grady is too sane and moderate, there’s always Rhett Rosenquest Smith of the Green Party and quotes Barbara Jordan on his website.

His platform is well… this.

I believe the current political “setup” fails to address issues such as the Interfaith Religious Issues and Muslim and Palestinian issues in the Holy Land.

Also this.

I support the rights of Latin American Citizens and oppose invasive and illegal searches.

So Texas-14 voters will have a choice between a Republican and two Ron Paul Mini-Mes.

  • Questions

    To understand Ron Paul as a national phenomenon, understand this above all else: He's a classic anti-federalist. He despises anything connoting centralization of governance, even if it means (duplicitously) earmarking goodies for his home district to stay re-elected and keep his public profile. As a congressman, in other words, he's a rather conventional right-leaning politician. It's as a presidential candidate that he becomes a unifier of the more creepy elements of the Left and the Right. Think of him as a well-behaved Alex Jones.

  • Omar

    Ron Paul's foreign policy is a leftist's foreign policy. He believes that America should be appeasing its adversaries rather than trying to defeat them. It is time for the so-called "Ron Paul Revolution" to come to an end.

    • cmotter

      Sorry pal, we're just getting started, and just who are our enemies that you think Ron Paul is appeasing? Typical NeoCon moron.

      • Omar

        Ron Paul wants to appease Iran and the Islamists in the region. That is a fact.

  • MArk

    This was some garbage "journalism". Photoshoped photo also, please. I will make sure never to come here again, as well as affiliates and adverisers. Shameful what passes for journalism.

    • Doug

      It didn't claim to be straight news. It's obviously an opinion piece. Also, you misspelled Photoshoped and advertisers. Shameful what passes for blog comments.

  • Chris

    Actually, the current foreign policy of policing the world and spreading democracy at gunpoint is the leftist foreign policy. It came from the leftist progressive Woodrow Wilson.

    The traditional Republican foreign policy is one of being friends with all, trading with all and using our military for our own national defense. If someone is stupid enough to attack us or there is an immediate threat, we go in with everything we have and win quickly, then come back home. None of this mamby-pamby stuff that we have been doing.

    • Omar

      No, Chris. The War on Terror is not "mamby-pamby stuff" The War on Terror is about fighting terrorism and promoting freedom and democracy around the world. The War on Terror has freed over 50 million people in 2 countries. That's the reality.

      • Shane

        You're delusional. Please put down the kool aid and understand that U.S. military intervention is only making things worse for the world.

        • Omar

          No, Shane. Russia supporting the Assad family dictatorship and other despotic regimes is making things worse in the world.

      • Liberty NC

        Keep enjoying your altered reality, brought to you by Fox, Rush, etc… Try going over to either of the mentioned countries and ask if they feel any freer these days. Everyone I have spoken to involved in your celebrated conquests are tired and angry at the mess. Do the folks actually deployed not get an opinion? You probably also believe funding AL Qaeda to overthrow our rouge puppets in some countries ("Arab spring") while also fighting them in Afghanistan and Iraq is a good and sane idea.

        • Omar

          Oh, and MSNBC is any better? MSNBC has a lunatic (Ed Schultz) who edited Rick Perry's speech in order to falsely accuse the Texas governor (and former presidential candidate) of racism. MSNBC also hired a race-baiter (Al Sharpton), who played a key role in two anti-Semitic altercations in New York City, to be their anchorman. During the GOP convention in August, MSNBC intentionally ignored viewing any speech given by a minority who came to the podium. One thing is for sure: MSNBC is biased.

          • WesSeid

            Liberty supporters don't like MSNBC either. What's strange is how neocons can apparently see how shady MSNBC is but not see how shady Fox News is. Some day they will see, and on that day they will say, "Damn, all those Ron Paul people were right!"

  • Ken

    A paranoid, cranky blogger trolling for hits by bashing Ron Paul? Judging by your past articles ("Hugo Chavez Endorses Obama" and "The Cutest Little Jihadist Ever", to name a few), I'd say that this may be some of your better work. Which means it may be time to check out DeVry's list of online trade certificates, or maybe the local community college. It's never too late to be good at something, Daniel.

