Ryan vs Biden – Two Men Enter – LIVE Thread (VIDEO)

Ryan has brought his best Scientific Calculator and Biden has brought his best hairpiece. Let the fun begin.

The stakes aren’t nearly as high for this as they are for Romney vs Obama, or even as they were for Biden vs Palin. Beating Biden doesn’t matter much. Neither will his screw ups. And Ryan builds Romney’s conservative credentials, but unlike Palin, who provided a breath of fresh air to the McCain campaign, he’s much less of a factor to the general electorate.

Biden will say things, some stupid, some dishonest, which the media will quote approvingly. Ryan will explain things, which the media fact checkers will denounce. Unless Biden gratuitously screws up, which is not impossible, the media will find something nice to say about him and something nasty to say about Ryan. And then we’ll go back to the same old show.

The cartoon below sums it up nicely. But who knows, maybe we’ll get another good show out of it.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    And this has turned out to be a great three way debate between Raddatz and Biden… and Ryan.

    But perhaps if Raddatz is going to debate Ryan, she should be someone's VP first?

  • http://www.facebook.com/warren.raymond.5 Warren Raymond

    Painful. I expected more from Ryan.

    The moderator is a tart who allows Biden to drone on and on and keeps intercepting Ryan.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Not that much Ryan can do. He's up against a female moderator who's debating him.

      It would be fun to see her try this with Gingrich, but Ryan can't afford to win by getting confrontational. So he's staying polite and rational.

      • Gylippus

        Overall it seemed to me be a wash Daniel. Do you think either debater moved his respective ball forward?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          I think Ryan left uncommitteds with a decent impression, Biden came on over the top. But no arguments were won and I doubt anyone would be making a decision based on this debate anyway.

          • Gylippus

            Agreed. On to Romney-Obama part deux!

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Hopefully people are smart enough to see things for what they were here.

        With Whitehouse performance like this from these incumbents, the moderators should have been biased in favor of the challengers if at all. Why do Joe Biden and Barack Obama get the benefit of the doubt after years of failure, while challengers are treated as if they are the ones who failed already?

        This just sucks. It's so bad though, maybe people will wake up a bit more.

  • sugar

    Biden was incredibly rude and condescending .. I guess if you like bad actors,bullies and debates that are nothing but one sided interuptions, you are happy .
    Assertiveness in debates is not interupting every answer,smirking,laughing and mumbling .

    • Gylippus

      Joe is a blowhard. He energezied the Dem base a bit, that was easy to do given Obama's dismal performance, but it's unlikely he won any converts. Ryan held his own and came across as more sincere. As Daniel says, no arguments were won. They will probably claim a great victory but I don't think Biden did anything to redeem Obama's implosion last week.