  • John Silver

    I agree MArk, this was shameful journalism and the Photoshoped photo was of the same, low quality. The author truly misses the mark here. The Constitution Ron Paul represents is the one most Americans have not read. Dr. Paul has a thorough and clear understanding of the document and represents it in an accurate and unbiased manner.
    Residents of TX-14 have been fortunate to be represented by such an outstanding Congressman. Long live the Ron Paul Revolution !!

  • @timmycav73

    wow, i am completely jealous of those who live in tx-14. thanks for pointing out how great ron paul is!!!

  • Dan

    The author has absolutely no clue about Ron Paul's earmark policy.

    Congress funds a bill with $X

    Congress then appropriates the funding within the bill

    If congress doesn't appropriate all of the funding, then the executive branch (aka the President) has sole discretion over how it is spent.

    Ron Paul puts through the requests from his district and lets congress decide if they want to appropriate funding towards these projects rather than letting the money go to the executive branch to be spent. He figures the money is better off going back to the people than being spent by the executive branch.

    Ron Paul then votes against his own earmarks by voting against all spending bills.

    His only other choice is to allow the executive branch more money and more power. That power he believes should be delegated to congress.

    The End.

    Now please delete the rest of your stupid article that doesn't make any damn sense.

  • Travis

    Im not even American but the most basic reading of the constitution puts Dr. Paul beside your founding fathers. When I think Republican I think Eisenhour, not Reagon. Problem is you're writing about republicans today, aka the tea party, vs actual republicans.

  • Shane

    I am happy that Ron Paul’s vast popularity and immense credibility pisses little peons like you off.

  • Mike Hunt

    Greenfield finds cure for oral poopie. World is a better place.

  • Odinkitty

    Since when is upholding the Constitution and wanting to protect American sovereignty NOT conservative? It used to be the hallmark of the Republican party. Globalism is a progressive idea folks and the modern Republican Party might as well call themselves the RINO Party and take up the Rhinoceros as their party symbol. As far as "earmarks" go, look up this article in your search engine.."Ron Paul Opposing Viewpoints: Earmarks – Trivium Pursuit". Foreign policy? Ron Paul believes in a strong National Defense. Maybe if we would of had one in 2001, 911 could have been thwarted. There are countless videos prior to 911 where Ron Paul points out even our own support of Osama Bin Laden and it's dangers in supporting terrorists groups like his. We funded, armed and trained him to fight covert wars.

  • Odinkitty


    Pre-911 Bush ignored memos from the intelligence community about people wanting to highjack planes and fly them into buildings. Since 911 the RINO Bush has left our borders so wide open millions of who knows what have penetrated it. Bush sold at least 6 ports to arab nations. He closed hundreds of U.S bases in America and allowed the funds intended to beef up security for THIS country to be used for UN purposes. He advocated an open border agreement called "North American Union". He continued to allow the UN (a foreign entity with no allegience to U.S. sovereignty) to command our troops and bypass our congress. He created Homeland Security which does absolutely nothing to keep us safe but absolutely takes away our Constitutional rights. We get treated like common criminals in our own country, spyed on, frisked, fondled, x-rayed and strip searched and it does NOTHING to keep us safe and FREE.

  • Odinkitty


    Our military should be HERE keeping our country safe and secure so we can have our Constitutional rights and freedoms back. Isn't that what soldiers supposedly die for…so we can have freedom? How can they be protecting freedom and keeping their oath to defend and protect the Constitution against enemies foreign AND domestic when they are sent by people who reject their own oaths to protect the Constitution and legislate freedom away everyday under the lie of keeping us safe? The enemies to our way of life are in our own backyard and they are doing more to destroy America than any terrorist could dream of..

  • Constitution

    Ron Paul believes in a real Constitution, no a RINO or Demo one.

  • Horace

    Whoa there Daniel, You're alienating the only group that's more sure of themselves than the Muslims, the Paulistas.(a lot less violent though) They are more numerous in the USA so you will have your hands full defending yourself. Help me Ron duh, help help me Ron duh. Many of them are working for Obama. The man who laughs has not yet heard the terrible news.

  • WesSeid

    These conversations actually happened back around June of 2012. (paraphrased)
    Ron Paul: "We need to get out of Afghanistan and reconsider our foreign policy."
    neocons: "Paul is crazy!"

    Afghan trainees start shooting more U.S. soldiers in the back.
    Newt Gingrich: "We need to get out of Afghanistan and reconsider our foreign policy."
    neocons: "That's an interesting idea, Newt!"

    What a bunch of sheep. baaaaa!

  • WesSeid

    "while claiming that he was representing some version of the Constitution that only he was familiar with."

    What are some specific things you think Ron Paul is wrong about "his version" of the Constitution? To me, it looks like he's one of the few people in Congress who has actually read the thing.

  • WesSeid

    How do all of you like what the Republicans did at the convention? Replacing duly-elected delegates, ignoring the six states that submitted the paperwork to nominate Ron Paul (it's on video!), and the aye/nay teleprompter votes (same thing happened at the Democrat convention).

    Aren't Republicans upset by this stuff? Don't you watch things like "RNC Sham 2012" and "Reality Check: DNC Scripted Vote" and realize something is wrong?

  • johnny brown

    How do all of you like what the Republicans did at the convention? Replacing duly-elected delegates, ignoring the six states that submitted the paperwork to nominate Ron Paul (it's on video!), and the aye/nay teleprompter votes (same thing happened at the Democrat convention).

    Aren't Republicans upset by this stuff? Don't you watch things like "RNC Sham 2012" and "Reality Check: DNC Scripted Vote" and realize something is wrong?

    – Couldnt have said it better, i have since burned my GOP voting card now that i really see what our government is. We have the illusion of choice in this country.. and the people drink that koolaid all day long and when the truth is right in front of them, they choose to ignore it and go on about there daily business. America is lost.. it has lost its soul, a once free people are now coerced into believing that they are actually "free". There is no better form of enslavement, to have your slaves believe they are free and turn there back to any proof that they are not.

  • Bullet Gibson

    OMG the author is just another "brave" neocon/progressive showing that WIDE yellow streak running down his back. Just like Mittens, another draft dodging socialist. The US has 11 SuperCarrier Groups (only ones in the world btw), nuclear submarines, Intercontinental ballistic missiles, 10,000+ nuclear weapons, F-22 Raptors, M1A2 Tanks and the worlds FINEST SOLDIERS…..and he is still scared of Iran. Watch out! They have two frigates and two destroyers! OMG SAVE US! To think that our brave soldiers have been fighting and dying for 10 years because little girls like you are "skeered." Wanna fight do ya? Go do it yourself.
    Ya big wimp.

    If socialists like you would let us drill HERE we wouldn't need the oil THERE. There is not one towel wearing nutjob over there that is worth one drop of our soldier's blood. They want freedom? Let em get it themselves. You can't GIVE something like that away and have it appreciated. Didn't you learn anything in life?

    Illegal aliens? Dr. Paul said stop giving them free money and they will stop coming…….Mittens has Rubio pushing for AMNESTY for god's sake! And who supports HIM AND RUBIO? Your booty boy Randy Weber, that's who. I noticed that you included comments from Weber's opponents and then ascribe them to be Dr. Paul's positions. That is called LYING….too bad your parents didn't teach you better.

    Earmarks? Now this might take a second, and since you aren't very bright I will try to make it easy for you. If money appropriated by congress is not spent then it goes to the president to spend which, as you obviously don't know, is a violation of the Constitution. Dr. Paul votes AGAINST spending the money, but knowing he will be the only one to do so and that the money WILL be allocated, works very hard to spend all of it in earmarks so that CONGRESS spends it and not the president. Also, had you actually done your homework as reporters SHOULD, you would know that Texas only gets back about 80% of the money stolen by the federal government, even with the earmarks. What is wrong with the people getting back a portion only of the money TAKEN from them? Or does your living in New York make you a savant on all things in Texas?

    You sir are just another fine example of the Dept of Ed…..and another argument in favor of it's dismantling. Do you really get paid for writing this stuff?